Nimiety Redux

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Nimiety Redux Maxwell Tfirn 2017

Nimiety Redux The word nimiety and the word redux takes their roots in latin for too much and revived. Nimiety Redux uses only 1 set throughout the composition. By taking different transpositions and inversion of the set different pitch centers emerge. The composition is composed graphically, using blank space to represent silence and extended lines for sustain/duration. By using space and sustain lines, density becomes easily seen. Both performers read from the score and follow each others parts for timing. The overall composition contrast fast, moving motion with fast, static and sustained motion creating a shifting atmosphere throughout the composition. The original composition is written for trumpet but there is also a version written in C for any Treble wind player. Performance Notes The trumpet score is transposed for the performer Each system should be approximately 20 seconds Long solid sustained lines are interpreted as sustain Dotted lines are a guide to show order of entrance Score All accidentals apply to the note they are on except for repeated notes Before starting the piece, press the following keys silently and hold the sostenuto pedal for the entire piece


? bœ b # œœ œ ¤ œ

? the resonance Amplification can be used on the piano ∑ caused∑ by the sostenuto ∑ Tubato bring out ∑