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Things to Beware of Before Buying Male Enhancement Pills

Five Things to Beware of Before Buying Male Enhancement Pills In the wake of a massive FDA recall on male enhancement pills, many brands people used to trust have been yanked from shelves and have vanished into thin air. This scary reality serves to demonstrate that you never know what you might actually be getting. The purpose of this article will be to help you find premium quality male enhancement pills that you won’t have to worry about. Use the following five tips to do just that.

False Promises False promises – a big no-no for the FDA. A lot of brands of male enhancement pills have gotten into trouble for using statements like “cure,” “treats,” “remedies” and so forth. Be careful of the language you see on male enhancement pills sites – if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.

Tainted Ingredients Tainted ingredients top the list of why the FDA cracked down on many different brands of male enhancement pills over the past six months. A lot of ingredients were coming from labs in China and other areas and were found to contain illegal ingredients, harmful ingredients or even dangerous prescription drugs.

Heavy Metal Traces Heavy metal traces are another list topper that spurred the FDA crackdown on poor quality male enhancement pills. Metals like mercury – which can poison you if taken in too high of a quantity – were found in a lot of shady brands. And other heavy metal traces that could cause serious illnesses were also found to be present.

Banned Supplements Banned supplements and ingredients can come from anywhere in the world. While there are plenty of quality and honest male enhancement pills, there are about twice as many that are illegitimate. Thankfully, the best brands are not in any trouble with the FDA and can be easily found online if you know what to look for (hence the purpose of this article).

Demand Third Party Lab Test Results In lieu of the wake of FDA mandated recalls of a whole slew of male enhancement pills that used to grace product shelves under popular brand names – now there are far fewer in the bunch. And you can never be too careful, either. This is why the top makers of the most efficacious brands are now stamping their products with third party and verified lab results to demonstrate their purity. In short: any male enhancement pills that don’t offer these lab results are not worth risking your health over—so be sure to demand them before you make a purchase.


Buyer Beware: Five Things to Beware of Before Buying Male Enhancement Pills