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Andrew Redington He has won the prestigious Specialist Folio Award for the British Sports Council Awards and The Open Championship Photograph of the Year. Page 12.

Stoke Park Club As a film location, Stoke Park Club has played host to the most memorable game of golf in cinema history, when James Bond defeated Auric Goldfinger on the 18th green. Page 24. Ian Poulter Design Ian and trousers go together. The IJP brand philosophy is to ‘lead with the legs’ by designing the trousers first and then coordinating the rest of the outfit around them. Page 30.

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European Tour News All the latest news from the European Tour, the winners, the tour schedule and The Race to Dubai. Page 64.

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I learned from studying the designs of classic architects that each golf course has its own personality and character that is determined by the property where it is located. Page 48. Golf Destinations

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Editor Sean Harrison

Photography Mark Newcombe - Visions in golf - Getty Images -

Greg Norman Golf Course Design  

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A look at some of the most stunning golf destinations in the world including Australia, Thailand and the United Kingdom. Pages 24-29 and 78-81.

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EDITOR’S LETTER What should the PGA Tour do about the slowcoaches? The world's number one golfer, Tiger Woods, has recently called on the golfing authorities to take action regarding the issue of slow play on the PGA Tour. At tour events in the United States rounds have been taking above five hours to complete and the issue is beginning to become a major concern for the game in general. Certain players have become over obsessed with pre-shot routines, too many practice swings (not to mention the player who does not start his routine until it is his turn to play) the circumnavigational studies of reading greens, and finally, the slow process of placing the ball down in front of the marker, so its directional line aims precisely with the intended line of the putt. Maybe the latest advances in golf psychology have convinced many players that long pre-shot routines really help. The policy for slow play has not changed much over the years. Once a group falls out of position they are put on the clock. The first player is allowed 60 seconds before he plays, then playing partners get 40 seconds each. The first offence has no penalty, the second carries a one-stroke penalty, the third a two-stroke penalty and the fourth disqualification. This means that one player who slows down the group by playing at a slow pace could get his playing partners placed on the clock, which does not seem fair.

There have been many complaints about slow play on the PGA Tour for some time and yet it is to be believed that it was sixteen years ago that a player was penalised for this and ironically the player became a rules official. If the golfing authorities do not take the necessary action, pressure for change could soon come from the TV companies, especially if the pace of play at this years Masters is to be repeated.The second round took up to 5½ hours yet no action was taken. A senior tournament official said that a few groups had been put on the clock but that, to the best of his knowledge, no one had ever been penalised a shot in the history of the Masters. Television ratings may not be as important these days, with golf's rights sold for billions of dollars to cable and satellite companies who collect subscriptions from their viewers, but slow play makes for boring golf on TV. Fortunately the pace of play is faster on the European and Asian Tours, but as for watching golf on the US PGA Tour, slow play could soon start to take its toll.

Sean Harrison

Cover story Today Ian is proud to say that IJP has been launched in over 17 countries worldwide and it is fast becoming one of the most dynamic and exciting golfing brands on the market.

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Andrew Redington What’s it like to be a sports photographer He has won the prestigious Specialist Folio Award for the British Sports Council Awards and The Open Championship Photograph of the Year but some of his favourite moments include playing Augusta National on the Monday after the 2001 tournament, travelling on the Ryder Cup charter with the European Ryder Cup team in 2005 and photographing Padraig Harrington with the Claret Jug at last year’s Open Championship.  

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I am a familiar face to the majority of the top players on the European Tour and they do not seem to worry about where I position myself.

Getty Images’ sports photographer, Andrew Redington, has had a life long passion for golf. He’s played since the age of 13 and plays off 7 on a good day. Having graduated from Reading University in 1991, he landed his dream job managing the golf department of Allsport. At the time, Allsport (subsequently bought by Getty) was the world’s leading sports’ photography agency. The job involved editing roll after roll of film, agreeing fees with clients and pulling pictures from the archives. But it gave Andrew another passion, and that was for photography. Under the tutelage of senior snappers at Allsport, Andrew developed his skill. Now one of the leading golf photographers at Getty Images, he has covered more than 250 tournaments including 17 Open Championships, 14 US Masters and every Ryder Cup since 1995. He has won the prestigious Specialist Folio Award for the British Sports Council Awards and The Open Championship Photograph of the Year but some of his favourite moments include playing Augusta National on the Monday after the 2001 tournament, travelling on the Ryder Cup charter with the European Ryder Cup team in 2005 and photographing Padraig Harrington with the Claret Jug at last year’s Open Championship.

Swing Image’s Sean Harrison met up with Andrew Redington and asked him a few questions to get an insight into what it’s like to be a top sports photographer. What led you to a career in photography and when did you start? Having left Reading University, I took a job with Allsport in January 1992 and started taking photographs in 1994. Why did you choose to specialise in golf? Golf has been a passion since the age of 13. What do you consider to be the most beautiful course in the world that you have seen, and where you have taken images? Augusta. It was always a dream to go there and it is is sometimes hard to fathom that I have covered the event 14 times (so far) and have even played the course! What camera(s) do you use? Canon EOS 1D III swingimage 13

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Roughly, how many images do you take in a day and what ratio are kept and used? Approximately 2000. 90% of the time I edit my own material in the tournament’s media centre and go through a process of embedding a detailed caption into the image which has been cropped and colour-corrected. Getty Images will receive these and the picture desk will send these out to the huge number of clients and will then put the images on the electronic archive (www.gettyimages. com) At the US Open recently at Torrey Pines there were 50,000 spectators a day between the fairways. Is this difficult, even though you are inside the ropes? I did not cover this event but any tournament with huge crowds does demand a different approach – the logistics of simple things like what time to get to the course to avoid traffic, the ways to navigate the crowds so you can get to  the first tee in time for the group you are covering and it is then reasonably simple once inside the ropes. Have you had an extreme weather experience and how do you adjust to deal with it? The Alfred Dunhill Links held up at St Andrews, Carnoustie and Kingsbarns in October often throws up some challenges! – strong winds, rain and sun can hit us at any time but the most important thing is to keep the camera equipment dry and working so we have waterproof covers for the cameras and lenses and also clothe myself in Goretex clothing and shoes. Camera equipment must be changing all the time which helps. What about the freeze frame images for player swing shots for magazines etc? I have done a lot of instruction photography over the years including a number of shoots with Nick Faldo and Colin Montgomerie. The cameras that I have are always the latest and best and the ones I currently have fire at 10 frames per second which produce excellent swing sequences. Your most treasured photos and why? Delighted with my folio but always looking to improve.The images shown with this article are some of my favourites. Do the players accept your presence or are some camera shy or nervous? I am a familiar face to the majority of the top players on the European Tour and they do not seem to worry about where I position myself since they trust me not to move around or hit the shutter button at the wrong time.

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The cameras that I have are always the latest and best and the ones I currently have fire at 10 frames per second which produce excellent swing sequences.

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Do you have any favourite players to work with on the tour? The vast majority of the players are great to deal with. What makes a good or bad tournament and do you have a favourite? A lot of factors can determine whether a tournament is good or bad ie. Whether it is a good course for pictures, the quality of the field, whether the winner makes some good pictures, the significance of the tournament. The Open Championship is, in my opinion, the best tournament in golf and is my favourite tournament but my second favourite is the Omega European Masters because it is on a beautiful golf course with a fantastic feel to the whole tournament, and the HSBC Champions in Shanghai is terrific. How many miles do you think you travel in a year and how many days are you away from home? Mileage is difficult to calculate but I am away for approx 20 weeks per year.

Is it difficult not to get involved with the event, such as the Ryder Cup? That is a great question because the last three or four Ryder Cup teams have been full of players with whom I am quite friendly, and I sometimes have to remind myself to concentrate on shooting the pictures rather than hoping they make the putt!! The photo shoots for the celebrations and the prize giving must be fun? These are quite chaotic at something like the Ryder Cup – the expression “bun fight” springs to mind but, at any event, the winner is delighted and co-operative and it is nice to witness first-hand what the victory means to them. Do you get invites to join the victory parties? I was lucky enough to be invited to Padraig Harrington’s party in Carnoustie which I went to. I was also invited to his party in Dublin the next day but I had another event to cover so was gutted I was not able to go.

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Augusta. It was always a dream to go there and it is is sometimes hard to fathom that I have covered the event 14 times. (so far) and have even played the course!

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P E R F O R M A N C E.

Š 2 0 0 8 MacGregor Golf Company. All R ights R eserved. Greg N orman and the Greg N orman Collection logo are registered trademarks of Great White S hark E nterprises I nc. G R E G N O R M A N C O L L E C T I O N . C O M

L U X U R Y.

S T Y L E.

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Photos courtesy of BMW PGA Championship

Justin Rose and Mick Hucknall Tee Off on the O2 Arena for

Mick Hucknall supported GolfAid by performing an exclusive charity fundraising ’Concert on the Course’ ahead of the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth Club, Surrey. More information and pictures overleaf.

GOLFAID is an Incorporated Charity, initiated by Tour players’ wives and was established by The European Tour in 2006 to make grants to organisations and charities, particularly those assisting children and young people. With the full help and support of Members and staff of the Tour, the players themselves have taken over responsibility for moving GolfAid forward. Their aim is to support charities that are local to where the events they play – to be able to give something back to the community that they visit. This year the three events to receive this support are the BMW PGA Championship (Rainbow Trust and Sport Relief), the Scandinavian Masters (Save the Children) and the Volvo Masters (SOS Children’s Villages). Mark Roe, Chairman of GolfAid said “GolfAid’ vision for the future is to make a difference world-wide in the areas we visit as ambassadors for the game of golf. I am hugely proud of the support we receive from the European Tour, the European Tour Wives Association, and our own membership. We are also indebted to our corporate sponsors and friends around the golfing globe.” Enquiries regarding GOLFAID should be made to Vicky Richards at

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No Football Blues for Simply Red at BMW PGA Championship

Rather than fly to Moscow for the Champion’s League Final, passionate Manchester United fan and Simply Red lead singer, Mick Hucknall proved the consummate professional by performing an exclusive charity fundraising ‘Concert on the Course’ ahead of the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth Club, Surrey. Hucknall, a lifelong supporter of Manchester United, watched the first 90 minutes of the game before tearing himself away to sing for the 2,500 strong crowd, missing the crucial extra time and penalties. Immediately after the concert, Hucknall, who had specifically requested not to be told the result during his performance, planned to drive home to watch the recorded final stages of the match. On the clash of events, Hucknall commented: ‘It was really difficult for me to leave the football at such a tense stage of the game but we’d committed to performing at the gig, so we had to go on. Despite swearing the crew to secrecy, I actually found out from a member of the crowd, who started screaming and waving a red shirt about. I knew it was a longshot to make it off stage without knowing, but it was the result I wanted to hear! Congratulations to Alex (Ferguson) and the guys on a another great victory!’ The concert was the climax to the BMW PGA Championship Pro-Am day which included celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment, including Ben Ainslie, Annabel Croft, Matt Dawson, Bruce Forsyth, Tim Henman, Vernon Kay, Gary Lineker, Nigel Mansell and DJ Spoony, who played alongside some of the world’s top golfers including Angel Cabrera, Ernie Els, Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson. The exclusive ‘BMW Concert on the Course’, is an intimate, curtainraiser to the BMW PGA Championship. The invitation-only event took place on the 18th fairway of the East Course amongst the idyllic setting of the Wentworth grounds, with the band performing some of their vintage hits including Money’s Too Tight (To Mention), Holding Back The Years and Fairground. All proceeds raised through concert ticket sales were donated to the players’ charity GOLFAID, supporting Sport Relief and local children’s charity, Rainbow Trust. This year the concert and the Pro-Am raised over £60,000 for GOLFAID. Marking the start of the UK golf season, the BMW PGA Championship this year attracted some of the leading players in the world. Denmark’s Anders Hansen was seeking to defend his 2007 title but faced tough competition for the record 4,500,000 euro prize fund. Miguel Angel Jimenez took the title ater beating Oliver Wilson in a play off.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

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Welcome to the Club Stoke Park Club is a 5 star hotel with golf, spa, tennis, health & fitness facilities that are envied worldwide

‘Most Stylish Golf Club In Great Britain’ The Sunday Times 24 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 24

21/7/08 21:33:12

Stoke Park Club’s famous 27 hole Championship Golf Course, Stoke Poges, is one of the finest in the world and with 28 new luxury bedrooms opening in Spring, this location makes the perfect 5* golfing retreat.

swingimage 25 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 25

21/7/08 21:33:16

‘It is widely regarded as Excellent’ Condé Nast Traveller

Designed in 1908 by probably the greatest course architect of his generation, Harry Shapland Colt, the 27 hole Championship Golf Course is enjoyed by professional amateurs from all over the globe, as well as innumerable celebrity visitors. The course received immediate acclaim and has achieved innumerable accolades over the years.

As well as being a challenging and demanding course you will find it hard not to be stirred by the exquisite views and landscapes of the Club’s Championship course known as Stoke Poges. The exceptionally high quality of the greens, which have been consistently maintained, are a particular feature of the course.The Club’s true 27 hole course is made up of the three nine hole courses Colt, Alison and Lane Jackson.

“If there were no palatial mansion and no beautiful gardens and grounds, the course itself would take a great deal of beating anywhere within thirty miles of London. Colt, to whom belongs the credit of designing it, has scored a great success and his reputation as a green architect, already high, will be greatly enhanced by this the latest of his works.” (Golf Illustrated, 1909).

Added to this, the facilities are second to none with a 4 bay driving range with all year round grass practice areas, pitching area with four bunkers, 18 hole putting green and indoor video analysis room.

Over it’s 110-year history, HS Colt’s famous layout has been linked with such names as Augusta National and James Bond. The course’s signature hole, the par three seventh was the inspiration for the famous twelfth at Augusta and as a film location, Stoke Park Club has played host to the most memorable game of golf in cinema history, when James Bond defeated Auric Goldfinger on the 18th green in Goldfinger (1964). Goldfinger was the first of two James Bond films to be shot at Stoke Park Club, the second being Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).

Stoke Park Club is about more than just a great course, with the traditions, events, competitions and atmosphere created over 100 years in the true sense of the word. For example, in memory of the legendary designer, the Club hosts annually the Colt Cup in which three-man teams from many Colt courses worldwide compete for one of golf’s largest trophies. 2008 sees Stoke Park Club celebrating the Club’s Centenary year and a very exciting landmark for the King family who became involved with the estate 20 years ago.  As the fourth owners of the Club, it has been transformed and continues to be perfected with new openings.

26 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 26

21/7/08 21:33:18

‘Number One Country House Wedding Venue’ Wedding Venues and Services

Enjoy a weekend of golf and stay overnight in Stoke Park Club’s 5* accommodation, with 21 traditional bedrooms in the Palladian Mansion and 28 new luxury bedrooms which opened in May 2008 above the £20 million Pavilion. The new bedrooms are in distinct contrast to the traditional style of the 21 main Palladian Mansion bedrooms with contemporary furniture, striking features and accessories. Modern pieces of art from Andy Warhol and Robert Silvers, slim line high definition TVs, surround sound, mood lighting, iPod docking stations, luxury mini bars, en-suite marble bathrooms with wet rooms and double headed showers. Away from the bedrooms, the elegance is continued through private bars, cosy lounges and the finest restaurants in the magnificent Palladian Mansion including The Dining Room, The President Room,The Park Room and Orangery Restaurant as well as the new Garden Lounge in the Pavilion opened in Spring 2008. As a guest, you will also have complimentary use of the Club’s Health and Racquet Pavilion, including indoor swimming pool with hydro-seat Jacuzzi’s, steam rooms, state-of-the-art gymnasium and multi-surface tennis courts. Stroll in the opulent 350 acre surroundings or unwind in the award-winning SPA SPC offering the ultimate in luxury pampering.

“If you are looking for a golfing retreat that ticks every box, Stoke Park Club is a must. Harry Colt laid out this classic parkland course 100 years ago and it has certainly stood the test of time. With four different tee boxes to play from the course will give you the opportunity to hit every club in the bag whilst enjoying some stunning views of the Palladian Mansion.. The practice facilities are second to none and if your game is still not up to scratch there is always the opportunity for some retail therapy. With our award winning clubhouse and spa facilities you can unwind in style and enjoy a post golf massage to soothe away those aches and pains at SPA SPC.” Stuart Collier, Director of Golf.

swingimage 27 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 27

21/7/08 21:33:24

James Bond beating Auric Goldfinger on the 18th green in Goldfinger (1964). Goldfinger was the first of two James Bond films to be shot at Stoke Park Club.

The Course

Pro Shop

Stoke Park Club’s 27 hole Championship parkland Golf Course, Stoke Poges, is one of the finest of its kind in the world, enjoyed by professionals from all over the globe, as well innumerable celebrity visitors. Designed in 1908 by probably one of the greatest course architects of his generation, Harry Shapland Colt, Stoke Poges has received innumerable accolades over the years, including ‘Golf Club of the Year’, ‘Top 100 Courses You Must Play in the World’ (Golf World - Nov 2005) and achieved Gold in the HSBC Regional Course Rankings (Golf Monthly - May 2007).

Whether you are an avid golfer, a dedicated follower of fashion or just looking for unique gift ideas Stoke Park’s Club Shop has something for everyone. Boasting a selection of the world’s foremost brands, our friendly golf team look forward to assisting you in your retail therapy. Our team of PGA Professionals’ are on hand to offer their skills and advice wherever needed from technical queries to all manners of club repairs.

The course is further enhanced by the practice facilities. A driving range, short game area and putting green allow all aspects of the game to be perfected under the expert eye of the Professionals. The range of facilities available means that corporate golf days can be minutely tailored to the individual needs of those attending. Playing lessons, teaching seminars, competitions and even full course hire can create an unforgettable event.   28 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 28

21/7/08 21:33:29

Layer Cake’s dramatic ending with Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller was filmed on the mansion steps.

Movie History As a film location, Stoke Park Club has played host to the most memorable game of golf in cinema history, when James Bond defeated Auric Goldfinger on the 18th green in Goldfinger (1964). Goldfinger was the first of two James Bond films to be shot at Stoke Park Club, the second being Tomorrow Never Dies (1997). In Goldfinger, Oddjob,  one of the most memorable villains in the Bond movies, throws his steelrimmed bowler hat and cuts the head off a statue in the golf club. In the movie, Bond is impressed but wonders what the golf club’s secretary would say. Goldfinger isn’t worried, he owns the golf club. The film of the best-selling novel Bridget Jones’s Diary was also shot at Stoke Park Club in the summer of 2000.. Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) takes Bridget (Renée Zellweger) away for a luxury romantic break. After a hilarious afternoon’s rowing, filmed at the club, the couple retire to the Club’s Pennsylvania Suite with its gloriously comfortable four poster bed and exquisite marble bathroom. Dead of Night (1945). Two golfers, having fallen for the same woman battle it out in style on the golf course. They decide to play 18 holes who ever loses would leave the area for good. The location, non other than Stoke Park Club. In 2004 three movies were released all featuring the Club. Wimbledon, Bride & Prejudice and Layer Cake. Layer Cake’s dramatic ending with Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller was filmed on the mansion steps. Many TV commercials and product launches have also been organised in the mansion and grounds.

swingimage 29 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 29

21/7/08 21:33:32

Ian Poulter

“He is a brilliant golfer as well as a brilliant self-publicist. At a time when it is incredibly difficult to tell the difference between so many of the world’s (often rather dull) professional golfers, it is wonderfully refreshing that Ian Poulter sets himself apart.”

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 30

Chris Jones, Editor Golf World, April 2008

21/7/08 21:33:35

Boot leg trouser in turquoise, jade green, pistachio, and acid yellow tartan. Button placket top in golf ball white. Masters limited edition visor

swingimage 31 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 31

21/7/08 21:33:38

International Professional Golfer & Sports Fashion Icon Sponsors: Unlike other pro golfers, Ian only has 7 key sponsors as he chooses to wear his own brand of clothing – IPD. Sponsors are Cobra, Footjoy, Titleist, Woburn Golf Club, EA Sports, Technogym and Oakley Future tournaments: Please visit for up to date scores and tournament statistics

Classic trousers in jet black Raglan sleeve top in jet black Angular stripe ‘V’ neck jumper in jet black Masters limited edition visor

32 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 32

21/7/08 21:33:41

Ian took up the game of golf at the age of four when his Dad, Terry, a single figure handicap golfer gave him a cut down three wood. Ian turned professional at the age of 19 when he won the Open de Cote d’Ivoire on the Challenge Tour in 1999. Winning the Sir Henry Cotton Rookie of the Year title in 2000 provided the spring board for Ian to become one of the most exciting talents on the European tour. Ian won the Italian Open in October that year and has gone on to triumph every year since; the Moroccan Open in 2001, the 59th Italian Open Telecom Italia in 2002 and The Celtic Manor Resort Wales Open and the Nordic Open in 2003. He came close to earning a place in The 2001 European Ryder Cup team by finishing 11th in the Qualifying Table, was on standby to join Sam Torrance’s team at The De Vere Belfry if required and finally joined the triumphant European team that clinched the 35th Ryder Cup by an historic 18½-9½ Oakland Hills in September 2004. He was one of only seven players in 2007 to make all four cuts in the majors, to finish 13th at the Masters, to have two top tens on the US Tour, to win his eighth title in Japan. He might have had a chance of finishing in the top 15 on the Challenge Tour, but for tripping over his golf bag leaving the BIL Luxembourg Open and suffering torn ligaments and tendons in his ankle, necessitating a lengthy recuperation. None the less all this is quite an achievement for someone who has fought his way up the hard way from working as an assistant pro to thrusting himself into the world’s Top 20.

“In a world of terminally bland golfers who fail to understand the point of press interview, praise be for Ian Poulter, undeniably a national treasure.” Lawrence Donegan, Golf World, April 2008

2007 saw the realization of one of Ian’s life long passion – his very own clothing label – Ian Poulter Design (IPD). Ian’s passion for clothes began at the age of 11. To feed his desire to look good he would work at the market on Saturdays in Stevenage, merchandising and selling clothes. He would save up his weekly earnings to be able to purchase the latest fashion apparel. For Ian looking good and playing well go together; Today Ian is proud to say that IJP has been launched in over 17 countries worldwide and it is fast becoming one of the most dynamic and exciting golfing brands on the market. Ian is still involved in the design of every garment he makes and is adamant that each one is personally tested on the golf course to ensure that their ethos of fusing fashion and practicality is continued. Ian is an avid Arsenal supporter and is personal friends with many of the players. He is also a regular visitor on the BBC’s Question of Sport and is a personal friend of presenter Matt Dawson. When not touring the world, Ian lives in a village near Northampton with his new wife Katie and their two children, Aimee (6) and Luke (4).

swingimage 33 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 33

21/7/08 21:33:43

The Story of an International Sports Fashion Brand The Story so far ...... “Look good, feel good, play good has always been my mantra.” Ian Poulter

Ian was one of only seven players in 2007 to make all four cuts in the majors. He also finished 13th at the Masters, had two top tens on the US Tour and won his eighth title in Japan. Quite an achievement for someone who has fought his way up the hard way from working as an assistant pro to thrusting himself into the world’s Top 20.

The Launch of IJP and the brand philosophy Ian began sketching designs in 2003 on hotel letterhead and airline coasters as he toured the world. It was not until four years later that Ian was able to realize his dream by translating his ideas into reality with the launch of IJP – (Ian James Poulter) which coincided with the British Open in July 2007 IJP is a high quality, unique and exciting golf and lifestyle brand with a fashionable edge. It is entirely focused on creating clothing which is both eminently practical but equally extremely stylish. Unlike many other sports fashion brands associated with international sportsmen and women, Ian is highly involved in each garment from conception to fruition. He is focused on the quality and fine details of each design so it will come as no surprise that each garment has been tested by Ian on the course prior to production. Ian and trousers go together.The IJP brand philosophy is to ‘lead with the legs’ by designing the trousers first and then coordinating the rest of the outfit around them. As such, the Poulter Tartan is also one of the key elements of the IJP brand. The bespoke Poulter Tartans are milled in Scotland and for each different collection three different tartans are woven. The fabric is then cut and the trousers are handmade by a London tailor. Where we are today One year on and you can now see the IJP designs both on and off the golf course. IJP has been launched in over 17 countries worldwide and it is fast becoming one of the most dynamic and exciting golfing brands on the market. April 08 sees the launch of the second collection in the story of IJP with their Spring/ Summer range hitting golf stores worldwide. Ian is not the only touring professional to be wearing IJP. Young rising British stars Gary Boyd and Steve Lewton are both dressed in IJP from top to toe. Also the talented British female twin golfers Sam and Jo Head wear IJP headwear.

34 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 34

21/7/08 21:33:46

“If clothes maketh the man, then Ian Poulter is one heck of a flash geezer� Paul Mahoney, Golf International, May Issue

Classic trousers in golf ball white IJP laser cut belt Multi striped sleeveless top in golf ball white Raglan sleeve top in turquoise Masters limited edition visor

swingimage 35 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 35

21/7/08 21:33:52

Boot leg trouser in cherry, rose and blush pink tartan White collared top in blush pink Zip through top in golf ball white IJP classic leather belt and buckle

36 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 36

21/7/08 21:33:54

“Ian Poulter is a national treasure; a breath of fresh air, and, most importantly for the likes of me, an absolute Godsend to those who write about the game for a living.” Lawrence Donegan, Golf World, April 2008

Spring/Summer 2008 Collection The Spring / Summer 2008 Collection is bright, fresh, exciting and totally unique within the golf and leisurewear arena. The collection is diverse, from the irresistible Ian Poulter trademark tartan trousers in fabulous colours to the famous blush pink classics. Most importantly the range is stylish, wearable and designed to suit all. The new Spring/ Summer 2008 collection reflects the IJP ethos of being high quality, unique, fashionable and undeniably exciting. With a vivid colour palate of pistachio, jade green and blush pink the range is created to be both eminently practical but equally extremely stylish. Ian has a very active hand in the design and creation of each garment; each one is unique and distinctive to let the wearer reflect their own style and personality and each item has been pre-tested by Ian on the golf course. World famous for his distinctive trousers, it is only appropriate that Ian Poulter Design ‘leads from the legs’. The Spring Summer collection is no exception. Outfits are created around the trousers and the shirts, jumpers, belts and caps all co ordinate accordingly. The tartan trousers are milled in Scotland and handmade in London, emphasizing the true ‘Britishness’ of Ian Poulter. Throughout the Collection high performance fabrics such as CoolMax are used allowing the garments to breathe and increasing the comfort for the wearer.Yet again, with their new collection, Ian Poulter Design has successfully fused functionality with fashion. “As you are probably aware, the clothes I wear on the golf course are very important to me. If I feel good about my clothes, I feel good about my game – it’s very like that satisfaction you have when driving away in a freshly cleaned car, it just seems to run that little bit better.” Ian Poulter

Availability: 01 April 2008 Stockists: Prices: On request Range of key items: Trousers, jumpers, shirts, slipovers, belts, hats and caps – all of which are designed to co ordinate into stylish spring summer ‘looks’

swingimage 37 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 37

21/7/08 21:33:54

Ryder Cup Europe announces partnership with Virgin Atlantic Airways for The 2008 European Ryder Cup Team Ryder Cup Europe is delighted to announce that Virgin Atlantic Airways will be the Official Airline Sponsor for The European Ryder Cup Team for The 2008 Ryder Cup. Special dispensation has been granted for the Team to fly direct from London Heathrow Airport to Louisville International Airport aboard a Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 flight for The 2008 Ryder Cup at Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville, Kentucky, USA, from September 19-21, 2008. European Captain Nick Faldo and his 12 man Team will fly out on Monday, September 15 to defend The Ryder Cup  before flying back the following Monday, September 22. Joining The Team onboard the Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 will be their wives and girlfriends, Ryder Cup Partners, Sponsors and Suppliers, the Official Party, the respective Boards of The European Tour and the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) and VIP guests. They will all enjoy the benefits of Virgin Atlantic’s flagship new Clubhouse at Heathrow Airport before boarding the transatlantic flight. Virgin Atlantic Airways was the Official Airline Sponsor of the European Ryder Cup Team’s last visit to America in 2004, for their record breaking winning score of 18 - 9 at Oakland Hills Country Club, in Michigan. After equalling that record points haul at The K Club in Ireland in 2006, Faldo’s Team will be looking to maintain their stunning Ryder Cup form at Valhalla Golf Club in September as they bid to secure a fourth consecutive victory in golf’s greatest team competition. Sir Richard Branson, President of Virgin Atlantic, said: “It is a great honour for us to be carrying Nick Faldo and his Team to Louisville.

“This is the second time that Virgin Atlantic has been chosen to carry the Team and The Ryder Cup, and we are thrilled that Europe’s top golfers have selected us again. I’m sure they can do Europe proud and win again.” Richard Hills, Ryder Cup Director, said: “We are delighted that one of the world’s biggest brands will once again be part of one of the world’s biggest sporting events. The Team and Official Party will all benefit from Virgin Atlantic’s excellent service. “Virgin Atlantic Airways will once again benefit from being associated with The Ryder Cup and, along with our other Partners, Sponsors and Suppliers, will play an active part in making The 2008 Ryder Cup another huge success for The European Team.” The European Team will enjoy Virgin Atlantic’s award winning Upper Class Suite, which includes the longest fully flat bed in business class and inflight entertainment facilities. They will also speed through Virgin Atlantic’s newly launched Upper Class Wing at Heathrow’s Terminal Three, with its private security channel, before being pampered in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. Before take-off, the players can enjoy a massage or haircut in the Cowshed Salon, or play pool and enjoy the Deli bar. Richard Hills, Ryder Cup Director, (left) and Sir Richard Branson, President of Virgin Atlantic Airways holding The Ryder Cup

38 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 38

21/7/08 21:33:56

swingimage 39 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 39

21/7/08 21:33:56

40 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 40

21/7/08 21:34:04

swingimage 41 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 41

21/7/08 21:34:07

Sunseeker Predator 82 Pace, style and unrivalled opulence this Predators sweeping profile and potent perfornance will attract those who want the best that life has to offer.

42 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 42

21/7/08 21:34:09

From the moment you approach the Predator 82, the hallmark Sunseeker lines hint at its racing heritage, but you can optimise its potent performance through engine choice. Twin shaft drive provides maximum efficiency, but if you want to give your Predator 82 ultimate power, twin Arneson surface drives are the only option. Step on deck and there is everything you need for al fresco enjoyment, including a full wetbar, ice maker, cool chest, griddle and sunbathing space. The bathing platform and garage let you house a jet ski or tender so your friends and family can have fun on the water.

swingimage 43 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 43

21/7/08 21:34:11

The Predator 82 brings together dynamic new design pricnciples to offer more space and comfort than ever. The centrepiece has to be the hard-top on the upper deck - a unique rotating glass sunroof adding more light than ever. Performance is entirely down to you, with a choice of twin diesel engines powering either shaft drives or Ameson surface drives. Living accomodation Inside the deck saloon, living space is large and lavish. Home comforts of soft settees and a separate dining area make relaxing and socialising on the Predator 82 easy. Entertainment is on hand with a large flatscreen television and audio system. A rotating glass sunroof increases light and opens to make the most of fine weather. For convenience and privacy, the fully equipped galley is accessed by separate stairs aft, and sits adjacent to the crew quarters which sleeps up to four. Lower deck On the lower deck, luxurious accommodation for eight comprises a full beam master stateroom, forward VIP stateroom, and starboard twin and port Pullman cabins. All Guest cabins are en suite, richly furnished and well appointed with flatscreen televisions, CD/DVD and air conditioning. 44 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 44

21/7/08 21:34:18

swingimage 45 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 45

21/7/08 21:34:23

For further information regarding executive motor yacht charters, please contact: Craig Murphy, Managing Director, Max-Marine Asia Email; Tel. 081 9700583 Paul Stamp, Sales Executive, Max-Marine Asia Email: Tel. 087 8960996 46 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 46

21/7/08 21:34:29

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 47

21/7/08 21:34:32

Greg Norman Golf Course Design

48 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 48

21/7/08 21:34:33

After consulting on a couple golf course design projects in the mid-1980s I came to the realization that the most successful designers had a dedicated approach whereby they established their own company and resourced it appropriately. So, in 1987 I decided to create Greg Norman Golf Course Design. swingimage 49 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 49

21/7/08 21:34:34

50 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 50

21/7/08 21:34:36

I spent time studying several of the great golf course architects, namely A. W. Tillinghast and Alister MacKenzie. For me, it was relatively easy to identify with the old masters as my favorite golf courses include Royal Melbourne, Augusta National, St. Andrews and Winged Foot, Shinnecock and Cypress Point. Tillinghast interested me, in part, because of his commitment to the environment. “The creator of golf holes must not only possess imagination, but a keen appreciation of the offerings of nature,” he once wrote.“And the art of landscaping must be allied closely with that of the architect.” In becoming one of golf’s most respected architects, MacKenzie immersed himself in all aspects of the business. And the time he put into each and every golf course was incredible. First of all, he worked in an era that was before jet travel, traveling instead by steamship and staying for weeks or months at a time. By spending that amount of time on site he was able to understand how a course would play under different weather conditions and he was able to give a tremendous amount of thought to the strategy of each and every hole. A great example of his thinking, for instance, comes through in the 14th hole at St. Andrews.The longest hole on the old course, it is a

581-yard par-5 that features the famous “Hell Bunker.” In the R&A building, there is a hand-drawn diagram by MacKenzie that shows how he designed the hole to be played in five different ways. MacKenzie, similar to Tillinghast, strived to be one with the landscape and neither pushed a lot of dirt. They chose to work with the topography of the land, which, in my opinion, made for a more interesting challenge. Essentially their philosophy was unique to each course they designed, which is a premise I adopted. Rather than imposing artificial features on the landscape, I believe it’s best to work with what the land has to offer. After studying the great golf course architects of the past, I set out to get some experience under my belt. The late 1980s and early 1990s are today looked back upon as the halcyon days of golf course development. The game of golf was booming, real estate was booming, and new markets were emerging all over the globe. My general strategy was to begin in Australia, expand to Asia and eventually move into the United States and Europe. This plan was not unlike the way I approached my golf career in the early days. I wanted to first prepare myself and gain sufficient experience before I entered the big leagues. swingimage 51

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 51

21/7/08 21:34:39

During this period I developed several basic principles that set the foundation for what my approach to golf course design is today. First and foremost, I was going to respect Mother Nature. I had done plenty of traveling and had enough experience to observe the negative impacts of human development on the environment, so I resolved to take the opposite approach and be a good steward of the environment. Least Disturbance I learned from studying the designs of classic architects that each golf course has its own personality and character that is determined by the property where it is located. When starting the design of a new course, I spend considerable time finding the most desirable natural features of a site -- streams, rock features, vegetation, and undulating topography -- and incorporating them into the routing. I also go to great lengths to preserve and maintain as many of those natural features as possible. In Australia, I was fortunate to work on several pristine tracts of land. The Moonah Course, at Cape Schank, south of Melbourne, is one such example. Located on the undulating sand hills of the Mornington Peninsula, it was apparent that we would not have to move a lot of earth to create a dramatic golf course. Yet we were still challenged to find a golf course routing that made best use of natural topography.

On that particular project, we must have considered more than thirty different routings, not one of which moved more than 15,000 cubic meters of dirt. Sometimes the greatest challenge is to have a perfect bit of land and extract the most from it. Begin With the End in Mind I insist on walking the property before the golf course routing is finalized, and I believe that going to the untouched site of each project is one of the most important things I do. During that first visit I try to paint a picture in my mind of what the golf course will look like when we’re finished, of where the land will lead us. You might see a nuance with a rock face here, or a creek bed might be gentler over there. If you walk through the tall timbers, you might come across a large specimen tree. For projects that have these unique features, I work to preserve and incorporate them into the overall concept for the golf course. Other projects do not have such distinguishing characteristics, so I will strive to create shape and undulation on a broad scale over the entire site in addition to crafting the individual holes. I’ll look out as far as the eye can see and try to incorporate a mountain, desert, seascape vista -- or whatever features that site may have. For those more challenging sites, I want the golfer to have the sense that we were fortunate to find a beautiful piece of land.

52 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 52

21/7/08 21:34:39

Substance Over Style Many designers will incorporate water features, artificial landscaping or other man-made formations they believe will add to the aesthetic value of a golf course, but that doesn’t resonate with me. A great golf course incorporates as much of the natural surroundings and terrain as possible -- even when you have little to work with. A great golf course design is also about interesting shot-making, clever course management and challenging the golfer. I have seen fortunes spent to create a parkland course with man-made water features, non-indigenous vegetation and manicured gardens... Employing a “substance over style” approach not only maintains the traditions of the game, but also creates golf courses that members will be challenged to play time and time again. A good example of a project I did was the Great White Course at Doral in Miami, Florida, which was my first re-design. We were boxed in with limited land to work with and there were high-rising buildings on the north end of the property and power lines to the east. We had easements from roads on several sides, and of the total 90-acre site, approximately 27 acres were comprised of lakes. In the end, we took a golf course that was 6,600 yards, made it 7,400 yards and added a first-class hotel.

As the demand for our services grew, and as my knowledge of the industry expanded, I decided to open an office in the United States sooner than I had anticipated. Greg Norman Golf Course Design has completed more than 70 golf courses on six continents. Norman’s courses have garnered numerous prestigious awards for design and also hosted sanctioned events on the PGA, Nationwide, European, and Australasian Tours. Most recently the European Tour announced that the Norman designed Earth course at Jumeirah Golf Estates, a premier residential golf community in Dubai, will be the venue host for the inaugural Dubai World Championship. This event will end the European Tour season in 2009 and offer a US$10 million purse, the richest in golf.

An extract from Greg Norman ‘The Way Of The Shark’. For more information swingimage 53

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 53

21/7/08 21:34:41

The Norman Clubhouse Jumeirah Golf Estates, the premier residential golf community in Dubai, has announced the first concrete pouring at its Norman Clubhouse, another milestone in the progress of the development. The Norman Clubhouse, designed by and named after golf legend Greg Norman, will serve the Fire and Earth courses upon completion ahead of the first Dubai World Championship in November 2009.

54 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 54

21/7/08 21:34:42

Work on the foundations of the clubhouse, which at 131,000 square feet will be one of the largest in the Middle East, was completed in April, ahead of the concreting which started today. This progress follows last month’s announcement that Greg Norman’s Earth course has been chosen as the host venue for the richest tournament in world golf, the inaugural Dubai World Championship, in November 2009. A landmark of elegance and style, the Mediterranean-influenced Norman Clubhouse will offer a range of options for both formal and casual dining, a Wellness Centre with a variety of massage and spa treatments, a Sports Centre, a nearby Tennis Academy, two tennis courts and a coaching facility, and The European Tour Centre of Excellence with adjoining Golf Academy. This important milestone was recognized by David Spencer, Chief Executive, Golf at Leisurecorp, the owner of Jumeirah Golf Estates. He said: “This is a big course, with a big tournament and a big designer, in Greg Norman. It deserves a big clubhouse – and that’s what it’s getting.This is going to be a stunning facility, somewhere which will attract golfers and non-golfers alike. “I visit the site every few days and it’s been exciting to see the foundations take shape. Now, with the first concrete pour, we’re seeing an important milestone. “Greg has designed the best golf courses in the Middle East here at Jumeirah Golf Estates, along with the best homes, at his Fireside by Greg Norman development. He’s now adding the best clubhouse to that roll of honour and, as always, we thank him for his time, his commitment and his talent.”

The Norman Clubhouse will be complemented by an ultramodern practice facility and state-of-the-art European Tour Centre of Excellence and Golf Academy. The Golf Academy will offer personalized instruction, with low instructor-to-student ratios, using the latest technology and training knowledge to deliver real improvements to every part of the student’s game. The Clubhouse’s Sports Centre will cater for a variety of leisure activities, featuring a fully-equipped gymnasium, swimming pools, exercise studio, yoga and pilates studio, a leisure-focused lagoon, a lounge area and a Spa and Wellness Centre with several treatment rooms. Dining and entertainment options will include The Golf Brasserie, The Cellar private dining, The Swing Juice and Health Bar, a Tiki Bar serving the lagoon pools, an events lawn for up to 400 people, a terrace dining area, and a rooftop bar and BBQ terrace. Another feature of the Norman Clubhouse will be a stunning rock waterfall backdrop to the 18th greens of both the Fire and Earth courses. Jumeirah Golf Estates has brought together the world’s leading golf and course design superstars, to create Dubai’s premier residential golfing community.  Greg Norman, Vijay Singh, Sergio Garcia and “the father of modern golf course design”, Pete Dye, are working on creating one of the world’s most distinctive golf developments. The four courses - Fire, Earth,Water, and Wind – will be surrounded by the most desirable residential communities in Dubai.

swingimage 55 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 55

21/7/08 21:34:44

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 56

21/7/08 21:34:47

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 57

21/7/08 21:34:51

58 swingimage - Swing Image Issue 06.indd 58

21/7/08 21:34:53 - swingimage 59 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 59

21/7/08 21:34:57

60 swingimage - Swing Image Issue 06.indd 60

21/7/08 21:35:02 - swingimage 61 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 61

21/7/08 21:35:07

62 swingimage - Swing Image Issue 06.indd 62

21/7/08 21:35:16

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 63

21/7/08 21:35:18

European Ryder Cup Team Aims to be in Good Health for Valhalla Many of the leading candidates seeking places in The European Team to defend The Ryder Cup in the United States this autumn will be offered a unique opportunity to monitor their fitness ahead of the rigorous examination to be faced in golf ’s greatest team event at Valhalla Golf Club from September 19-21.

Aware how exhausting The Ryder Cup can be, both physically and emotionally, Shrewsbury felt it might be possible to marry medical expertise and the health levels of the leading players, with the aim of optimising Europe’s performance in Louisville, Kentucky. European Captain, Nick Faldo, has already participated in a dry run – which lasted almost five hours – at SOS and is enthusiastic about the process which, he says, could make a significant difference during The Ryder Cup.

Through an arrangement between Ryder Cup Europe and Sports Orthopaedics Spinal Ltd (SOS), based in Weybridge, Surrey, the leading 20 players in The 2008 Ryder Cup Points List were invited to undergo a comprehensive Health and Fitness Screening procedure, at one of the country’s most sophisticated medical facilities, during the week of the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth Club from May 22-25.

Faldo underwent a full range of eight separate procedures, under the scrutiny of five highly qualified clinicians, including biomechanical screening, cardiovascular analysis, strength testing, balance, flexibility, core stability, diagnostic and scanning procedures the latter involving the ‘state of the art’ MRI facilities at Weybridge Diagnostic Centre.

The proposal was instigated by Jonathan Shrewsbury, the Clinical Director of SOS, who worked closely with four European Ryder Cup Teams between 1993 and 1999 as part of The European Tour’s Physiotherapy Team.

Now Faldo was glad that many of those players who have the chance to qualify for his Team took the opportunity to undergo the examination on Monday and Tuesday May 19 and 20, just prior to the BMW PGA Championship.

64 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 64

21/7/08 21:35:29

European Ryder Cup Captain Nick Faldo undergoes a comprehensive Health and Fitness Screening procedure at Sports Orthopaedics Spinal Ltd (SOS), based in Weybridge, Surrey.Through an arrangement between Ryder Cup Europe and SOS the leading 20 players in The 2008 Ryder Cup Points List were invited to undergo similar tests during the week of the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth Club.

He said: “The range of tests, screening and analyses which I went through at SOS and Weybridge Diagnostic Centre was, to use a phrase, ‘the appliance of science’ as it relates to golf. “I believe it is a non-intrusive set of procedures which can be informative to all the guys who have a chance of making the Team at Valhalla. It can offer clues to their levels of fitness and health in the months building up to The Ryder Cup. “From my own point of view, I like to know what condition I’m in and it’s a pleasant feeling when the doc says: ‘you’re in great shape’. You are only as strong as your weakest point and such is the workload in The Ryder Cup that fatigue can easily kick in. “These guys all perform at the highest level and want to improve. In terms of their fitness, their exercise regime, their diet, their bio-mechanical condition - going through this process can identify areas of weakness which might need improving before The Ryder Cup. “One tiny change to any of those elements could make a world of difference under the cosh atValhalla. I would strongly encourage the guys to accept the invitation to go through the screening process. Even if they don’t qualify for the Team or get one of my Wild Cards, they will certainly benefit from the fitness evaluation.” Shrewsbury said: “The Health and Fitness Screening Programme can take from two to three hours, in which the subject undergoes in-depth analysis and assessment of his physical well-being.

“Nick spent almost five hours going through every procedure imaginable and five different specialists supervised the testing. I was fortunate enough to work with The European Team at four consecutive Ryder Cups between 1993 and 1999 and there is no question that the intensity of those three days can place a huge emotional and physical strain on the players, especially those who play all five matches. “This procedure, undertaken by Sports Orthopaedics Spinal, can determine how players and the Captain might optimise their performance at Valhalla. Naturally, Nick is looking at any possible edge he and his Team can get and we both hope that the players will take advantage of this unique opportunity during the BMW PGA Championship.” Richard Hills, Ryder Cup Director, commented: “We are delighted, in conjunction with Jonathan and his team, to offer this superb opportunity to the leading 20 players on The Ryder Cup Points List at the time of the BMW PGA Championship. Physical and mental wellbeing are important at any time, but especially during the heat of a Ryder Cup. “We would like to thank Sports Orthopaedics Spinal and Weybridge Diagnostic Centre for making this service available to our Members, and if it makes the difference between a half point and a full point at some stage of the match in September, then the exercise will have been a huge success.”

swingimage 65 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 65

21/7/08 21:35:35

Jumeirah Golf Estates names Earth venue for the inaugural Dubai World Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai’s premier residential golf community, has named the Earth course as host venue for the inaugural Dubai World Championship, the world’s richest golf tournament with a US$10 million prize fund, being staged in November 2009. Earth is one of four elementally-themed golf courses being developed at Jumeirah Golf Estates and one of the two courses being designed by Greg Norman in the first phase of the project. The decision to host the first Dubai World Championship on the Earth course was taken after Norman visited the site this month to monitor progress and make final design enhancements. Greg Norman said: “As a golf course architect, it is both rewarding and challenging to know that this course will be hosting the Dubai World Championship. “I’ve been fortunate to have a number of PGA Tour events played on courses I have designed. Of course, Jumeirah Golf Estates will be showcased on a global basis and as the golf course designer, I’m proud to be a part of such a significant event. “From my perspective I think that both the Earth and the Fire courses will be equally playable and I’m pleased with the progress that has been made on them.” Norman was returning to Dubai for his ninth site visit and spent his time fine-tuning the course design for the Championship. The final four holes of the Earth course will, he said, offer a spectacular finish: “Of course, I think the entire course has a great balance, but the finish will really stand out. The last four holes will measure exactly a mile, 1760 yards. I expect it will be considered one of the most challenging and exciting miles of golf, in terms of risk and reward. “The ‘final four’ will be comprised of a short par 4, long par 4, a great par 3 and a medium to long par 5, so a lot of things can happen on the home stretch. There could be a two or three shot swing which will cater to the best players, and of course, will be a defining moment for spectators and the television audience alike.” The Dubai World Championship will be the richest tournament in golf when it starts in November 2009. The tournament is the climax to the new US$10 million Race to Dubai, a season long competition replacing the European Tour Order of Merit.

The Championship will welcome the players ranked 1 to 60 on the Race to Dubai, showcasing only the very best golfers worldwide. David Spencer, Chief Executive, Golf at Leisurecorp, the owner of Jumeirah Golf Estates, said: “Earth is a fantastic choice for the first event and will be a true challenge of golf for the world’s best players. Now that we’ve got growth on the fairways and greens, as well as a great deal of mature tree planting, you can really see Greg’s vision taking shape. I know he’s proud of the course – and we certainly are! “All four courses at Jumeirah Golf Estates are being developed to the absolutely highest standards and over time, we expect to see the Dubai World Championship being played on one or more of the other courses.” Greg Norman said he had made a number of changes to the course for the Dubai World Championship on his recent visit, including repositioning some of the tees, lengthening some of the holes and re-contouring some of the greens to allow for more challenging pin positions. He said: “There were some significant changes on 7 and on 9 but everything else has been more subtle, getting the greens ready for the speed that we need them and so on. And we’ve had to allow for the infrastructure of a major tournament. That means laying cabling and getting prepared for the full hospitality suites, designing the right driving range facility, creating ease of access for parking and everything like that.” Norman also said the local conditions would help ensure some tough golf: “The challenge is that the wind switches so much. So the variety of this golf course is going to change dramatically from 10 o’clock in the morning to 2 o’clock in the afternoon - and that’s why we had to be meticulous in the way we designed the course. “There are going to be guys that will get through this golf course teeing off at 11 o’clock one way and then finishing off a totally different way. So they could really get the brunt of all the hard holes into the wind and that’s where this golf course could really change things.” Work is well under way on the Fire and Earth courses, which will be ready for play by the end of 2008 and the first Jumeirah Golf Estates homeowners will move into their communities during the first part of 2009.

66 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 66

21/7/08 21:35:39


h d

Course as Championship

Designer Greg Norman aims to create “the most challenging and exciting mile in golf � as finishing holes

Photo courtesy of Leisurecorp / Jumeirah Golf Estates swingimage 67

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 67

21/7/08 21:35:41

European Tour Number One Justin Rose and three former Harry Vardon Trophy winners: Retief Goosen, Padraig Harrington and Colin Montgomerie, gather at The London Golf Club, for the unveiling of The European Tour's new branding ahead of The European Open.   (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

The European Tour unveils a new identity to reflect a new era The 2009 European Tour International Schedule will herald an exciting new era in the game with the introduction of The Race To Dubai and, in recognition of this significant development,The European Tour has unveiled the restyled branding which will reflect that evolution. Through discussions with the players and with Leisurecorp, with whom we are partners in The Race to Dubai and The Dubai World Championship, we confirmed the importance of linking the past with the future. With golf this is especially valid because of the tradition of the game and its continuing global growth with which The European Tour is delighted to be associated. Harry Vardon is an iconic figure whom many identify as the first touring professional and the world skyline provides an invocative image of the stage on which the players of The European Tour now compete. In bringing them together in the new branding we respect tradition and recognise the future.

The Dubai World Championship will be played on the Earth Course at Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai, UAE, from November 19-22, 2009, at which time a player could face the prospect of standing over a putt for US$3,666,660 to capture the title, Number One position in The Race to Dubai and The Harry Vardon Trophy. Justin Rose, the reigning European Tour Number One, said: “To be Number One, to follow in the footsteps of so many great players, is an awesome feeling and it was huge for me to receive The Harry Vardon Trophy. It’s like the Premiership – a season long challenge that tests all your skills and demands consistency. “That was the key to me winning in 2007 – with two wins and three second places.The best thing is that I did it as a champion by winning the season-ending event. It would be brilliant to do that again – especially in 2009 when The Race to Dubai kicks in with The Dubai World Championship bringing it to a massive crescendo.”

68 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 68

21/7/08 21:35:43

European Tour Schedule 2008/ Winners 08 Nov 15 Nov 22 Nov 22 Nov 29 Nov 06 Dec 13 Dec 17 Jan 24 Jan 31 Jan 07 Feb 20 Feb 21 Feb 28 Feb 06 Mar 13 Mar 20 Mar 20 Mar 27 Mar 03 Apr 10 Apr 17 Apr 24 Apr 01 May 08 May 15 May 22 May 29 May 05 Jun 12 Jun 12 Jun 19 Jun 26 Jun 03 Jul 10 Jul 17 Jul 24 Jul 31 Jul 07 Aug 14 Aug 21 Aug 28 Aug 04 Sep 11 Sep 19 Sep 25 Sep 02 Oct 09 Oct 16 Oct 23 Oct 30 Oct


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HSBC Champions UBS Hong Kong Open MasterCard Masters Omega Mission Hills World Cup Michael Hill New Zealand Open Alfred Dunhill Championship South African Airways Open Abu Dhabi Golf Championship The Commercial Bank Qatar Masters Dubai Desert Classic Emaar-MGF Indian Masters WGC - Accenture Match Play Astro Indonesia Open Johnnie Walker Classic Maybank Malaysian Open Ballantines Championship WGC - CA Championship Madeira Island Open BPI Open de Andalucia Estoril Open de Portugal MASTERS TOURNAMENT Volvo China Open BMW Asian Open Open de Espana Italian Open Irish Open BMW PGA Championship The Celtic Manor Wales Open BA-CA Golf Open presented by Telekom Austria US OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Open de Saint Omer BMW International Open Open de France ALSTOM European Open The Barclays Scottish Open 137th OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP The Deutsche Bank Players' Championship of Europe WGC - Bridgestone Invitational US PGA CHAMPIONSHIP Scandinavian Masters The KLM Open Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles Omega European Masters Mercedes-Benz Championship Ryder Cup The Quinn Direct British Masters Alfred Dunhill Links Championship World Match Play Championship Portugal Masters Mallorca Masters Volvo Masters

Phil MICKELSON Miguel Angel JIMÉNEZ Aaron BADDELEY SCOTLAND Richard FINCH John BICKERTON James KINGSTON Martin KAYMER Adam SCOTT Tiger WOODS Ssp CHOWRASIA Tiger WOODS Felipe AGUILAR Mark BROWN Arjun ATWAL Graeme MCDOWELL G e off O G ILV Y A l a st a ir FO RS Y T H T h oma s LEV ET G r e gory BO U R D Y T re vor IMMELM A N Da mie n MC G RA N E Da r re n CLA RK E Pe t e r LA WRIE He n n ie O T T O Rich a r d FIN CH Migu e l A n ge l J I M E N E Z S cot t S T RA N G E Je e v Mil kh a S I N G H T ige r WO O DS Da vid DIX O N Ma rt in K A YME R Pa b l o LA RRA Z A B A Ross FIS HER G r a e me MC DO W E L L Pa dr a ig HA RRI N G T O N Gut Kaden Firestone C.C. Oakland Hills GC Arlandastad GC Kennemer G & CC, Zandvoort Gleneagles Crans Sur Sierre, Switzerland Gut Lärchenhof Valhalla G.C., Louisville The Belfry G&CC, West Midlands St Andrews, Carnoustie & Kingsbarns Wentworth Club, Surrey Oceânico Victoria Clube de Golfe Pula GC Valderrama, Sotogrande

For further information visit: Swing Image Issue 06.indd 69

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Vietnam signs up for 2008 Faldo Series “There may be dozens of potential superstars in this region, but we’ll never know unless their talent is cultivated. I believe this event can be a stepping stone and I would like to thank the Vietnam Golf Association and Ocean Dunes for helping to make it happen.�

70 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 70

21/7/08 21:35:46

Nick Faldo has followed up on his award winning golf course design in Vietnam with the introduction of a first Faldo Series tournament in the country. The inaugural Faldo Series Asia Vietnam Championship will take place on September 27-28 at Phan Thiet’s Ocean Dunes Golf Club, a course designed by the six-time Major winner himself. In its last three Planet Golf surveys, Golf Digest (USA) rated the layout among the top two in Vietnam.

Up to six players from the Vietnam Championship will qualify for the Faldo Series Asia Grand Final, an R&A World Amateur Golf Ranking event to be hosted by Faldo in March 2009 on the Faldo Course at Mission Hills in China. Sanctioned by the Asian Tour and the Asia Pacific Golf Confederation, the Faldo Series Asia title has been claimed in previous years by Thailand’s Nakarin Ratanakul and India’s Rashid Khan. Both earned invitations to the Faldo Series Grand Final in Europe and, courtesy of the Asian Tour, a start in the Volvo Masters Asia and a scholarship to stage one of Asian Tour Qualifying School.

Open to players from all Asian countries, the tournament will provide new opportunities for young golfers not only in Vietnam, but in neighbouring nations such as Cambodia and Laos as well. “All you have to do is look at the sheer number of people in this part of the world to see there is an extraordinary amount of possibility,” said Faldo. “There may be dozens of potential superstars in this region, but we’ll never know unless their talent is cultivated. I believe this event can be a stepping stone and I would like to thank the Vietnam Golf Association and Ocean Dunes for helping to make it happen.” Supported by major partners Mission Hills, The R&A and UBS and patron Korn/Ferry International, the Vietnam Championship will provide talented young golfers aged 11 to 21 with a combination of tournament experience on the course and expert advice off the course. Simultaneously, younger children from the local community will be invited to watch the action and attend a free golf clinic. “Just as he was fiercely determined to win golf tournaments, Nick has a burning desire to create access to the sport,” said Jeff Puchalski, Ocean Dunes’ general manager and director of golf. “He is displaying it again by making another commitment to Vietnam, where interest in the game is growing but events targeting kids have yet to take root. This could be what spurs a youngster here to become a champion like Nick.”

Inspired by the decade-long success of the Faldo Series in Europe, Faldo launched the equivalent in Asia in 2006. The Vietnam Championship takes the 2008 schedule to 12 tournaments in nine different countries across the continent. Opened in 1994, Ocean Dunes has garnered worldwide acclaim for its windswept dunes and singular holes, including the notorious par-3 9th, which sits hard by the South China Sea and has been hailed by GOLF (USA) magazine as one of the best 500 holes in the world. Anyone wishing to attend the Vietnam Championship, players or spectators, should contact Ocean Dunes Golf Club on (84) 62-823-366 or visit the website at

FALDO SERIES ASIA SCHEDULE 2008 For more information on the visit Date June 3 – 4 July 3 – 4 July 23 – 24 August 12 – 13 September 9 – 10 September 27 – 28 October 14 – 15 October 21 – 22 November 4 – 5 November 10 – 11 November 18 – 19 March 2009

Tournament Territory Venue FSA Chinese Taipei Championship Chinese Taipei Sunrise Golf and Country Club, Taipei FSA Shanghai Championship China Shanghai Silport Golf Club, Shanghai FSA China Championship China Mission Hills Golf Club (Faldo Course), Shenzhen FSA Yunnan Championship China Lakeview Golf Club, Kunming FSA Singapore Championship Singapore Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore FSA Vietnam Championship Vietnam Ocean Dunes Golf Club, Phan Thiet FSA Thailand Championship Thailand Pattana Golf & Sports Resort, Chonburi FSA Malaysia Final Malaysia Venue TBC FSA Indonesia Championship Indonesia Damai Indah Golf (BSD Course), Jakarta FSA Hong Kong Championship Hong Kong Venue TBC FSA India Championship India Poona Golf Club, Pune Faldo Series Asia Grand Final China Mission Hills Golf Club (Faldo Course), Shenzhen

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Bangkok Post Advert

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CLUB ISM Club ISM has an unrivalled reputation for providing the most comprehensive and exclusive service to members of this truly bespoke sporting club. Founded by golfers Darren Clarke and Lee Westwood along with cricketers Andrew Flintoff and Michael Vaughan, Club ISM has its roots firmly in sport.. Using a unique network of contacts and drawing on vast knowledge of and experience from many sporting occasions, Club ISM is able to offer members an unforgettable experience through both The Racing Club and The Sporting Club. The Racing Club

The Sporting Club

Run by former Grand National winner Mick Fitzgerald, Club ISM’s Racing Club provides members unparalleled access to international race meetings and direct interaction with trainers and jockeys.

Working directly with many Premiership football clubs and rugby clubs, Club ISM is in a strong position to offer you the same high standard of corporate entertainment that International Sports Management has delivered both in the cricket and golfing arena. We also have a fantastic footprint and network into US sporting events and venues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NASCAR.

From its inception, Club ISM has purchased both National Hunt and Flat racehorses. To ensure and to encourage a wide range of interest, horses from a diverse racing background form part of the Club ISM stable. To nurture these racehorses and develop their talent, they are stabled with the very best trainers in their field. National Hunt

The Sporting Club’s impressive inventory of sought after tickets includes 10 executive seats at Manchester United, 4 executive seats at Liverpool and a private box at Bolton in the football world, 4 seats at Twickenham for international rugby matches and a private box at Old Trafford and access to seats at Lord’s for cricket matches. In addition, Club ISM has access to 10 seats at Wembley for all football matches as well as concerts.

n Ingratitude trained by Nicky Henderson n Urban Tiger trained by Carl Llewellyn

Various sporting personalities are often hand to join members and offer an incredible insight into their sporting world.



n Drayton, Express Way and Thundering Star trained by Mike de Kock

In addition to the Racing and Sporting Club benefits, Club ISM offers exclusive access to first class worldwide entertainment.

Mick Fitzgerald attends all race meetings where Club ISM has a runner and is responsible for riding and schooling the horses in the various yards himself.

Club ISM offers members a fantastic opportunity to access a complete concierge service. At your request we will procure reservations at premier hotels, restaurants, and the world’s best golf courses and as an additional service to our members, Club ISM will arrange for private aircraft charters and ground transportation.

All members are invited to meetings to follow the progress of the horses themselves and are also provided with regular updates from Mick through email and via Club ISM’s dedicated, membersonly website.

The dedicated Club ISM team can look after every aspect of members’ experience to ensure they can just sit back and enjoy a memorable trip.

74 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 74

21/7/08 21:35:49

Anton Haig

Gary Lockerbie Ambassadors A team of top international golfers represent Club ISM Anton Haig Anton became only the sixth Affiliate Member of The European Tour to capture a title and therefore attain status as a Full Member when he won the 2007 Johnnie Walker Classic in Phuket on only his 17th tour start Gary Lockerbie Gary enjoyed a tremendously consistent first season as a professional on the Challenge Tour, missing just four cuts from the 24 events he played and finishing the season in 13th place on the final rankings. Ross McGowan Richard Sterne Ross turned pro in 2006 after winning the EGU Ping and Daily Telegraph Order of Merits for those in the Amateur ranks. In only his first season on the Challenge Tour he won the 2007 Oceanico Developments Pro-Am Challenge and earned his European Tour card by finishing second on the Final Challenge Tour Rankings. Richard Sterne Richard recorded his best ever finish on the European Tour in 2007 after winning the Celtic Manor Wales Open and earning six top-ten finishes. He started 2008 with a win at the Joburg Open in his native South Africa. If you are interested in becoming a member of this elite club, contact International Sports Management on +44 (0)1565 832100 or email swingimage 75 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 75

21/7/08 21:35:55

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 76

21/7/08 21:36:09

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 77

21/7/08 21:36:12

Laguna Phuket Play 18 holes of golf on a magnificent tropical golf course

78 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 78

21/7/08 21:36:14

Laguna Phuket, one of Asia’s finest luxury destination resorts, is a holiday paradise with hotels linked by sparkling lagoons and tree-lined avenues, so you can easily enjoy everything that the hotels and golf course have to offer. The resort based 18 hole, par 71 golf course was designed by Max Wexler and David Abell, and measures 6,654 yards from the back tees and 5,464 yards from the forward tees. The award winning Laguna Phuket Golf Club features a wealth of tropical scenic lagoons and undulating fairways set against a stunning backdrop of mountains and nearby sea.

n Six

deluxe resort hotels n Five luxurious spas n 18-hole Laguna Phuket golf club n Boutique shopping n Pristine sandy beach n Wedding Chapel

Laguna Phuket hotels n Banyan tree Phuket n Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket n Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket n Laguna Beach Resort n Allamanda Laguna Phuket n Laguna Holiday Club Resort n Laguna Phuket Holiday Residence swingimage 79

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 79

21/7/08 21:36:15

Barnbougle Dunes Tasmania, Australia’s island state is renown for its untouched wilderness, pristine coastline, cool climate wines and fresh local produce. On the north East coast of Tasmania lies a hidden gem and one of the world’s top Links golf courses, Barnbougle Dunes. Barnbougle Dunes Golf Links is a traditional links course located on the pristine coastline of NE Tasmania, Australia’s Island state. The 18 hole public access golf course is a truly spectacular amalgamation of mother nature’s wild beauty with the craftsmanship of man. Designed by U.S Golf genius Tom Doak and Australian Mike Clayton, the course was completed in January 2005.

80 swingimage Swing Image Issue 06.indd 80

21/7/08 21:36:21

From the wild and dramatic coastal dunes Doak has created a course that captures the true ence of links golf. The greens at Barnbougle are lively, rolling with the natural undulation of the dunes and with the 4th hole boasting the largest bunker in the southern hemisphere the course is certainly designed to challenge. Golf at Barnbougle is a game of strategy, where each shot requires tactical thought and where a little creativity can be hugely rewarding.

Barnbougle Dunes is a public access golf course open year round. The Barnbougle dunes complex include 4 and 5 star accommodation facilities, on site restaurant, bar and conference facilities. Further information is available at au or to make a reservation contact Barnbougle on: +61(0)3 63 560094 or Email:

swingimage 81 Swing Image Issue 06.indd 81

21/7/08 21:36:24

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 82

21/7/08 21:36:55

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 83

21/7/08 21:37:00

Swing Image Issue 06.indd 84

21/7/08 21:37:47

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