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Maya Hart 8 English- Brown 11-07-13 Prompt: One school, no kids, why not. The Fever of '93 There had never been an outbreak like this before. Eyes were red, lungs inflamed and facemasks muffled the words of each civilian. Havoc and chaos crowded the ground while fatal germs clouded the air. Once a happy a quiet town now echoed the sounds of coughs and gasps. Fear was in each mother’s eyes and no one felt safe. North Carolina sat at unrest. Yellow fever had become an epidemic. It was the year 1793 in the quaint town of Whynot, North Carolina. It was a hot Saturday morning when my family found out the news that we had new neighbors move in last night. They were supposedly from Philadelphia and had migrated to escape the outbreak in a disease called Yellow Fever. They were a kind couple with two kids who they enrolled in the local schoolhouse. Their daughter, Mabeth, was in my grade and we became fast friends. None of us had any knowledge of the circumstances concerning our unpredictable fate. It all started with a cough, a sneeze and a sniffle. It was a Thursday when the desk next to me was empty. After school, I went over to Mabeth's house to see why she wasn't there. She was the one who had it first. Her mother said that she had contracted the disease from Philly and that I needed to leave right away. I had no idea of the calamity that would follow. The next day at school, there were two empty desks. After that three, and then numbers began to double, triple, until I found myself confused in an empty room. I knew the town had the flu but I had no knowledge of its fatality. Yellow fever was indeed a

murderer, attacking its victim with such aggression that they could not help but surrender to its sharper blade. I experienced this form of tragedy first hand when my little sister contracted the disease. She did not see it coming but when it arrived, she knew it was there. We all did. Her skin began to yellow and her forehead blazed like concrete pavement on a summer afternoon. I knew that her body was fighting a perilous battle but I feared in knowing that the question between death or survival, did not involve the latter. There is already an answer, an answer for everyone who is clinging for his or her lives. They were just all avoiding it, naively thinking that would make it go away. But it was a serial killer and got the job done quickly. The only real question left was, "Who next?"

Fever of '93  

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