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r e v n o C a l u A y a e P l e h e t i r G W s e m l o H By: Chelsea Holmes

Stories and advice from a woman who has taken big strides for women in the newspaper industry


hroughout my life, there have been many positive female role models who have had a very direct impact on my life. I grew up reading about Susan B. Anthony, a woman who had a strong will and determined spirit. She paved the way for me and other women to be able to pursue our dreams. My Grandmother, Ruth Holmes, taught me to pursue every day of my life with energy and passion. My mother, Ginna Holmes, taught me the importance of working hard, and that no task is too trivial to complete with a sense of pride and responsibility. Although each of these women have inspired me in many ways, I wish to tell the story of my godmother and aunt, Paula Holmes-Greely.


aula Holmes-Greeley is one P of the bravest and most courageous women I know. She has faced many challenges in her life, but yet continues to offer those in her life encouragement and support. She has had an outstanding career in the newspaper industry for many years, and is a great example of a strong female making an impact in media. Paula graduated from Michigan State University, where she studied journalism. She started her journalism career at a small paper called the Petoskey News-Review in northern Michigan. She began as a reporter and was only the second female reporter they had ever hired. After a few years, Governor William G. Milliken asked her to move to Lansing,

Michigan to serve as his press secretary for his re-election campaign. She was the first woman who had ever served in this role in the state of Michigan. After serving with the governor, she moved back to northern Michigan and continued to make strides for women in the newspaper industry. She soon became the first female managing editor at the Petoskey NewsReview and The Charlevoix Courier. Paula then decided to move to Muskegon, Michigan, where she became the news editor for the Muskegon Chronicle and functioned in this role for many years. In 2009, she once again broke ground for women, as she was the first woman to be promoted to serve as the editorial page editor. Paula currently works as the community engagement specialist for the Muskegon Chronicle.


Stories and advice from a woman who has taken big strides for women in the newspaper industry By: Chelsea Holmes 17