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‘In Detail’ Part Two

Constructing Environments Maxwell Bracher 636699

Assigned detail

Constructing Environments Maxwell Bracher 636699

Stage 2 Roof, box gutter, pre-cast concrete wall, aluminium-framed bi-fold doors, and porch. Refer next page for detail.

Pre-cast concrete panel Colorbond steel flat sheet

Colorbond steel flashing Colorbond steel flat sheet

300 x 100 Colorbond steel box gutter

Pre-cast concrete walls provide the primary strength for the structure. Steel cantilevers are supported by steel cleats and bolts.

Colorbond steel half round gutter

Beams abutt pre-cast wall, a means installing box gutter and flat sheet roof. This drawing does not specify beam material. Assumedly timber (pine).

Timber battens (pine)

The detailed drawing refers twice to engineering detail.

Constructing Environments Maxwell Bracher 636699

Aluminium-framed bi-fold doors

Compressed fibre cement sheet

Waterproofing Colorbond steel flashing and capping ensures moisture does not enter the building.

Colorbond steel flashing

Overlapping flashing is installed around the box gutter. Its installation ensures against capillary action. Pre-cast concrete panels are sealed by a flexible silicone sealant. This may also be installed at joints between differing materials.

Colorbond steel box gutter

For example, flexible silicone sealant bridges the gap between aluminium door frames and walls. No exposed joints between pre-cast panel and porch, gutter, doors, and roof. Box gutter and half-round gutter collect runoff and direct away from the internal structure.

Colorbond steel half-round gutter

Constructing Environments Maxwell Bracher 636699

Flexible silicone sealant

What the perspective view has revealed: Some lack of information in terms of materials, structural detail (e.g. refer Engineer’s detail) Makes especially clear corrugated support of box gutter and timber battens. Primary support is evident by means of line weight. Water shedding process is implied. Can be better understood as drawing reveals main sources of runoff. Steel flashing: how it is bent to purpose. Explicit detail of overlapping joints in order to dispell capillary action. Incorrect detailing of half-round gutter. See right

Constructing Environments Maxwell Bracher 636699

Steel half-round gutter (above, BlueScope 2013) as correctly photographed. Left: the incorrect detailing of this gutter type.

Construction detail is now better understood thanks to this drawing technique. Those utilising the drawing are able to read the detail in context, with a clearer concept of how each component fits in the grand scheme. Perspective views may reveal the simplicity of a structure, or may prove structural complexity.


Lysaght Half Round Gutter and Lysaght Flat Back Gutter Picture 2013, [Homepage of BlueScope Steel], [Online]. Available: [2013, 7/10].

Constructing Environments Maxwell Bracher 636699

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