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5 Best Tantalizing Beef Burger Toppings for Foodies When it comes to beef burgers, there is no stopping me. They are the best fast food items, provided they’re grilled to perfection. I take it as my right to indulge in the most succulent and delicious burger. So what makes a burger better than another does? You guessed it, it’s the patty. While the patty may be the real reason why burgers are so juicy and delicious, there is no doubt that the right burger topping can lift the flavor of any burger. Here are some of the craziest beef burger toppings that will make a delicious beef burger:

1. Mustard and onions sautĂŠed in barbecue sauce.

This is the top favorite and drastically lifts the flavor of the burger. Mustard and sautĂŠed onions in barbecue sauce work really well as hot dogs topping. Yes, this topping does makes the hot dogs taste the best!

2. The BLT classic topping with mayonnaise and cheese. If you’ve never tried topping your beef burger with bacon, you have seriously missed a burger bursting with flavor and taste. The bacon, lettuce and tomato topping on the burger with mayonnaise and cheese, take the flavorsome burger a notch up on deliciousness. This is a must-try for all foodies.

3. Spiced tomato chutney with feta cheese The spicy tomato chutney combined with the strong and flavorsome feta cheese give your palate an ecstatic feeling. The juiciness of the burger, the spicy chutney and cheese make a great combination and work together to be the most lip smacking topping.

4. Garlic cheese and sundried tomatoes This delicious topping makes world of a difference to your burger. Garlic cheese and sundried tomatoes on a beef burger is the perfect topping for a sizzling char grilled burger. The flavorsome garlic is the key ingredient of the topic which brings out the flavors of the burger patty too.

5. Grilled onions, mushrooms and cheddar cheese with buffalo sauce

This is the ultimate combination for any burger. This topping gives your palate an ecstatic feel. This is a must try for all mushroom lovers. The ingredients combine together to add a burst of flavor to your beef burger.

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5 Best Tantalizing Beef Burger Toppings for Foodies  

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