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How Refreshing. How Heineken.

Heineken 1998 UK

Zazoo Condoms 2003 Olanda

Wonderbra 1998 Sud Africa

The Anti-Smoking Society 1999 UK

There are moments when you can’t afford getting the flu.

Naldecon. Fast relief.

Naldecon 2001 Brasile

Benson and Hedges 1994 UK

Heinz 2001 UK

a Harvey Nichols Fashio

n Victim

Mini Skirts now available.

Harvey Nichols 2003 UK

Do we drive our mechanics too hard? For most people, going under a car is the end of their career. For a Volkswagen mechanic, it’s just the beginning. He starts with the humble spark plug. And works his way up to the digifont electronic system. He takes every part apart. And puts it back together again. Over and over and over again.

Until he can show us where every bolt, every washer and every nut goes. What every part does. And how to service every single one of them. Then we really turn the screws on him. Because, when he’s not working on a Volkswagen, Volkswagen are working on him. At one of our training schools. There he spends seven hours a day study-

ing the mechanics of the car. So, by the end of his apprenticeship, he knows his Volkswagen bumper to bumper and sill to sill. All this is part of the quaint Volkswagen notion that the service has to be as good as the car itself. It’s the kind of madness that makes us make our cars the way we do. The sanest things on wheels.

Volkswagen 1991 UK

Bianco Footwear 1999 Danimarca

Since the ‘Droit de Seigneur’ act, passed in 1867, the French have always driven on the right-hand side of the road. This is not merely a matter of inconvenience for British drivers; it is also a potential safety hazard. And yet car manufacturers have been ignoring the problem completely. With one notable exeption. Because BMW engineer Aap Rilfuhl discovered, just three years ago, that the problem could be tackled; and, with ingenious modifications, a test vehicle was designed that incorporated a unique BMW feature – the multi dash-board facility. By incorporating a second-unit steering wheel socket and instrument panel into a conventional

glove compartment, Dr Ruhful was able to provide the basis for a secondary driving position. The fascia, naturally enough, conforms to the ‘Continental’ standards – with a kph sppedometer and the ‘Lawson’ fuel gauge reading in litres. Then, by insertion of a lynch-pin into the steering wheel column, fellow engineer Hans Grabbem was able to devise the first quick-release steering wheel. (Incorporated, too, into the column is a secondary ‘Continental’ horn – the ‘Vorin-Drivers’ 80 decibel air-horn). The final problem, of the foot-pedals, was easily resolved; Herr Grabem made them transferrable, too, with a dual position facility. At present, this option is only available on the

BMW 3 series, but is expected to be available on all models for the proposed opening of the Channel tunnel. And then, for the first time, British drivers will be able to drive abroad without getting on the wrong side of the natives. To: Uve Adjuri-Egpuhld, BMW (GB) Ltd, Ellesfield Avenue, Bracknell, Berks, RG124TA. Please send me more details of the BMW multi-dashboard facility. I intend to drive abroad: for business. fur pleasure. for ever. Name Address Postcode

BMW 1985 UK Annuncio uscito il 1° aprile

A good product in the wrong place is a bad product.

SO PUT YOUR WEBSITE ON TRIARA. The first World-Class Webhosting Service in Mexico.


Triara Internet Provider 2000 Messico


Mattel 1999 Singapore

Bovril 1905 UK

Visa 1996 Singapore

SelfямБx 2003 UK

The power of carats. J E




Natan Jewelry 2002 UK


Parque de la Costa 2003 Argentina

Neill Dental Technician 2005 Australia

Does anyone ever ask for your opinion? No, not you,that guy behind you. The Economist

The Economist 2003 UK


TOM’S GAY BAR. A 50 mt. da qui.

Tom’s Gay Bar 2004 Germania

monkey funny ads  

funniest advertising ads ever - by italian agency monkey business milano

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