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Final Major Project Maya Madalina Maria Palasanu

Antti Viitala

   This  photograph  is  a  portrait  of  a  li.le  boy  and  apparently  has  been  taken  unexpected,  because  of  the  boredom  that  can   be  read  on  the  child’s  face.        An=  Viitala  is  a  Finnish  photographer  based  in  Helsinki  and  Cape  Town.  The  photographer  is  inspired  by  young  children,   trying  to  express  their  feelings.          In  my  opinion,  the  photograph  may  have  hidden  meanings,  such  as  the  sadness  of  the  child  looking  through  the  fish  bowl  ,   where  is  a  plasFc  fish  and  not  a  real  one  may  symbolise  his  feelings  and  how  depressed  he  is  for  not  having  a  real  fish.  

Jill Greenberg

This photograph, same as the other ones is a portrait of a child, and has been taken in a studio. Jill Greenberg is an American photographer and artist, known for her portraits and her art work. Greenberg's End Times is a series of photographs of toddlers that was the subject of controversy in 2006. Her photographs featured stylised close-ups of children’s faces, with many different emotional distresses. Her inspiration was her frustration with both the Bush Administration and Christian Fundamentalism in the USA. She used the method of giving the children candy and then taking them away, to make them cry.

Comparing with Antti Viitala, who concentrate more in showing the happiness of children, Jill Greenberg tried to show a different side, the depressed one. In my opinion, the photographs are very professional and she had a strong reason for taking them, and she achieved to express herself through these photographs.

Mind map of ideeas

Evaluation My intention when taking this photograph was to capture the innocence of my little cousin, and the unexpected reaction that he has when is not told that someone is taking a photo of him. The photograph is sharply in focus and quite natural, and the composition is strong, but maybe the subject matter should be a bit upper. I’ve chosen to edit the background, and instead of a plane room I’ve chosen to put a club, because it contrasts the innocence of a little boy and the feelings that a club gives us. The effect that the process of marbling gives is very strong, underlining the strong colours of the background, and giving a better effect of club atmosphere. I am quite pleased with the outcome because I’ve successfully obtained the effect and the feelings I was hoping for, combining the innocence and also the other side.

Evaluation of my final piece For my final piece I’ve chosen to use an auto-portrait of me, in black and white and overexposed, so the marbling would look stronger. My intention when taking the original photograph was to express an unexpected and also wondering feeling, which shows that behind the photograph, there are hiding lots of thoughts and feelings. The photograph is a close-up and is also sharply in focus. I’ve chosen to edit it black and white and overexpose it so the marbling would work and give it a strong effect. The contrast between the original photograph and the exciting colours is very strong and creates a good effect, pleasing the eye. The composition of the photograph is quite strong, and the subject matter is on the left hand side, but the strong colours resulted after marbling from the right hand side gives it a nice balance. I’m quite pleased with the outcome, especially because it was the first time I’ve used the process of marbling and I wasn’t expected to work very well. Therefore, in conclusion I’ve obtained the visual results I hoped for because I’ve successfully captured the feelings and thoughts that my face express, combined with the excitement of the colours, that give it a playful effect.

Photographer : Jean Clemmer Title : Clemmer Nus fĂŠminins (robes filets) (3) Date : 1969

Photographer : Jean Clemmer Title : Clemmer Nus fĂŠminins (robes filets) (4) Date : 1969

The photograph is a portrait and it has been taken in a white studio. The photographer was influenced by women’s sensuality and the fact that in 1960’s sexuality and nudity was illegal, so his work was very controverted. Jean Clemmer was obsessed with Sexual Freedom, so he tries to communicate to the public his feelings about this. In my opinion his photographs have quite a strong message, but they have also a strong fashion look, which is the reason why I like them. I can like my work with his by trying to create the same look, but not with jewelers as he’s done, but with practical art and textiles after printing out the original photographs.

Photographer : Jean Clemmer Title : Clemmer Nus féminins (robes filets) Date : 1969

Try it and See  
Try it and See  

Photographs, research and final outcomes for this project.