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Inspiration: These drawings were completed in succession, as I attempted to transform the body into two-dimensional geometric shapes and shade accordingly.

Androgyny, Still Life Drawings Graphite on 9�x12� Paper 30 Minutes Each

Inspiration: This design was taken by tracking my path through San Francisco on a typical day, and measuring distances and elevations traveled. Elevations are expressed at at a 1/1000 scale, with distances being represented at a 1/31680 scale- each mile being represented by two inches.

Concrete Roller Coaster Balsa Wood Model on foam Board Final Iteration

Inspiration: Self protrait captured in front of a mirror, approximately 3.5 hrs to completion.

Hello There Self protrait Graphite on 9�x12� paper

Inspiration: Quick 5-10 minute sketches using 1-2 coninuous lines, observing only the object in view

Corgi, Shoes, Hand, Self Portrait Blind Drawings Ink on 9�x12� paper

Inspiration: An exploration of grayscale and midtones, the drawing was intended to develop shading techniques and understanding of line and tone heirarchies.

Falling Snow Observational Drawing Colored pencil on medium-gray 9�x12� paper

3. Frame Expression

2. Photo construction, Redesign of Iteration 1

4. Skin/Surface Exploration 1. Shaping Space

Inspiration: In an attempt to understand form and its relation to shaping space, the model was derived from the idea of exaggerating imaginary lines, by executing a great surface area with a small perceived volume.

Flight Iterations in Balsa Wood & Styrene Approximately 9.5”x4.5”x2”


+ Response to Sun & Weather

Framing a View

Space for one

Accidental Encounters

Inspiration: Exploring the properties of sectioning and tessellation while designing at the 1/4� scale for a site specific installment. Three, like a tree bridges heaven and earth, it is the synthesis or return to unity after the division of two and also tradiotnally the first odd number. -Quadrivium

Rule of Three Iterations in Balsa Wood & Styrene Final model 12�x15

1� Scale Team build prototype

Inspiration: A collaborative design combining design elements from each of 5 team members, utilizing a hexagonal shape. Requirements: Create a space for one person, a space for accidental encounters between multiple people, and frame a view. I took the role of site management; analysis and cleanup, construction & photography

Hex Construction, Photography, & Site Management Wood, Fabric, Metal

Inspiration: Mimicking the feeling of awe inspiring design; to feel the world rush around you, even while standing still. Studying the movements of a dancer, I translated movement in three dimesnsions, into planes and lines in two dimensions, then translated and tesselated lines back into a three dimensional form connected through tensioning.

Standing Still Styrene & Fabric

Inspiration: Taken from three sessions, the line drawing of St Ignatius was taken in perspective during morning, afternoon, and evning sessions.

Ignatius 9�x12�Drawing from observation, small details tfrom photo image Graphite on Paper

Inspiration: An about me self portrait, with icons and inspirations from my path to design, my hobbies, and interests.

Inside Photoshop Graphic Media layers,Original Photography

Inspiration: Combining fantsy and reality, the Golden Get Bridge was reimagined to mimic a Hot Wheels track.

Bender 9�x12�Drawing from observation, small details tfrom photo image Graphite on Paper

Maya Elle Annotti


Maya Elle Annotti


Final portfolio Draft  

rough draft of final portfolio