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Selecting the right blackjack seat

at just the right time

the right seat at just the right time Ordinarily, any one seat at the blackjack table is just as good as any other. Where you sit neither affects the operational dynamics of the game nor does it improve or reduce your chances of beating the dealer. But there is a certain politics about the seat you choose. A certain etiquette. A certain sense of pioneering. And it's generally ill-advised for the first time player, or at least the player who feels less-than-confident in his or her playing strategy, to take first base.

the right seat at just the right time Certainly, the first place position can feel like it has to absorb a lot of the pressure. The first base must respond to the dealer's initiation, he or she must make the first call and he or she lacks the advantage of seeing those few extra cards on the table if they’re card counting. Being in the second or third position usually allows you a bit more time to play your hand. You're not subject to the same kind of gaze as the first-place patron.

the right seat at just the right time Of course, once it's your turn and the dealer is impatiently watching you as he waits for your response about what to do with your hand – there will inevitably be a certain sense of social scrutiny from the other players too. Selecting a seat at the blackjack table can be an important signifier of your style of play. Are you feeling aggressive? A bit uncertain of yourself? Unsure of how hot the table is? Choose your seat strategically.

the right seat at just the right time Sometimes, you’ll be in a position where the person next to you is having a cracking round. Try as you might, try as you may, you just can’t achieve the kinds of winnings that they're bringing in. In cases like these, even pitch-perfect strategy can't always avail you. Sometimes sheer and blatant luck trumps everything else, and there’s precious little you can do about it. There is no rational explanation for it, all you can do is remain true to your predefined strategy and wait out the game until your fortunes change.

the right seat at just the right time Betting at first base is something like being at the front lines of a war. You charge forth, guns blazing, ready to take whatever cards are dealt you way. At each point of play, you're being asked –even forced – to adjust and refine your play according to the lineup of obstacles on your path. Just be aware of this the next time you sheepishly approach a blackjack table. If you're the only one of the table, then of course it's no issue where you sit.

the right seat at just the right time But on a busy night, with customers and patrons in every direction, some high rollers, some low, some novices, some seasoned professionals, you should be aware of the implications of first base and what it means for your strategy, your social status and the expectations placed on you by the dealer and, indeed, the rest of the table.

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Selecting the right blackjack seat  

Selecting the right blackjack seat at just the right time the right seat at just the right time

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