MAXXbrides Edition 1, 2019

Page 76

Love bound

Heritage Meets Romance The ancestral roots of what a true romance means, celebrate your wedding in these magical temples. Text by Tsania Mahrani | Photos courtesy of each property

Plaosan Temple The Plaosan Temple complex is the embodiment of architectural heritage. Located strategically near the prominent Prambanan Temple, this particular historical piece is more often than not, overlooked by passersby. The moment you place your feet on the grounds of its complex, you are greeted by spacious paddy fields that accentuate the blue skies and the breezy atmosphere. If you look to your right and left, you will notice that each temple in the complex is made


in pairs. And the philosophical history behind it is pretty straightforward; for every single thing that is created on the face of this earth comes in pair so each completes the other, a balance that keeps the earth spinning. Imagining such scenery and the philosophy behind it, it is no surprise that this temple is said to be one of the most romantic spots in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The place is especially popular among couples who have a penchant for archaic

and post-apocalyptic vibes with a dash of philosophical wisdom behind it. Truly, this place is best suited for couples with strong personalities and a relentless sense of romantic pursuit. If you are one of those who are drawn to such scenarios and atmosphere, then this place will never let you down. Jl. Candi Plaosan, Plaosan Lor, Bugisan, Kec. Prambanan, Kabupaten Klaten, Jawa Tengah – Indonesia