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Otherworld The Collages. Serie I Max van Eck

Artist Statement I am the Bard. I am the shape shifter. I came from the Otherworld to make your dream a reality. I will be any identity I need to be to make your story become real. I am the bard and I will become you or anyone that was before us to tell the story that has to be told. I am your fantasy, your deepest dream, I am the storyteller. I will tell the story where you run out of words and visions. I see what you want to share. I am the bard , I am the Myth, the Story and the Tale. Tell me where you want to travel and I will visualise it for you ! Because I am the Bard from the Otherworld and I will tell your Tale when you run out of visions. I live there where you can only dream. And don't hesitate to contact me, I do accept commissions !

On my way back to Asgard My comments may seem awkward every now and then. But that is just because i carry tons of memories that are not from this plane of existence. I tend to spread them in whatever world i walk and sometimes they end up as pictures in the wrong one. I am at ease with that, it marks my trail and maybe, just maybe, you dare to follow me on my endless journey in the Otherworld.

On my way back to Asgard 2 Now, at last, the first serie is ready to launch. I won't publish everything, yet, but just some examples of only the collages and some small samples of the story text. The collages will be part of a big comic-like project that will be published when it's ready. I will tell you more about it later. Meanwhile the collages wil be for sale in our web shop as photoprints.on high quality paper. The whole project is called Otherworld and will be published in parts. Now be ready for the first part that contains 20 collages. available in the web shop. I hope you enjoy this glance into the Otherworld.

The Lemming Tree People The lemming tree people were panicking once more. They were already agitated because of the woodpecker plague that was ruining their community. They expelled the woodpeckers and all seemed quiet and peaceful until the foresters started the Great Fire in the plaines resulting in a stampede of running lemming trees. They ran away from the flames, fleeing their orchards and lover lanes. Holding up their precious twigs, leaves and fruits they charged downhill toward the steep ravine.. The woodpeckers chuckeled in delight. Because of their beaks they couldn't smile, though many of them winked an eye to each other.

Winter Whale Winter entered the barren forrest . Through the empty forrest echoed the deep melodious sounds of a whalesong. The whales witnessed the trees losing their leaves and prepairing for hybernation. The whales assembled here to set course for High Brasil where the tree people were revolting against the Amazonian Forresters, an obscure tree hating sekt. Responding to the distress call of the tree people the whales would try to rescue as many of them as they possibly could. By the time they would return to the forrest it should be almost summer and the forrest should be ready to receive and shelter them. The melodious whalesongs vanished from the forrest and silence overtook the frozen wood. But deep down in the earth, emerging from their roots, you could hear the trees softly giggle. What a summersale they would have the comming year ! Yes, they would all going to be rich, selling their exotic relatives to the Dutch.

The Light Mushroom Brigade

Tally-ho, Tally-ho !! Forward she cried to the Light Mushroom Brigade ; Let's free the tree people from the tyranny of the woodpeckers and foresters. Enthusiasm had never been one of her shortcomings. The guardians of the mushrooms stormed out of their comfort zone to follow their leader to Amazonia.

Eden is Lost ! Stardate 11022016/0306 As soon as our whaleship got out of warp we sent a radarbat to the planet we considered to be Eden. We recognised the lighthouse signature and had good hope to find the gardeners of Eden. They were our last hope to help us prevent the extinction of the tree people. Right then our radarbat returned in a state of panic, as soon as it got within radiodistance it kept sending the same message over and over again. Eden is lost..Eden is lost.. we were just about to turn the radiovolume down when the bat smashed the hull of our whaleship. Obviously the bat was lost as well. The from the dark planet surface emerged a giant snake. Now we knew why Eden was lost. The snake had eaten all the goodies, and propably the gardeners as well. The only thing the serpent had spared was the lighthouse, most likely to lure aliens like us. Disappointed we threw the remains of the radarbat in the dustbin and prepared ourselves to worm back through the warphole.

Japanese Whale Hunters The Yakusi sisters were having their traditional green tea. Yes, it took forever to brew this green shit, not to mention the serving and nipping and.... Well, anyway when they were done the storm season had passed and the tree people were launching their home build whales to set sail for the promised land. The Yakusi sisters knew that this was the time to start the big hunt. They were pissed that they had to hurry their tea-ceremony and this anger was taken to the hunt. They embarked their fast and furious gunships and started the pursuit of the heavy loaded whale ships. Meanwhile a shanty choir was singing "Shiver me timbers" which was nerve wrecking the treepeople.

Bowling Desert When the Desert Storm came in she knew, there would be but one chance to strike the Pin Boys network. If she was to fail they would overtake the serene desert with their Armani suits and college ties. Her dear desert would become a cricket field. How could she ever face the neighbor again ? There goes the neighborhood she thought. Then she prepared for her Lucky Strike although she stopped smoking years ago.

Whale Beach Amidst the cries of lost sailor's souls and seagulls alike, She stood there in the stormy sand dunes her hair and lantern waving in the rithem of the ocean swell. Horizon ships slowly passed and none responded to the lantern that kept flashing; Home! Home! Maybe he forgot about her, maybe he was there in the lost soul's seagull cry. Angrily disappointed she threw the lantern in the cruel sea. Deep down in the murky waters whales assembled around the lantern that bubbled ; Home ! Home!

Perfect World Because she envied him so much for his surrealistic view on life he painted her a perfect world. This world where volcanoes would erupt in chocolate streams and instead of poisonous smoke they would emit clouds of butterflies. Though it made her laugh, she didn't like the colors.

Just a Man When she embraced him he was her Universe. He was so enlightened, he contained it all. She knew he wasn't just a man, or everything at all.

Kraken Never fuck with the Kraken. Unless…….

No ! Never !

Tide Rushing In



Tir Nan Og

Captain Iglo’s Brides

Pidgeon Temple


Charon’s Woodpecker

Materialen Materialen. De uiteindelijke print wordt uitbesteed aan een fotovak drukkerij. We hebben gekozen voor een drietal materialen met verschillende papierkwaliteiten. Hiermee hopen we te bereiken dat er voor elke portemonnee een passende afdruk verkrijgbaar is. We gebruiken de volgende papierkwaliteiten. 1 Het werk wordt in de allerhoogste Epson-kwaliteit geprint op speciaal fine-art papier Hahnemuhle Photorag. Dit extra dikke 350 grams vezelrijke papier voldoet aan de hoogste eisen voor wat betreft houdbaarheid en kleurechtheid. De matte print is vooral geschikt voor kleurenfoto's en wordt veelvuldig toegepast voor documentaire fotografie, exposities en kunstreproducties. Voldoet aan de hoge eisen van onder andere musea en galerieĂŤn voor wat betreft houdbaarheid en kleurechtheid. Fine-art papier vindt zijn oorsprong in de wereld van beeldende kunst (aquarel, pastel e.d.) en merken als HahnemĂźhle hebben hierin een rijke traditie. 2 Het werk wordt gedrukt op op hoogwaardig extra stevig fotopapier. Dankzij de Durst Lambda fotobelichtingstechniek zijn de fotovergrotingen zeer gedetailleerd en vrijwel pixelloos, UV bestendig en 100% kleurecht. Foto vergrotingen zijn nog steeds razend populair, laat je foto uitvergroten! Onze fotovergrotingen staan in de markt van fotografen en kunstenaars van oudsher beter bekend onder de benaming C-print. De natuurlijke uitstraling van het beeld en de rasterloze weergave zijn uniek. 3 Het werk wordt afgedrukt als poster. De foto poster is een perfecte print op hoogwaardig posterpapier (200 grams soft glans coating). De poster is kleurecht en zonlichtbestendig.

Techniek en formaten Techniek. De werken bestaan uit combinaties van handgesneden onderdelen, veelal uit eigen fotowerk. Na samenvoeging wordt het resultaat ingescand en (soms) digitaal nabewerkt. Het uitgeprinte materiaal wordt vaak nog bijgewerkt door middel van tekenen of schilderen. Het eind resultaat wordt wederom ingescand en geschikt gemaakt om op hoge resolutie uit te printen. Formaten. De papieren versies zijn vooralsnog alleen beschikbaar op A4 formaat. Op verzoek kunnen ze ook op A3 en zelfs A2 formaat geprint worden. In principe laten we alles groter dan A3 op canvas drukken. Voor grotere formaten maken we graag een offerte voor u.

Otherworld the Collages Serie I  

Hand cut and digitalized collages from mostly our own photostock. This serie is the base for a larger project where the collages will be par...

Otherworld the Collages Serie I  

Hand cut and digitalized collages from mostly our own photostock. This serie is the base for a larger project where the collages will be par...