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By Azuan  Ahmad     “Gaia  Park  is  an  example  of  a   modern  park  in  an  Eco  City,   with  features  such  as  open   green  spaces,  dedicated  bike   lanes,  family  friendly  areas  for   leisure  and  exercise  and   beauAful  flower  gardens.  Solar   street  lamps  are  used  to   reduce  carbon  footprint  and   water  fountains  are  fed  by   natural  streams  or  waterfalls,   to  preserve  the  natural   environment  and  reduce   water  wastage.  Also,  the  park   houses  some  eco  art   sculptures  such  as  the  Dolphin   Monument,  erected  to   highlight  biodiversity  and   conservaAon.”    

By David  Norton     “Our  city  is  equipped  with  a   power  plant  containing  a   water  turbine,  wind  turbines,   and  solar  panels,  which  gets   rid  of  the  need  for  fossil  fuels   in  the  town.  Our  town   features  a  two-­‐story   apartment  building  with  a   spacious  living  room,   kitchen,  and  bedroom.  It  also   feature  a  recycling  center   with  an  observatory  on  the   top.  Also,  the  used  water   keeps  the  plants  in  town   green  instead  of  being   released  into  the  river.”  

By Emma  Chapman     “Here’s  my  sustainable   Lego  City.  Walkable   residenAal  and   commercial   neighborhoods,  except  for   the  airport,  which  is  off  to   the  leS  and  not  included   in  the  photograph.”  

By Idir  Aitsahalia     “Brickland  runs  on  energy   from  renewable  sources,   such  as  solar  power  due  to   its  locaAon  off  the  coast  of   sunny  Florida.  The  towers   are  equipped  with  solar   panels  and  rainwater   collecAon  and  filtraAon   systems  for  the  rainy   hurricane  season.”  

By Vikas  Sankar     “An  ecocity  starts  with   every  house  in  it  being   eco-­‐friendly.  Here  is  an   environmentally  friendly   house  with  solar  panels,   big  windows  for  air-­‐ circulaAon,  lush  terrace   garden  and  backyard   Vegetable  Patch.  There  is   a  working  ceiling  fan  and   cool  elevator  too.”  

By Mikkel  Bjerre  Larsen     “There  is  an  organic  farm,   and  a  lumberjack  who  says   that  wood  is  a  good  source   of  energy,  it  is  CO2  neutral.   There  are  2  new  trees   planted  every  Ame  you  cut   a  tree.  A  car  owner  has  a   car  that  runs  on  hydrogen,   extracted  from  rainwater,   which  in  the  future  can   store  power  from  solar  and   wind  energy.  It  is   important  to  re-­‐use  of   objects,  for  example  cans   and  boZles.”  

By Linae  Lars    

“ECOWITHACCESS in  mini-­‐scale:  My  city   doesn’t  have  curbs  or  steps  so  resident   who  use  wheelchairs  don’t  have   difficulAes  with  navigaAng  their  city!  My   city  does  have:  a  Commuity  Garden  -­‐   organic  &  heirloom  plants  only;  Solar   panels  on  most  all  of  the  structures;  a   Playground  with  monkeybars,  mearry-­‐ go-­‐round  and  teeter-­‐toZer;  The  Mall   has  glass  doors  to  allow  light  to  reduce   electricity;  The  School  &  Library  are  next   to  the  playground  and  are  close  to  each   other  to  save  travel  distance  for   students.  The  library  was  built  reusing   oak  logs  from  other  buildings.  There  are   a  lot  of  bike  racks  and  bikes  for   residents  to  borrow  as  needed,  spread   throughout  city.  Wood  stove  in  each   house-­‐  to  not  rely  on  nonrenewable   resources.  Water  fountains  recycle   rainwater  and  supply  water  for  garden.   No  gasoline  cars  allowed,  so  our  air  isn’t   polluted.”  

By ValenAna  Carini     “This  is  our  ecocity  as  we   imagine  it  in  Italy!  Our  city   has  an  eco-­‐factory  where   we  convert  old  cars  in  new   electric  cars.  Then,  on  the   other  side  of  the  city   there’s  an  eco-­‐gym  where   people  ride  green  exercise   bikes  and  on  the  roof  we   have  4  solar  panels  and  all   produce  electricity  that   make  the  firm  work.  In  the   city  and  we  have  2  windmill   blades  that  have  the  same   funcAon  and  exploit  the   wind.  We  hope  you  like  it!”  

By Beecher  Whiteaker     “Solar  panels  for  city   lights,  large  windows  to   aZract  sun  in  homes  and   buildings,  walls  insulated   with  recycled  newspapers,   all  vehicles  are  electric   saving  fuel  and  polluAon,   storm  barrels  used  to   collect  rain  water  for   gardens  and  lawns,   satellite  used  to  control   heaAng  in  homes  and   buildings.  Green  house   temperatures  controlled   by  solar  heaAng.”  

By CiAzen  Piper     “Ecocity  by  CiAzen  Piper   from  the  PHLUG  -­‐   Philippine  Lego  Users   Group.  This  is  an  Ecocity   that  is  built  to  conform  to   the  contour  of  the   environment.  Apartment   buildings  have  vegetable   gardens,  solar  panels  and   elevated  walkways.”  

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