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Exquisite Corpse

EC Unlike the zeros and ones that fill up your computer screen, this is real. This has a smell. Residue from your last meal is about to be deposited in exchange for the ink that has begun to leak into your fingers’ epidermal ridges. It’s give, and take, and share. Through experience, creases, crumples, Biro moustaches, and coffee & beer stains: you are a contributor. Transcending the hazy continuum of disposable-to-collectable, Exquisite Corpse is to be savored like your old trading cards; or screwed-up cylindrically, and jovially held at your crotch as a pseudo-phallus. You have, at your mercy, a portable, tangible, exhibition space of life. ….and a free fly-swat

Printed on 42gsm Newsprint from recycled and sustainable resources... This is a portal into the experiences of hungry, emergent youth. It’s the mirror on your wall. For extra bits and pieces visit

Blake Dunlop

Tom Gould

Zoey bradford

Robyn Daly

Harry Culy

Anna Delany

Sam Montgomery

Tim Solomon

Andrew Steel

Maximillian Scott-Murray

Exquisite corpse #1  
Exquisite corpse #1  

First of a series of zines looking at emerging photographic talent from new zealand