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Addo National Park Renting a Car One of the easiest ways to get to Addo National park is to hire a car in Port Elizabeth or Port Elizabeth Airport. Port Elizabeth is only 75km from the park and the roads to the park and inside the park are suitable for any type of vehicle. Find Tranquility and Peace in the Addo National Park The Eastern Cape region in South Africa offers visitors many splendours and a wide variety of activities, ranging from adventure sports to magnificent beaches and fine dining. For a truly awe inspiring wilderness experience, however, it would be very hard to beat the Addo National Park. It is the third largest park in South Africa. A brief background Originally the park, previously named the Addo Elephant Park has been established to protect the last remaining elephants in the area. In time the park was extended and today there are more than four hundred of them that enjoy the safety of the reserve. In addition, may other species of game can be found there and the park is home to a wide variety of rare and endangered plants, butterflies and birds. Among the many attractions to be enjoyed is a unique marine reserve that includes St. Croix Island and Bird Island. The latter is home to the world's biggest breeding colony of gannets and St Croix Island is a sanctuary for the planet's largest breeding colony of African Penguins. Visitors can view the awesome spectacle of hundreds of thousands of birds as part of regular organized and guided tours. The Addo National Park is one of only a few in South Africa that offers visitors guided walking tours and horseback safaris. Many elated visitors will testify to the fact that viewing opportunities abound when on foot or on horseback since the wildlife feels less threatened. There are even four wheel drive tracks and hiking trails that are particularly appreciated by serious birding enthusiasts. Tips for visitors This large park is ideal for leisurely self-drive exploration. There are a number of picturesque picnic spots where visitors can leave their vehicles, enjoy a meal and soak in some breathtaking panoramic vistas. The landscapes vary dramatically and photo opportunities abound. It is highly advisable to purchase a good quality guidebook. In this way it would be possible to identify a host of plants, trees, mammals, birds and other forms of wildlife. As is the case with all wildlife sanctuaries in South Africa, the Addo National Park is home to several research projects and official studies aimed at learning how to better care for the environment. Volunteers from all over the world are welcomed to learn more and to contribute towards a better future

for all nature's children. There is nothing that can equal the tranquility of the wilderness when it comes to unwinding, finding new perspective and to simply revel in the wonders of Mother Nature. The Addo National Park is certainly worth an unhurried visit and promises to reward her guests with many awesome experiences. Click here to Rent a Car

Addo National Park - South Africa  
Addo National Park - South Africa  

One of the easiest ways to get to Addo National park is to hire a car in Port Elizabeth or Port Elizabeth Airport. Port Elizabeth is only 75...