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Urban Spaces Maya Madalina Maria Palasanu

Margaret Difford I quiet like the structure of this photograph, it’s strong and also I preffer the black & white edited photos of buildings, it makes them look dramatic. I’m thinking to inspire from her work and take my photos from a low angle, and also edit them in black and white.

'The Gherkin, 30 St Mary's Axe, seen through the city streets, London'

I like a lot how strong the colour is in this photograph. The low angle that the photo has been taken from makes the buildings look huge. I may also take my photographs from below, so the sky can be reflected in the building’s windows.

Johnny Jetstream

Evaluation My intention when taking this photograph was to capture the strong shape of this building from Canary Wharf. I was particularly inspired by one of Scott Younger’s photograph, because I like a lot the way that the strong shaped are repeated in a regularly, creating a huge strong building, that gives you a depressed mood when you look at it. The composition of the photograph is strong because it is balanced, and the subject has a strong shape. If I was to reset my photo, I don’t think I would change the composition, but I would probably take more several photographs of this building. I took my photograph from a low view point, because it makes me feel small and a bit scared when I look at it. My photograph is fortunately in focus, and if I was to improve it, I would probably spend more time editing it, but I wouldn’t change the composition. My photograph is correctly exposed at the bottom, and on the top left corner the shadow makes it darker, but it also gives it an abstract and strong feeling. There are a lot of repeated strong shapes in my photograph that make together a strong big shape. I’ve edited the photograph in black and white, but I decided to keep the sky blue because I like a lot the feeling it gives and how it looks. It makes you feel comfortable. Therefore in conclusion I obtained the visual results I hoped for because I successfully took my photograph and edited it the way I wanted to and I am very happy with it.

Evaluation of the kaleidoscopes. I’ve used one of my photos from Canary Wharf to create this kaleidoscope. I tried to create an abstract and dizzy effect, rotating around the building and cropping the unwanted sides. It’s not that hard to create an kaleidoscope and it was easier after I’ve practiced a few times. I also enjoy doing it, working in Photoshop. My second kaleidoscope it’s composed only from four photos, but together, and reflected in the right way they create an very abstract look, and they give a confused feeling. It is originally a building, but after I’ve done the kaleidoscope it looks for me more like a bridge. Therefore in conclusion I obtained the visual results I hoped for because I successfully created the two kaleidoscopes, and it is visually pleasing to look at.

Ryo Ohwada My first Kaleidoscope experiment comes as a response to Ryo Ohwada’s Kaleidoscope, but also in a contrasting way, mine being of a building, and the artist’s one being of a natural place, such an organic view.

Evaluation of reflection photos My intention when taking this photograph was to capture the reflection of the two buildings in the water. The composition of my photographs is quiet strong, because the reflection of the building in water create a balanced effect. If I was to reshoot my photo I would try to take it from an angle that shows and underlines better the reflection. I took my photo from an eye level point of view, because I took it from far away, so everything can fit in. Personally, this photo makes me feel lonely and lost in space, because the area is quite large and a lot of things are happening. My photograph is sharply in focus. Because I took this photograph at twilight time, the photograph is a bit under exposed, but this is a good thing because if it was correctly exposed or over exposed I wouldn’t be able to see the reflection. There are some strong shapes in my photographs and it is pleasing to look at. I decided to not edit this picture a lot, but I’ve underlined a bit the contrast, the buildings and the reflections, so they are stronger. Therefore in conclusion I obtained the visual results I hoped for because I successfully obtain the reflection and the mood that I was hoping for.

Urban Spaces  

Photographs, evaluation and final outcomes for this project

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