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nutrition top 10 fat burning foods


maxine’s feature athlete kristie-anne ryder


athlete profile luke schembri

Pro bodybuilder Luke Schembri recaps his career so far...


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science latest research by paul kirkham, bsc


just in what’s new at MAX’S by paul kirkham, bsc


food + fuel high protein winter warmers


The latest scientific research that will help you lose weight and gain muscle.

by peter wright, xtreme chef


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2 // MMn //

Food + fuel: high protein winter warmers.


guillaume gebert never imagined he’d win the Max’s Muscle-up Challenge. read his amazing story on page 32. Guillaume Gebert had a drive to succeed. And wow, look at him now!

32 features 32


Max’s Challenge winner: guillaume gebert Guillaume Gebert’s transformation changed his life. Share in his remarkable story and workout tips. Max’s Challenge runner-up: andy Mcgree A desire to return to his previously fit state was all the motivation Andrew McGree needed.


Max’s Challenge third place: ashley Marshall Ashley Marshall’s commitment saw him reap great rewards.


Max’s Challenge top 10: Peter Venz Policeman Peter Venz found success at his second Challenge attempt.


Max’s Challenge top 10: Jake lowe Jake Lowe’s amazing transformation has inspired others.


Max’s Challenge top 10: wendy Jenner New mum Wendy Jenner on her ultimate inspiration.


Max’s Challenge top 10: angus wardlaw This young man is going places – and has the body to boot.


Max’s Challenge top 10: laura Mcewan Defying her sweet tooth worked wonders for Laura McEwan.


Max’s Challenge top 10: Cory Celantano Undertaking the Challenge was just the start of a transformation for Cory Celantano.


Max’s Challenge top 10: Carlos Brito Former runner Carlos Brito is now a weight training addict.


class of 2012 A big congratulations to all those who completed the MAX’S Muscle-Up Challenge in 2012.


men’s workout get those guns.


women’s workout training legs.

MAX’S Muscle-Up Challenge runner-up, Andy McGree.



Get great guns with Logan Robson’s bicep busting workout.


An eight step workout to shape your legs with IFBB Bikini champ Samantha-Jane Heron. // MMn // 3


Muscle News Paul Kirkham (The Prof) Paul is a Director of Max’s and is qualified in Bio‑chemistry, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. He has many years experience in sports science, and is also a regular contributor to Max’s Muscle TV television show.

Fred Liberatore Fred is an accomplished australian bodybuilding champion and recently turned his hand to the role of master coach of our very successful Max’s Muscle‑Up Challenge. Fred’s experience and instructional information is great for all levels.

Luke Schembri With many titles under his belt, Luke schembri is one of australia’s best bodybuilders. Luke is australia’s latest IFBB Pro bodybuilder winning the prestigious Pro Qualifier, which provides great insight into training.

Logan Robson a qualified personal trainer, Logan runs his business ‑ saCRIFICE Personal Training and Competition Preparation ‑ out of World Gym ashmore on the sunny Gold Coast. He brings more than 12 years of bodybuilding competition experience to the table and also lectures in PT. Peter Wright (Xtreme Chef) Peter has been helping athletes eat well for years. He is an exceptional chef, and was responsible for all the food and menus for athletes at several Olympic and Commonwealth Games. He’s also a regular contributor to Max’s Muscle TV.

Kate Alderman Kate is a proud Maxine’s Burn ambassador and owner/personal trainer at Tidy Training. Kate has been training for nine years and has taken out the state Ms Fit Body title twice. Kate competed at national level on both of those occasions, placing third in 2009. Samantha-Jane Heron samantha‑Jane Heron is a fully qualified personal trainer and regular competitor in the IFBB Bikini Body division. samantha‑Jane was also part of the 2012 australian team at the arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. sam will be this year’s exercise coach for the new Maxine’s shape‑Up Challenge. 4 // MMN //

Published in Australia by Max’s 17 Trade Place Vermont, Victoria 3133 PO Box 295 Vermont, Victoria 3133 Phone: 1800 071 320 Fax: 03 9873 3422 Company Directors Keith Ellis Paul Kirkham Advertising Manager John Hanna Phone: 03 9873 4222 Designed for MAx’s by Lauren Grande Mint Digital Phone: 0414 541 384 subeditor Megan Gamble Disclaimer Reproduction of any material without written permission from the publisher is strictly prohibited. Before starting any exercise or nutrition program it is recommended to consult your physician for advice. Recipe nutritional breakdowns are estimates produced using the Food standards of australia and New Zealand Nutritional Panel Calculator and to be used as a guide only. Please recycle this magazine. Or better yet, give it to a mate.


Inspiration aplenty Don’t let the cool nights and dark days get you down this winter. This issue of MAX’S Muscle News is jam-packed with motivating reads and triumphant tales.


ey Everyone, Welcome to the fourth edition of MAX’S Muscle News, a publication dedicated to helping you build the ultimate physique. Since our last edition there’s been plenty of action in the world of MAX’S. Our 2012 MAX’S Muscle-Up Challenge has been run and won. We received an amazing amount of participants from teenagers to middle-agers and beyond. We had over 2500 entrants and many mindblowing transformations. In this edition we focus on some of the top contenders, how they trained, what they ate, and which supplements they used. It’s truly inspirational, so if you’re motivated why not give it a crack in 2013! It’s on again this year with new separate men’s and women’s divisions. Keep reading for further details. This issue we also get an insight from master coach Fred Liberatore on this year’s MAX’S and Maxine’s Challenge, which is a must-read if you’re thinking of entering. At the other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking to pack on some serious muscle this season we’ve got some great tips and workouts you

Over 2500 people entered the MAX’S Muscle-Up Challenge and we witnessed many mind-blowing transformations. can follow. We’ve got a great biceps routine from Australian champion Logan Robson, and bikini body champion Samantha Heron shows us how to work your legs for awesome results. We’ve also got some great muscle-building recipes from Xtreme chef Peter Wright and

we look closely at some of the new products in the MAX’S range. All this plus loads of other good stuff we hope you enjoy. Until next time remember – life’s too short to be small!

Max // MMN // 5




90% 0.8% 0.5%

Mark Hogan Champion INBA Bodybuilder

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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ChaLLeNge wrap-up

One-on-one with Master Coach Fred Liberatore The MAX’S Challenge is going to be bigger and better than ever in 2013. For the first time, men and women will be split into separate categories. We caught up with Challenge master coach Fred Liberatore to get his take on the 2013 MAX’S and Maxine’s Challenges. photography CHARLIE SURIANO


MN: So Fred, what were your thoughts on last year’s Challenge? Fred: Last year was our second-ever MAX’S MuscleUp Challenge. We were able to make it bigger and better because word spread quickly about how successful the first one was. We’ve helped change people’s lives for not just 12 weeks, but for good. We also had many of the top 10 finishers forge a career in fitness and go on to compete in bodybuilding competitions, which was an awesome effort. Most Challengers also blogged and updated their stories for all to see and we ensured that everyone could access our website with ease. The Challenge continues to grow in numbers and this year will be no different with more features added to the site and our very first female and male division.

I’m very passionate about health and fitness and also helping people, so it’s been a very rewarding journey and I’ve loved every minute. 8 // MMN //

MMN: What about the transformations made by the top 30 and particularly the top 10? Fred: It was truly phenomenal! It would have been such a tough decision for the judges to pick a top 30, let alone the top 10. As you know, I’m not on the judging panel but I was proud of all the finalists. I was also proud of everyone who finished the Challenge. To make the top 10 really takes something special, so congratulations to all those guys. MMN: What about the personal achievement you witnessed in all the Challengers, not just the finalists? Fred: Each week I had the opportunity to communicate with the Challengers and listen to their stories. Sure there were setbacks but they quickly bounced back and used the situation to learn more about themselves. Not everyone can make the final 30, but I think they were all winners. So many Challengers don’t do it for a prize, they do it for their own sense of achievement, which is a great prize in itself.

I learned a long time ago that gauging your progress is much easier when you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Set goals that are specific, realistic and attainable.

10 // MMN //

Expect to stall out slightly.

Stick with the basics – it’s not rocket science! Read the

The training principles espoused by Fred have been put to the test by previous participants and Challenge champions.

MMN: Tell us about your experience of being the Muscle-Up coach – what did you get out of it? Fred: I have the responsibility of helping as many people as I can to make real and inspiring changes in their physical health and fitness and their quality of life. That is the purpose behind the Challenge. Many people succeeded by following the programs outlined on our MAX’S Muscle-Up Challenge website. As you know I’m very passionate about health and fitness and also helping people, so it’s been a very rewarding journey and I’ve loved every minute. MMN: What sort of support you will be providing for 2013 Challengers? Fred: As your master coach, make no mistake, I will ensure you are accountable every step of the way on your Challenge. It’s the only way to succeed. But I’ll be there to help as well. Once you sign up for the Challenge you will receive an entry kit that includes nutrition and training guides and everything you need to know to get started. The program is quite straight-forward and includes video instructions covering training, eating, supplements and motivational tips. I recommend that you view our 2012 Challenge DVD to help get you focused.

If you need additional assistance, you can find an abundance of resources at www.maxchallenge. MMN: What about a few tips for would be Challengers? Fred: Here’s a few things to think about...

Use our resources, we’re here to help you! Our entire team

have helped thousands of people successfully complete the 12 Week Challenge. In addition you can go to www. and check out the features and all the information you need to follow the program, plus inspiring success stories, motivational tips and recipes. You should also join the lively online community including our forum and Facebook page and meet other people who are doing the Challenge. It’s a great place for information, to ask questions or share ideas. I’m online all the time if you want to ask me anything. Eliminate obstacles. Pre-plan your way around known obstacles to increase your chances of success. Learn to say ‘no’ (respectfully) more often to those who drain your time each day. Be willing to train early or late in the day around your responsibilities. If food temptations are

too great, eliminate bad or processed foods from your kitchen. Eliminate the need/ desire to consume fast food by cooking volumes of good food and storing it in containers; remember abs are made in the kitchen.

Let Fred and the MAX’S team help you get the body - and life - you’ve always dreamed about.

During your Challenge you may experience a period where nothing seems to be happening. Don’t be alarmed. Remember that you are probably replacing fat weight with healthy, lean muscle. Although your scale weight may not show it, you’re probably experiencing substantial progress in your body composition. Women in particular may notice the most dramatic changes occurring after week six/ seven. Again, the best way to determine your progress is through body composition assessments and how your clothes fit as well as a good old tape measure (you would be surprised how much muscle weighs).

Challenge website, download the free training and nutrition plans and follow them. Don’t take shortcuts. It’s pretty simple. These training and nutrition principles have been time-tested by our past participants and of course Challenge champions with astounding results. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures and testimonies are proof.

Set specific, realistic, attainable goals. I learned a long time ago

that gauging your progress is much easier when you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Set goals that are specific, realistic and attainable. Identify long and short-term goals. The longterm goal would be exactly what you want to accomplish by the end of the 12 weeks. Short-term goals could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly checkpoints for evaluating your progress. For example, let’s say your long-term // MMN // 11

goal is to drop 10cm off your waistline. Your short-term goals may be to finish each week without deviating from the program, check body measurements every two weeks to make sure you are on-track, and get new pictures and assess each month.

Share your decision with others. Tell everyone you

know that you have joined the MAX’S or Maxine’s Challenge. Tell them your goals and your start and finish dates. There’s nothing like a little healthy peer-pressure to help you stay focused and motivated!

Don’t dream it, do it – be committed! Joining the

MAX’S or Maxine’s Challenge is just the first, small step toward the new you. Now you must make the decision to do it, not just dream about doing it. The real difference between a dream and a decision is the big c word: commitment. A dream is based on wishes; things that you hope will occur. A decision is the initial step in an active pursuit of something you truly want. A solid decision leads to commitment; commitment leads to success.

MMN: Do you have a message for someone who is thinking about doing the Challenge but is not sure if they have the discipline to commit? Fred: To anyone thinking about doing the Challenge but not really sure if it’s for them, I ask this question: “When, if not now, will you ever take the massive step to truly transform your health and your life? When will the procrastination end and the results begin?” Make no mistake, only you hold the answer to that question. Consider this though – is now the time to go for it, finally? Why not now? I mean, if you wait until everything is ‘just right’ in your life to enter, then you’ll probably be waiting forever. Things are never going to be ‘just right.’ NOW is the time! 12 // MMN //

as your master coach, I will ensure you are accountable every step of the way on your Challenge. It’s the only way to succeed. But I’ll be there to help as well. I will work with you along with our team of coaches and ambassadors to help uncover the road blocks holding you back, and we can eliminate them for good. We will help you set challenging and exciting 12 week goals and my team and I will coach you for 12 full weeks. Accept my Challenge, check out and let’s do this! MMN: Is there anything else you’d like to add? Fred: Imagine 2013 as your best ever year, physically and mentally. You have the chance to make the most inspiring and exciting changes you’ve ever made to improve your body, and all this in record time – just 12 short weeks. Yes, the MAX’S and Maxine’s Challenges are tough but just imagine having the energy and confidence to boldly make the necessary changes in your life that improve every part of your existence – from your career to your personal relationships.

a long-term change Imagine yourself making a powerful difference to your life and the lives of others. Now imagine that you’re not just daydreaming, but rather actively involved in making this your reality and that I’m right there with you as your coach, making sure you have the knowledge, support and motivation to succeed. I understand that making healthy changes is often difficult, even complex, and without the direct, one-on-one support of a caring and knowledgeable coach and support team, continual setbacks can stand in the way of success. Believe me, the only failure is failure to participate. Be the best version of you – we look forward to getting you on-board the MAX’S or Maxine’s Challenge. What are you waiting for?

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This awesome MAX’S formula is ideal for beginner, intermediate and advanced level trainers who are striving to pack on lean, defined muscle mass. MAX’S SuperWhey combines the highest quality Hydrolysed WPI for fastest protein absorption, Whey Protein Isolate for maximum bio-availability and the sustained muscle building benefits of Whey Protein Concentrate for maximum gains. MAX’S SuperWhey can be taken at any time during the day to help build more muscle, and is also ideal to take immediately after hard training or sport to maximise whole body recovery. MAX’S SuperWhey is ideal for serious and recreational bodybuilders and strength athletes, as well as hard training athletes who need to build and maintain muscle and strength for sports including rugby, AFL, basketball, soccer, martial arts, track & field.

Jason Bednarz Champion Nabba Bodybuilder


top 10 fat burning foods Complement your hard work in the gym with a diet that’s low in fat and high in protein. By including the following 10 foods, you’ll be looking lean in no time at all. by paul kirkham, BSc

a few food basics

• • • • • •

Eat six small meals per day to fire up your metabolism Cut back on your carb intake but don’t reduce all together Eat your carbs earlier in your day


egg whiTes

Egg whites are nature’s perfect protein. They are easy to get, easy to cook and easy to eat. Whole eggs have always been regarded as a fantastic protein source. One standard-sized egg contains about six grams of protein. Unfortunately each egg also contains about five grams of fat, so if you eat a lot of whole eggs you get lots of good protein but also a fair amount of fat. The best way to overcome this is to ditch most or all of the yolks which contain the fats, and keep the whites. Each egg white contains around 3.5-4 grams of protein with virtually no fat or carbs – a fantastic protein source for building lean muscle. Egg whites on their own can be pretty bland so when cooking, spice them up with other ingredients. Try egg white omelettes with sautéed tomatoes and mushroom and

egg facTs Per 1 egg whiTe

Per 1 whole egg


4 grams

6 grams


0 grams

4 grams


0 grams

0 grams

68 kilojoules

263 kilojoules

Increase your protein intake Consume lots of fibrous vegies Drink plenty of water


16 // MMn //

serve with avocado and cracked pepper. Some trainers keep one or two yolks and combine with six-to-eight whites for a great protein serve. Separating your whites from the yolks can be a bit tricky but as you get used to it you will find it easier.



he MAX’S Muscle-Up Challenge and the Maxine’s Shape-Up Challenge are upon us again. And as most of you know, the key to realising the body you always wanted is through diet and exercise. There are no secret exercises that will melt fat away and build masses of lean muscle, and there is no miracle food extract that will burn off extra kilos of stubborn belly fat. But there are many foods that can actually help you burn kilojoules. And as a bonus these foods are generally really healthy choices.

Egg whites are packed full of protein which you need to build lean muscle.

broccoli is an excellent source of fibre making it quite filling for anyone who is watching their kilojoules. broccoli facTs Per 45g serve

Per 100g


2 grams

4 grams


0 grams

0 grams

0.5 grams

1 gram

50 kilojoules

104 kilojoules




Broccoli is a zero fat vegetable and an excellent source of fibre, making it quite filling for anyone who is watching their kilojoules. Broccoli is high in potassium (essential to support muscle growth) and it contains magnesium and calcium which are important minerals that help regulate muscle contraction. The most interesting compound in broccoli for weight trainers is indole-3-carbinol, a powerful antioxidant that is converted by your body to another compound called Diindoylmethane (DIM). DIM helps regulate the way your body metabolises testosterone. In fact, DIM keeps testosterone more active for longer and prevents it from aromatising to compounds that are counter-productive to muscle growth. So the message here is clear – broccoli can assist in muscle growth and keep you satisfied and healthy.




Add a serve of broccoli to your next meal to help keep you full and assist with muscle growth.



When it comes to getting lean, oats are the number one carbohydrate to add to your diet. Why? The soluble fibre in oats forms a gel in your stomach causing you to feel full longer. This also ensures the carb content of oats is released slowly into your system for sustained energy while keeping your insulin levels stable. Soluble fibre also keeps your gut healthy. Even if you are dieting to get lean you shouldn’t totally cut

oaTs facTs Per cuP (dry) 60g

Per 100g


22 grams

34 grams


0 grams

8 grams


0 grams

35 grams

950 kilojoules

1450 kilojoules


carbs from your diet. Oats are one of the best energy foods for helping you power through tough workouts. Oats are a great source of many other nutrients needed for a well-balanced diet and a strong immune system. They contain phytochemicals that help reduce cholesterol and have been shown to help protect against breast and prostate cancer. Oats are also an excellent source of essential vitamins including biotin, folic acid, thiamine and vitamin E, as well as elements including iron and zinc. These nutrients and all the other nutritional elements found in oats have the capability to increase the speed of your body’s response to infection and make you heal faster in case of any illness. Oats are best eaten earlier in your day, ideally for breakfast. For a great bodybuilding breakfast, mix your favourite MAX’S protein in with your oats. // MMn // 17

Per 200g filleT

Per 100g


42 grams

21 grams


20 grams

10 grams

1 gram

0.5 grams

1460 kilojoules

730 kilojoules

carbs energy



salMon facTs


chicken breasT

Lean chicken breast with the skin removed is one of the best sources of protein – especially for hard trainers who want to get lean. A 200 gram raw chicken breast contains about 45 grams of protein, virtually no carbs and only about 7 grams of fat. If your training goal is also to build lean muscle you must make sure you get enough protein every day. Two or three serves of chicken and vegetables per day will get you well on the way to getting enough protein to build muscle and also really help you lean up. Chicken breast is easy to cook. You can grill it, broil it in water to keep it moist, barbecue or slice it up and add to stir fries or casseroles. It’s also good value if you buy in bulk. Simply portion into batches and freeze. The best approach is to cook several meals worth at a time

18 // MMn //

Pair a grilled chicken breast with a fresh leafy salad for a healthy and satisfying meal.

and portion into containers that you can refrigerate or freeze. Season with lemon, garlic, cracked pepper and herbs. You can use a dash of olive oil when cooking but not too much. Serve with broccoli and other fibrous vegetables. High-protein, low-fat meat like chicken breast is an excellent fat burner because it requires a lot of energy to digest. Including these types of energy burning or ‘thermogenic’ foods in your diet will really help you lean up.

chicken breasT facTs Per 200g breasT

Per 100g


43 grams

21.5 grams


3 grams

1.5 grams


0 grams

0 grams

850 kilojoules

425 kilojoules


Wild salmon is the best source of nutrients as it grows the way nature intended – its protein, fatty acids and Omega 3’s are well-suited to improving human health. Farmed salmon are often raised on an artificial diet which can reduce the nutritional benefits. Salmon is high in quality protein, calcium and iron, all of which promote muscle function and lean muscle growth. Salmon also stimulates your carbohydrate metabolism which lowers your blood sugar levels to help your fat stores reduce. Salmon is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These good fats improve blood circulation to help you train harder and improve mental focus. Salmon is also high in bioactive peptides, including calcitonin (usually produced by the human thyroid). Calcitonin helps regulate the body’s collagen levels and minerals in your bones which helps you to avoid injuries and recover faster. The Omega-3’s in salmon also provide an anti-inflammatory effect to reduce sore muscles and joints after workouts. Salmon is best grilled, barbecued or baked and can be served with a garden salad or steamed vegies for an excellent lean muscle building meal.




Per cuP of cooked rice 130g

Per 100g


4 grams

3 grams


2 grams

1.5 grams


41 grams

32 grams

830 kilojoules

640 kilojoules



apples are a low-sodium food which means they will help prevent excess water retention, allowing you to look leaner.

brown rice

There are lots of different types of rice but from a nutritional point of view brown rice is the best. Why? A whole grain of rice has several layers. Only the outermost layer, the hull, is removed to produce brown rice. Brown rice retains the outer germ layer and the bran that contains all of the vitamins, minerals and other plant nutrients that make it such a superfood. The bran content of brown rice is an excellent source of gamma oryzanol, a nutrient associated with elevating testosterone to stimulate anabolic growth. It is also a strong antioxidant and mood elevator. Brown rice is also a good source of manganese, and the minerals selenium and magnesium, all of which are required for optimum muscle function. It is a good source of vitamin B1, B3, and B6, phosphorus, iron, dietary fibre and essential fatty acids. A cup of brown rice with one or two of your daily meals will give you energy to power through tough workouts without adversely affecting your diet.


brown rice facTs



Apples are low in kilojoules and fat, low in sodium, a great source of vitamins and minerals as well as soluble and insoluble fibre. These can all help you to strip fat in different ways. The fibre helps you feel full longer because it expands in your stomach so it takes less food to satisfy your hunger. Apples are a low-sodium food which means they will help prevent excess water retention, allowing you to look leaner.

aPPle facTs Per MediuM aPPle 150g

Per 100g

0.5 grams

0.3 grams


0 grams

0 grams


15 grams

10 grams

285 kilojoules

205 kilojoules



It turns out the simple apple is a jewel when it comes to weight loss because you virtually burn more kilojoules eating and digesting your apple than the apple actually contains. There are even enzymes found in apples that can help your body digest other food more efficiently so an apple after your meal will help boost your overall nutrition. The fibre content of apples, known as pectin, also helps to regulate cholesterol absorption which is great for heart health. Pectin also helps control carbohydrate absorption which helps keep insulin levels stable resulting in less fat storage. Apples are a good source of vitamin C and are also great for dental health, neutralising mouth acids that can cause tooth decay. Have on-to-two apples per day with meals or as a snack between meals. // MMn // 19

lean red meat is also a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals including the important b group vitamins.



Berries is an all encompassing label for many different varieties of this power-packed little fruit. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries are just a few members of the berry family that offer fantastic benefits for any trainer whose goal is a lean, muscular physique. Let’s look at some of the key benefits you’ll get from including berries in your diet.


lean red MeaT

Lean cuts of red meat are still one of the best foods for building serious lean muscle. Lean red meat is high in quality protein while the right cuts are low in fat. Red meat is relatively slow to digest which means it gives you an even and sustained release of muscle-building amino acids for a number of hours after your meal. If you are a trainer with a leaner build who finds it hard to add muscle then make sure you include regular serves of red meat in your diet. Red meat is the best source of bioavailable iron you can get, which is essential for building new muscle protein. Iron is also very important for ensuring your blood maintains optimal oxygen carrying capacity to give you maximum energy for hard training. Lean red meat is also a natural source of essential

20 // MMn //


Blood sugar regulation –

vitamins and minerals including the important B group vitamins – niacin, vitamin B-6, and B-12, which is only found in animal foods. When choosing red meat look for leaner cuts. Lean beef or kangaroo are your best options. Trim all visible fat and grill or barbecue. There are some very lean cuts of pork and veal also available, so there is plenty of variety. A 200-to-250 gram steak will give you a great serving of muscle-building protein, and if you choose the right cut, will have minimal amounts of fat.

Lean red meat is high in protein and low in fat, which makes it one of the best foods for building serious muscle.

lean red MeaT facTs Per 200g sTeak

Per 100g


48 grams

24 grams


6.2 grams

3.1 grams

0 grams

0 grams

1040 kilojoules

520 kilojoules

carbs energy

Strawberries in particular have been shown to reduce blood sugar and insulin levels after meals. Scientists believe that a key antioxidant in strawberries blocks the activity of an enzyme responsible for breaking starch into simple sugar, which means fewer simple sugars are released into the blood stream, lowering the blood sugar and the corresponding insulin response. This is key for weight control because insulin shuttles excess sugar into fat cells.

Metabolism boosters –

Raspberries have been shown to contain a natural substance which is similar to capsaicin, the compound that gives hot peppers their fire. Animal studies have found that raspberries boost overall metabolism which helped prevent an increase in overall body fat and visceral fat, the deep internal belly fat considered to be most dangerous due to its relationship to an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. In one animal study, rats that consumed two per cent of their diet as blueberries had dramatic results after 90 days – significantly less belly fat, lower blood fats, lower cholesterol, and improved blood sugar and insulin levels. Fibre – Berries are a rich source

berry facTs

Some berries are higher in carbohydrates than others. Below are some berries to compare:


These 10 foods or food groups will get you well on the way to attaining a leaner, more muscular body. build them into your nutrition plan every day.

of fibre, another key factor in weight control. Research has found that for every gram of fibre we eat, we eliminate seven calories, so consuming the recommended 25-to-35 grams daily could cancel out nearly 300 calories, enough to result in a 14kg weight loss in one year’s time. Raspberries in particular have the best ratio of carbohydrate to fibre. Of their 15 grams of carbohydrates per cup, eight are fibre. That’s over 30 per cent of the recommended intake. Antioxidants – Berries are potent sources of antioxidants that essentially act like little bodyguards protecting cells from damage, which can lead to premature aging and disease. But antioxidants are also linked to weight control. Some exciting new research from the University of Florida found that people who consume more antioxidants weigh less, even when they don’t eat fewer calories. Look for berries that are fresh, firm and haven’t been damaged in transport. In general, the brighter the colour the better they are for you. Wash your berries before eating and for a bit of variety, mix them with a tablespoon of non-fat unsweetened yoghurt.


Per 100g of blueberries

Per 100g of sTrawberries


0.6 grams

0.7 gram


0.1 grams

0.2 gram


11 grams

4 grams

218 kilojoules

110 kilojoules



Like berries, salad is a catch-all term for any number of vegetable and dressing concoctions. Salads are a great accompaniment to your protein serves. However when it comes to getting lean what you need to know is that there are good salads and there are bad salads. Let’s look at bad salads first. Anything that uses lots of starchy vegetables like potatoes, pumpkins, beans, corn, peas or chickpeas will be high in carbohydrates and should be avoided. These include most potato salads, bean salads and chickpea salads. Any salad that has a rich creamy dressing like coleslaw, potato salad or salads with ranch dressing and cheesebased dressings should be

salad nuTriTion facTs

Because salad can contain many different ingredients we haven’t listed a nutrition panel. However, using the ingredients detailed above will yield a salad low in carbohydrates and fat while high in fibre.

avoided. Salad bars are always a bit of a trap so be careful. So what about good salads? You want your salad to be made from fibrous and leafy vegetables. Good salad vegetables include lettuce of all types, tomatoes, capsicum, onion, cucumber, radishes, sprouts, zucchini, snow peas, green beans – you get the idea! As far as dressings go, there are plenty of low fat options available in your local supermarket but the best standby is a dash of olive oil and a dash of balsamic vinegar. A squeeze of lemon juice is also a great option. The amount of good salad you can eat is almost unlimited because it is very low in kilojoules so you can fill up and not feel guilty. The other good news is all these vegetables are chock-full of fantastic nutrients and fibre which will not only get you lean but make you really healthy. Opt for fresh vegies and prepare your salads fresh each day if possible. // MMn // 21

MAxiNe’s feAture Athlete

All star achiever Meet Kristie-Anne Ryder – martial arts expert and debutant bodybuilder. photography Helen BeacH

22 // MMN //

As long as i can remember i’ve been into sport, but my particular love is martial arts.


y name is KristieAnne Ryder and I am 22 years old. As long as I can remember I’ve been into sport, but my particular love is martial arts. I started judo 12 years ago at the age of 10. In my judo career I have competed in multiple “A Grade” International tournaments, three Junior World Championships and by age 18, I was Oceania Junior and Senior Champion and the youngest qualifier for judo at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In 2009 I sustained an injury which forced me, reluctantly, to take some much-needed time off. I have competed in a handful of Australian competitions since then but more recently I have discovered the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). On 31 October 2012, I made my debut into the MMA arena representing Brisbane’s Gamebred gym at HaMMA Arena’s first ever female 12 week challenge. The money raised from our training, as well

as door sales, went towards The Kim Walters Choices Program, supporting women with breast cancer and their families. I won my fight in under 40 seconds in the first round with a take down and arm bar. The fight was exciting, but I got so much out of the 12 week challenge, including the opportunity to train and compete alongside some truly courageous women and to help raise money and awareness for a valuable cause by doing something I love. Last year I also competed in my first INBA competition, competing in both Figure International and Physique Novice. I have learnt so much from the amazing team I have around me with respect to conditioning, diet and the comprehensive preparation that is required to be competitive in this discipline. This year I am looking forward to working harder for bigger and better things in both bodybuilding and MMA.


Living the dream Pro bodybuilder Luke Schembri recaps his career so far‌ photography Daniel Repeti

24 // MMN //


i everyone, my name is Luke Schembri and I have been lucky enough to be a sponsored athlete with MAX’S since 2006. I began training with weights back in high school with my rugby league team. Back then I was a very different looking person to what I am today, tipping the scales at a whopping 67kgs! Although we were in the gym to train with weights and become better footballers I had my eye set on other prizes; being able to bench press more than my mates and putting on a few extra kilos of muscle to hopefully get more chicks … or back then it was to get ANY chicks full stop! Over the next few years I succeeded at both of my goals and in 2003 I decided to have a go at my first bodybuilding show. After dieting for 16 weeks without any real idea, I stepped on stage and won my first bodybuilding show – the ANB Junior Sydney. After dieting so strictly for 16 weeks I didn’t even make it out of the auditorium before I spent over $25 in the vending machine on chocolate and chips. This food binge continued for the next 48 hours without any rest; I was even waking up every few hours to make sure I wasn’t missing out on stuffing my face with more sweets and chocolates! In 2005 I saw the IFBB poster for the Australian Titles with big Ronnie Coleman on it. I called my best mate straight away and said we both have to enter this show as we might get the chance to meet Ronnie himself. My diet for this year was far better than in 2003 and while I still had a lot to learn, I was eating a good amount of protein from whole foods and my MAX’S protein shakes. I thought I was looking pretty good until it came time for the weigh-in the day before the show. As I arrived Sam Pappas was taking off his pants to step on the scales and I got my first look at his legs, or more specifically, his hamstrings. Instantly I knew it was all over and I was there just to

“I did get to meet Ronnie and even got a photo with him.” make up the numbers, Sam’s legs were insane. Sam was a MAX’S sponsored athlete and I thought to myself, ‘that could be the secret!’. I had a blast at this show and I did get to meet Ronnie and even got a photo with him, so all in all I was happy. I came fifth in my division and my eating binge lasted well into the following weeks and months. In 2006 I had the honour of working with IFBB pro Luke Wood and again I stepped up to the IFBB Nationals in the Under 90’s division. This time there was only two competitors: MAX’S Queensland sales manager Dale Ellis and I. We battled it out in one of the toughest and most enjoyable shows I have ever competed in, and although Dale won I walked off stage 100 per cent happy with my efforts and the results. After this show I became a MAX’S sponsored athlete, one of my dreams since I first started using their protein shakes back in 2000. In 2007 I entered the IFBB Heavyweight division with no real expectations. The line-up was stacked and I didn’t think

Luke Schembri has continued to hone his pre-comp routine over the years, and the results just keep getting better.

I had any chance. But I made it to the top three! When they read out the places I thought for sure I’d come third. When my name wasn’t called I was confused, surely I hadn’t made second place? But again they didn’t call me out as second – surely not? I couldn’t believe it… I had achieved the impossible in my own eyes and won! It was one of the happiest moments in my bodybuilding career and really motivated me to go after better things. In 2008 I won the Heavyweight division again and it was another special win in my hometown of Sydney. After taking 2009 off I decided it was time to enter one of the elite shows that were sprouting up around the country. The format for most of these shows was very similar, requiring an Australian title win before you were eligible to enter. For me this seemed like a natural progression from the national titles and was the next step up. The Country Classic Invitational was the first show I entered, and I placed second although in reality I was lucky. // MMN // 25

I plan on giving it my all with great sponsors like MAX’S behind me.

The show was an important learning curve: it taught me that being lazy in my contest prep at this level will result in getting my butt kicked, which is exactly what happened. The other lesson was that if you’re not in shape by the final week of your contest prep then no amount of last minute ‘tricks’ are going to help (and in fact they will probably backfire and make you look worse which is what happened to me). The next year I decided to have a go at the Saltwater Classic in Darwin. I knew it was going to be tough so my prep was very close to 100 per cent. I was a bit unsure what route to take in the final week in terms of carb loading and when to cut water and sodium and unfortunately I made a few errors. In saying that I was up against my toughest competition to-date and these guys were looking jacked on the day. I came third and although I was a bit disappointed, deep down I knew that finally I had figured out what works for my body (and what doesn’t). Fast forward to the end of 2012 and the start of my prep for the Aussie Pro Qualifier. I’d spent 26 // MMN //

my off-season gaining some more muscle and working on my balance. From the start of my prep I knew without a doubt what I needed to do to be my best. I was happy to punish myself with my cardio, diet and weights training and my biggest competition was me against myself. I had no idea how I would stack up against some of the top bodybuilders in the country so I just blocked them out and concentrated on being the best I could be. This really worked well for me and although it was the toughest prep I’d done, it was also the smoothest and most worry-free. I had nothing to lose. It worked, and I was lucky enough to win the Pro Qualifier. It really was the greatest surprise of my life and now, a few months later, it still hasn’t sunk in yet. Stepping on stage an hour later against the likes of Dexter Jackson, Tony Freeman, Ivan Sadek and Luke Timms at the Australian Pro show was like a dream and one I will always remember. The day after the show I thought long and hard about what to do next and whether I

Luke has developed a world class physique and is now an IFBB Pro.

had what it takes to compete as a pro again. Becoming a professional bodybuilder is like starting at the bottom of the pile again, and I won’t lie, at first it was a bit disheartening to see just how good some of the current pro bodybuilders are. However, over the following weeks I realised what an honour it is to represent Australia on the world stage so I am excited and determined to do it in 2014. I feel like I am living in a dream and I don’t want to wake up one day and wish I had of done more with this awesome opportunity. So I plan on giving it my all and with great sponsors like MAX’S behind me, I feel confident I can make the most it.

get INSANe PUMP WItH THe ULTIMATE CReATINE COMPLEX 8 Creatine Hybrids for Awesome Results If you’ve tried Creatine and got good results – well you’ll get awesome results with MAX’S Cre8 Carnage. If you haven’t tried Creatine – why not? It’s one of the fastest and surest ways to pack on slabs of new muscle – and it’s actually legal! MAX’S Cre8 Carnage combines 8 different Creatines into one cutting edge formula. You get a fast then sustained release of Creatine to help keep you pushing hard in every rep, of every set, of every workout. With added Beta Alanine to buffer acid build up, and AAKG for a super pump, MAX’S Cre8 Carnage will force your muscles into the growth zone like never before. MAX’S Cre8 Carnage can be used by any serious trainer who wants to take their training and gains to the next level.

• Concentrated Formula • 8 Creatine Hybrids • AAKG for intense Pumps • Beta Alanine to buffer

Lactic Acid • No sugars, carbs or fillers


28 // MMN //

latest research We summarise cutting-edge scientific news to help you lose weight and gain size. by paul kirkham, BSc

With the increasing popularity of dairy-free and low-carb diets (e.g. the Paleo diet) and the growing fear of coronary artery blockages, dietary calcium (Ca2+) intakes are decreasing. Low calcium intakes not only have implications for bone health – recent evidence has indicated Ca2+ may regulate body fat content, and increased Ca2+ intakes may actually enhance fat loss when combined with moderate energy restriction (Zemel et al. 2005). It is interesting to note that a number of studies are now illustrating the fact that high milk intakes seem to have certain abdominal anti-obesity effects regardless of the individual’s physical activity (Abreu et al. 2013). Reports have also indicated an inverse association between frequency of milk consumption and body mass in children (Barba et al. 2005). Such evidence clearly highlights the influence of dietary calcium Ca2+ intake on body fat content. It sounds a bit counter intuitive but mixing milk with your protein shakes may actually help you get more ripped! Source: Sports Nutrition Insider

Mixing milk with your protein shakes may actually help you get more ripped!


CalCIuM INtakE ProMotES Fat loSS

ChoColatE For WEIght loSS?

One of the key reasons people fail on diets is you have to give up lots of the things you love to eat. Many people think they must give up luxuries like chocolate but research is now telling us that the right quantity and type of chocolate will in fact help you stay on that diet. Chocolate, or more specifically cocoa, has a host of amazing benefits including: • Increased insulin sensitivity – to better metabolise carbohydrates • High antioxidant activity of the polyphenols and flavonoids • Lowered blood pressure • Positive effect on mood • Appetite control • Improved blood flow – increased vasodilation of blood vessels (helps you train harder!) • Improved cholesterol levels // MMN // 29

Research shows it’s the higher cocoa levels that are best, so dark chocolate is the go. And it’s the special plant chemicals called polyphenols and flavonoids that give cocoa these benefits. Milk chocolate contains relatively low levels of cocoa and high levels of fat and sugar. Dark chocolate is a great source of healthy fats that stimulate healthy hormone balance which help build and maintain lean muscle while burning fat. It is also a rich source of vitamins A, B1, B2 and E. Studies also reveal that cocoa increases enzymatic activity in your stomach which supports improved utilisation of fat and carbohydrates to help get you leaner, but there is a catch… Moderation is the key to chocolate’s benefits. Too much dark chocolate has too many kilojoules and you’ll put on excess kilograms if you overindulge. Look for high cocoa chocolate, at least 70 per cent cocoa, and try three or four squares about half an hour before training to boost your metabolism and increase blood flow and muscle pump. 30 // MMN //

Left: Eat threeto-four squares of dark chocolate before training to boost blood flow and muscle pump Right: The average person consumes peptides every time they eat or drink a proteinrich food, like nuts.

The mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) is now recognised as the major signalling pathway to stimulate muscle growth. This pathway can be stimulated either mechanically, usually by overloading your muscles with resistance training, or through nutrition with compounds that act directly on this pathway. Branched Chain Amino Acids, particularly L-Leucine, have been shown to stimulate this pathway so offer a great synergy when used with heavy resistance training. Phospholipids are a group of compounds that are also known to exhibit signalling characteristics. Phospholipids occur naturally in many foods and make up a major part of your cell walls. A recent study investigated the affect on mTOR using oral administration of Phosphatidic Acid. Sixteen resistance-trained men were randomly assigned to a group that consumed 750mg of Phosphatidic Acid or placebo over an eight week training cycle. During each testing session subjects were assessed for strength (one repetition maximum [1-RM] bench press and squat) and body composition. Muscle thickness was also measured in the

vastus lateralis of the subject’s dominant leg. Subjects ingesting Phosphatidic Acid demonstrated a 12.7 per cent increase in squat strength and a 2.6 per cent increase in Lean Body Mass (LBM), while subjects consuming the placebo showed a 9.3 per cent improvement in squat strength and a 0.1 per cent change in LBM. Both are good results for strength gains however the Phosphatidic Acid group had a 37 per cent increase in strength gain over the placebo group. The really interesting result was Lean Body Mass increases. The Phosphatidic Acid group increased Lean Body Mass by a significant 2.6 per cent while the placebo group showed virtually no gain. This study clearly points to the benefit of stimulating the mTOR pathway with Phosphatidic Acid. Look for this interesting nutrient in some new MAX’S formulas shortly. Source: Hoffman et al. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2012, 9:47 • Low_Carbohydrate_Protein_ Supplement_Improves.1.aspx • nsca-jscr/Fulltext/2011/01000/ Effects_of_Age_on_Serum_ Hormone_Concentrations_ and.1.aspx



PhoSPhatIdIC aCId BooStS lEaN MuSClE & StrENgth


What’S thE dEal WIth PEPtIdES?

Australian athletes and sporting teams have recently been in the news for the tricky subject of doping. Some journalists have made a huge deal of it and many products including steroids, peptides and other supplements have been tarred with the doping brush. One of the biggest storms surrounds peptides and their alleged association with the Essendon Football Club. So what exactly are peptides, are they legal, do they actually work, and do they have side effects? As you may know, all proteins are made up of various amino acids joined together into long chains, sometimes hundreds of amino acids long. These long chains are known as polypeptides. Peptides are just smaller versions of polypeptides. In simple terms peptides are small proteins. They can be anything from two amino acids joined together to a chain of maybe 10 or 15. The interesting thing about peptides is that they can have a physiological affect

on your body. For example, Growth hormone (GH or HGH) is a longer peptide that helps regulate muscle and overall body growth, and insulin is another peptide that controls your sugar levels and the way your body stores nutrients. Because all proteins are made of peptides then you are consuming peptides every time you eat or drink a protein food. Meat, fish, eggs, milk, nuts, cheese, even vegetables, all these foods and many others contain peptides. In fact, we need these peptides every day for good health. The complication is that certain small peptides can affect your body as well. If peptides are eaten most of their benefits are lost because your digestive system breaks them down before they can be absorbed. There are some exceptions to this which we’ll look at in a moment. What some scientists have experimented with is bypassing the digestive system by injecting certain peptides directly into your body. To most people, injections are associated with medications

To most people, injections are associated with medications or drugs of some kind, so injectable peptides are really starting to blur the line as to what is a food and what is a drug – hence the intense media scrutiny.

or drugs of some kind, so injectable peptides are really starting to blur the line as to what is a food and what is a drug – hence the intense media scrutiny. While injectable peptides were not strictly illegal a few years ago, they are now falling into the banned category and are being viewed in the same light as anabolic steroids by sports testing agencies. Which brings us to the peptide at the centre of the controversy – GHRP6. GHRP is short for “Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide” and the “6” signifies that it basically consists of a string of six amino acids: L-Histidine; D-Tryptophan; L-Alanine;-LTryptophan; D-Phenylalananine; L-Lysine. It is a man-made peptide and was designed to stimulate the release of Growth hormone. Does it actually work? The short answer is yes, GHRP6 does stimulate an increase in Growth hormone. Studies indicate that GHRPs stimulate the release of Growth hormone by acting on pituitary gland receptors and specific binding sites in the hypothalamus. As you may know, Growth hormone has a number of beneficial effects including increased muscle mass and strength, fat loss, protection from agerelated degeneration and increased bone density. The main reported side effect of GHRP6 is increased hunger after administration because this peptide has a similar affect to the hormone Ghrelin, which is secreted naturally by your body to increase hunger and gastric emptying. The more sinister side of excessive Growth hormone is increased bone growth causing joint issues, tendon problems and increased cholesterol levels. These issues, along with the fact that it is illegal and effectively classed as cheating in sport, means it’s not a good option for trainers who have adopted the bodybuilding lifestyle for fitness and health. Source: Horm Res. 1996; 46 (4-5):155-9. // MMN // 31



A long hard look at himself in the mirror motivated Guillaume to sign up to the MAx’s Muscle-Up Challenge. And wow, look at him now! photography charlie suriano


32 // MMN //



t the beginning of 2011, I looked at myself in the mirror and felt disappointed in what I saw. Having not given any consideration to my body or fitness levels for some time, I felt that if I didn’t do something now, I would come to regret it down the track. In 2011, I went from weighing 91kgs to 79kgs, with a focus mainly on losing body fat. I wouldn’t say I was grossly overweight, but to me, not being able to wear most of my clothes and having to keep my suit jacket on during work hours, or focusing on loose items to hide the fat around my mid-section made me uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassed. The funny thing was I wouldn’t go out to buy clothes, because that also depressed me (how can you accept that you’re getting fatter, by justifying it with bigger items in your wardrobe?). Nonetheless, there was only so much you could hide with clothes. My double chin was a nightmare and I

My transformation changed my life. When I first set out I had absolutely no idea what I was going to achieve. All I knew was that I had a drive to succeed. // MMN // 33

the most difficult part of the Challenge was time management around nutrition. In the past, I ate what I wanted when I wanted, ordered pizza or take away when I was home late from work because it was convenient…learning how to cook was a big thing for me. never felt comfortable. I didn’t want to go out. I hated being photographed and my friends stopped inviting me anywhere on the basis I would always decline. I had lost confidence in all areas of my life. In my eyes this loss of confidence was unacceptable. Enough was enough. So in 2011, I stopped smoking and started eating a little healthier. My best friend and I established a challenge based on ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. I started running in the mornings before work and went to the gym and began eating salads, all day. My cousin further motivated me by encouraging me to join her for some charity runs. I had some good results and received compliments from friends and family. I even succeeded 34 // MMN //

in going to the beach for a couple of weeks in December, to celebrate. However, when this small challenge ended, I reverted straight back to my old patterns of eating pizza (amongst other things), drinking plenty of alcohol and having no respect for my body. In just a few months my weight was increasing and my clothes ‘shrinking’ as they stretched over my body. It wasn’t until I celebrated my 30th birthday I started thinking about a change in lifestyle. While watching MAX’S Muscle TV, I saw the 2011 MAX’S Challenge top 10 winners and their ‘before and after’ photos. I thought to myself, I’ve done this before, why can’t I do it again – this time as a complete change in lifestyle!

Low self-esteem meant Guillaume would avoid activities with friends, and outings in public. His transformation has changed all of that - now he can’t keep away from the gym!

What motivated me was the information provided on the MAX’S Challenge website. I’d never received and learnt the proper tools required to achieve long-lasting results. I went through the nutrition plan and realised they had recommended healthy, natural foods and made life so much easier by providing a shopping list. This immediately gave me the confidence and reassurance that I would succeed. I started the Challenge with a body fat percentage of 19.2 per cent, with the aim being to drop my body fat by as much as possible. Not only did I want my abs to be visible, I was looking for definition in my upper body as well. However, as I reached the end of week eight, I had lost all the fat I wanted to. My abs

were visible and I was satisfied. That’s when I re-assessed my goals. I took MAX’S advice and started to critique my photos. I then endeavoured to put on some muscle. The structure below all the excess fat was not what I expected, so I focused on areas that needed work, sculpting my body. The most difficult part of the Challenge was time management around nutrition. In the past, I ate what I wanted when I wanted, ordered pizza or take away when I was home late from work because it was convenient. With no prior knowledge or guidance in the kitchen, I found the hardest part of the Challenge was preparing my meals. Learning how to cook was a big thing for me. But having a nutritional plan to follow, including the shopping lists, certainly made a difference. I encountered other hurdles along the way, including a holiday to Hawaii about halfway through the Challenge. Most would agree that was a blessing, but little did I know. I packed all my proteins and gym gear, but didn’t realise how hard it would be to control my diet. My family had to put up with my difficult requests as we went from restaurant to restaurant. I would browse the menu out the front to determine whether they offered a suitable meal. If that wasn’t enough, I was forced to prep several protein shakes, almonds, and tins of tuna ahead of daily outings, just in case we found ourselves in an area without healthy alternatives. Having trained previously, I felt more comfortable separating my training into individual muscle groups. I was lucky enough to have a brother with several years’ gym experience, who wrote up a training program for me. Throughout the Challenge I also met many people who helped me in the gym and I utilised various techniques including the MAX’S forum. I started using exercises that worked well for me (including lunges and deadlifts). I also // MMN // 35

changed the structure, for example, separating legs and chest to get a better workout on the chest. The tips provided by MAX’S were very useful, such as incorporating a two second hold on flex which completely changed my training! I was so inspired at the beginning of the Challenge, I began to work with a personal trainer. When I explained my fat loss goals, he suggested a weekly CrossFit session which I’d never heard of before. This is what gave me such strong results initially. As my knowledge of supplements was somewhat limited, I took on recommendations provided by MAX’S and used SuperShred, Cre8 Carnage, and NiteTime Protein. SuperShred was taken with oats for breakfast, midmorning, and mid-afternoon/ post workout for 12 weeks; NiteTime Protein every night before bed throughout the entire Challenge and Creatine before gym workouts. Chocolate flavoured SuperShred was my favourite, not only did it taste great, it kicked my chocolate cravings and the results speak for themselves! My transformation changed my life. When I first set out I had absolutely no idea what I was going to achieve. All I knew was that I had a drive to succeed. I didn’t know what I’d look like or how much weight I’d lose, but it didn’t matter. I was going to follow through. I hated being so uncomfortable with my body. My transformation has completely blown me away. I didn’t know I could achieve those results in 12 weeks, I thought it would take me years. I’m officially in the best shape of my life and everyone seems to notice. I’ve also got a new mindset – I’m more positive, driven, energetic and anything is possible. Nowadays, I find myself going to the beach whenever the opportunity presents itself. I’m constantly approached for advice and I’m happy to help. No invitation is overlooked – 36 // MMN //

I’ve got my social life back! Today, I’m passionate about educating others on fitness and nutrition because I know what it’s like not to have that, and the impact it has on one’s life. I didn’t realise this at first, but throughout the Challenge, I started inspiring others. I had some friends following my blogs, but it really amplified via social media. When I started posting on Facebook, I had friends I hadn’t heard from in years contact me for advice. It allowed me the opportunity to rekindle various relationships and help those around me succeed in their own personal goals. The Challenge also brought me closer to work colleagues, with a mutual interest in fitness. We encouraged and learnt from each other to better ourselves. I had many colleagues approach me for fat loss advice, some changing their nutrition and others signing up at the gym for the first time. My meals were (and still are), assessed by colleagues in the work kitchen at lunchtime. We talk about different ideas, and I feel the office has generally taken a healthier approach to nutrition. Lastly, but certainly not least, my parents are so proud of what I’ve achieved. Not only because of the transformation, but because I now know how to look after myself nutritionally. When I left home my mother always worried about me with regards to diet – that I would be malnourished. Today, she finally has peace of mind and I’m probably eating better than her! Irrespective of the results you’re after, the Challenge will provide you with an opportunity to make yourself accountable to your goals. All the tools and tips are there, you just need to follow the instructions. You must also remember to be patient as results won’t come overnight. But when they do, it will provide you with all the motivation you need to succeed. MAX’S have put together a nutritional plan based on the simple science of the body. Follow the nutritional plan above all else. You will not only lose the

Guillaume’s efforts throughout the Challenge inspired those around him, and he’s now a fountain of knowledge on all things health and fitness.

fat, you’ll start feeling healthier and this will allow your body to push past your limitations. Above all, remember to have fun and enjoy the journey. Capture and critique as many photos of yourself as possible and of course, blog, blog, blog! I found chronicling my journey provided me with so much motivation, as it is a continuous positive reinforcement. Finally, I’d refer you to my ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, this is what I achieved in 12 weeks! What have you got to lose?

Four steps to serIous shoulders To the right is the workout I used hroughout the Challenge to build up my shoulders. I was fortunate enough to have my brother help set up most of my training programs. He has many years experience and it really paid off. One of the things I believe is really important is to warm up properly. Do some cardio for 10 minutes to get the blood pumping, then start off on relatively light weights and high reps for your first few sets. Once your muscles and joints are warmed up then start upping the weights.

duMbbell lAterAl rAIses

4 sets x 8–12 reps This is a great one for building shoulder width and shape. If you do this exercise properly you don’t need heavy weights. This is a good exercise to do standing but can also be done seated. I keep my arms with a slight bend at the elbow and raise the dumbbells to about ear height. I then briefly hold the weight then lower under control. I also focus on keeping my elbows high. A good tip is to think about tipping the dumbbells slightly forward, like you are pouring water out of a glass – this will really hit the delts to the maximum and get a great burn. Like I said, if you do this right you don’t need to go heavy.

It’s really important to warm up properly. do some cardio for 10 minutes to get the blood pumping, then start off on relatively light weights and high reps for your first few sets. stANdINg duMbbell press

4 sets x 8–12 reps Most trainers do dumbbell presses seated, but for variety I like to do these presses standing. It gives a bit of a different feel and also strengthens your lower back, but don’t go too heavy too soon. Start with lighter weights and increase on each set. I don’t lock out my knees, I keep a slight bend to cushion the weight as it comes down and I straighten up my knees a little as the weight goes up. This is a bit of a cheat move but I find it effective. A good variation is to press up one side at a time, alternating from side to side. I aim for around 8 – 12 reps. // MMN // 37

duMbbell reAr delt rAIses

4 sets x 8–12 reps Once again, I don’t go too heavy on this exercise as I prefer to concentrate on form and controlled movement. This exercise can be performed seated or standing. When performing standing, bend forward but you don’t need to bend too far to feel it hit your rear delts. Concentrate on getting your elbows high and aim for a real burn in the muscles.

Concentrate on getting your elbows high and aim for a real burn in the muscles.

duMbbell shrugs

3 sets x 10–15 reps Start with a reasonable weight and work up in each progressive set. Don’t fall into the trap of going too heavy as you will lose the effectiveness of the movement. I always prefer to concentrate on form. Start with about 75 per cent of your maximum weight, dumbbells hanging by your sides. Keep your arms relatively straight and raise your shoulders towards your ears as far as possible, then rotate in a circular motion. You can alternate clockwise and counter clockwise in each set. Keep the movement slow and controlled for each rep and you should build a good pump. 38 // MMN //


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Glory days

A desire to return to his previously fit state after a knee reconstruction was the motivation Andrew McGree needed to sign up to the MAx’s Muscle-Up Challenge. photography charlie suriano


bout four months prior to the MAX’s Muscle-Up Challenge in 2012, regaining my fitness had become a major priority. I had competed in a couple of fun runs, but when two friends told me about the Challenge on the same day, it seemed like the perfect motivational tool to step up my training and achieve further consistency. After reading MAX’s magazine at my gym and having seen the results of the previous top 10 Challengers, I went home, put together my fitness plan and went shopping with a MAX’s meal plan in hand. I signed up for the Challenge the very next day. I hadn’t thought a lot about my individual goals prior to the Challenge, but I knew I wanted to lose some body fat. My primary aim however was to return to my previous fitness levels. It was also important to gain 100 per cent strength and confidence in my knee, following an ACL

40 // MMN //



I’ve always trained at a high intensity and love punishing myself, so as challenging as the training was, I didn’t find it tough.

reconstruction. Through consistent training, I’m pleased to say I achieved this goal. The Challenge also taught me an incredible amount about nutrition and supplements and how to use them to obtain the best results. I now understand how to balance meals. I have discovered a range of new foods and recipes to keep my diet interesting and have learnt to minimise my intake of foods with low nutritional value. It wasn’t easy in the first two weeks of the Challenge, where I must have walked to the pantry over a hundred times, looking for something to snack on. But I’m proud to say I did not deviate from the plan and

thankfully, walked away empty handed every time. I used Chocolate SuperShred throughout the Challenge, along with the Cut Carb bars for snacks and Cre8 Carnage for the final month. I’ve continued to use MAX’s products today, in recipes such as protein muffins, bars and ice cream. With regard to training, I thought the programs provided were great, very effective and easy to follow, but eventually designed my own training program throughout the Challenge. I’ve always trained at a high intensity and love punishing myself, so as challenging as the training was, I didn’t find it tough.

The Challenge also taught me an incredible amount about nutrition and supplements and how to use them to obtain the best results. I now understand how to balance meals.

Whilst Andrew has been very fit at various stages of his life, he’s never had the shredded physique he developed during the Challenge. And those abs are here to stay!

42 // MMN //

Andrew’s transformation has inspired many around him, and now he’s helping family and friends achieve their own health and fitness goals.

Getting to the gym to begin with was the hardest element and the Challenge provided the motivation to ensure that happened. I’m very happy with the changes and am happiest to have a six pack – and a good one at that! Whilst I’ve been very fit at stages throughout my life, I’d previously never paid attention to nutrition and so never had a six pack. I am continuing to track my training and ensure I maintain the consistency I had during the Challenge. I have been using lessons learned from the Challenge to help educate friends and family who are interested in a healthier lifestyle. A number of people asked for advice, about making dramatic transformations,

whilst I was doing the Challenge. I always direct them to the information still available for download on the Challenge website. What’s great is that it’s free and there for anyone and everyone to use. For anyone thinking of entering the Challenge in 2013, the advice I would give you is to set SMART (Specific / Measurable / Achievable / Relevant / Time-Based) goals and constantly re-evaluate those goals. Plan and prepare everything you do (particularly your meals in advance) and ensure you seek as much as advice as you can, on all aspects of the program. Most important of all though, is dedication and consistency. Do that and you will definitely get the results you’re after!

Getting to the gym was one of the biggest obstacles for Andrew, but his commitment to the Challenge ensured he spent plenty of time working out. // MMN // 43

building my six pack

Here are two of my favourite ab exercises to build my six pack. CAble CruNChes

3 sets x 15–25 reps Cable crunches work on abs and it’s important to take your time and perform these properly. Taking in the entire abdominal region, this is a great exercise for developing the six pack so many of us dream about. The Cable Crunch should be a stable in everyone’s fitness development. The hip flexor will also be affected and you will feel the burn throughout your lower abs as well.

tips to remember

1 2 3 4 5

This exercise works best when done slowly with perfect form. Your buttocks should stay touching your heels at all times.

OblIque sIDe beND wITh DuMbbells

3 sets x 15–25 reps If you’re looking for the complete package then having sculpted obliques will give you the kind of definition in your six pack that’s sure to turn heads. The obliques are located at the sides of your abs. The problem is that oblique exercises involve the twisting of your torso and it’s too easy to perform these exercises incorrectly. By not performing the moves with proper form you are risking injury and sacrificing results. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and lean to the left, feeling a good stretch whilst holding the weight firmly overhead. Contract the side of your abdomen and return to an upright posture. Perform 15-25 reps before switching sides/hands, and repeat. When performing side bends, really focus on a strong contraction to lift the weight. Remember, the abdominals are lifting the dumbbell. Your arm is simply holding it. At first you may not be able to feel the obliques, but with time and practice, your mindmuscle connection will improve. 44 // MMN //

Focus on crunching the abs in, not pivoting at the hips.

As you increase weight it may be more comfortable to rest the rope on your shoulders. Don’t choose a weight so heavy that your lower back handles most of the resistance. 

FUel YOur BOhDtyHE WiT RiGhT Whey pure Whey Protein Isolate PROTEIN



90% 1% 0.7% Our most popular lean muscle gain formula! MAX’S Bioengineered Whey Protein Isolate is pure, 100% WPI. It contains a blend of two forms of WPI which has been shown in studies to significantly increase muscle strength and accelerate muscle recovery. MAX’S Bioengineered WPI is suitable for trainers at all levels who want a high quality protein to build lean muscle including competitive and recreational bodybuilders; strength athletes; football, rugby, soccer and basketball players; track and field athletes; etc. It is also ideal for experienced trainers who want to build and maintain muscle size and strength without adding fat.



Ashley Marshall’s unwavering commitment to the MAx’s Muscle‑Up Challenge in 2012 saw him reap great rewards – finishing third overall! Here’s how he did it… photography CHARLIE SURIANO




fter telling everyone I was ‘bulking’ and consequently blowing out to 118kg, I saw a photo of myself and realised I was only fooling myself. I knew if I didn’t make a change I was going to have some serious health problems. It was Adam Gee’s dramatic 12 week transformation in the 2011 MAx’s Muscle‑Up Challenge that showed me what was possible and prompted me to get involved in 2012. Adam is an old school friend of mine, and though we haven’t been in touch, his results inspired me. For me, it was all about removing the layers of fat and seeing how much muscle I actually had hidden away. 12 weeks can be a long time, but the training program was easy to follow and all the information you needed was outlined for you. That’s not to say it wasn’t without its challenges. My discipline was tested. I needed to prepare and plan smaller meals each day and sticking to the diet was difficult, especially when


46 // MMN //


pRoDuct uSED


SuperWhey + NiteTime Protein


SuperShred + NiteTime Protein



For me, it was all about removing the layers of fat and seeing how much muscle I actually had hidden away. attending family get togethers or birthday parties. However, by far, the hardest part was during week nine, when my six‑month‑old baby boy, Lachlan, was hospitalised with gastroenteritis. I nearly gave up, but I hung in there and finishing the Challenge in third place was, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. With the weight gone, I am absolutely over the moon with my transformation. Not only am I regularly asked about tips on training, nutrition and 48 // MMN //

supplements, but I feel by living a healthier and more active lifestyle, I am not only a positive role model for my kids, but an inspiration to my friends and family who want to make positive changes in their own lives. Being announced as second runner‑up and receiving a MAx’s sponsorship was a life changing moment for me, so my advice to anyone thinking of entering the 2013 Challenge is why not do it? What have you got to lose? 12 weeks is not a long time and you can

make huge changes in your appearance and mindset. Listen to Fred, use the training tips and nutrition plan and use MAx’s products. Get involved in the discussion forums and blog regularly so people can follow your progress. The feeling of finishing the Challenge and changing your appearance is priceless. I can’t wait to be a part of the 2013 MAx’s Challenge, as an ambassador, and would urge anyone thinking about taking this awesome Challenge on to just do it. It will change your life!

Ashley nearly gave up on the Challenge when his son fell seriously ill but he stuck at it and his persistence was rewarded.


By living a healthier lifestyle I am not only a positive role model for my kids, but an inspiration to my friends and family who want to make positive changes in their own lives.


Serves 1

½ cup of oats 1 cup egg whites 1 egg 1 scoop of SuperShred (chocolate) 1 tbsp LSA mix

1 Mix ingredients together

and cook in a frypan sprayed with oil. 2 Serve with natural yoghurt and blueberries. // MMN // 49

my chest chiseling tips cHESt INcLINE BARBELL pRESS

3–4 sets x 8–12 reps Set the incline bench at about 35 degrees. Your feet should be flat on the floor giving you a good, sturdy base. Arch your back slightly during this lift. Take hold of the bar with a medium-wide grip. When you have the bar off the rack, do not start down immediately with it. Raise the bar off the rack and hold it right above your head, arms locked, for just a second or two and get oriented. Start down with the weight slowly; touch the muscles directly underneath the point that the clavicles meet (basically the upper chest). Pause for a brief moment so you don’t bounce the weight off your chest, then press it back up to the top position, exhaling on the way up. Do not touch the nipple area, this is way too low. Bar placement should be as stated, even going an inch too low takes the emphasis off the target area. Keep your wrists straight and your elbows beneath your wrists with your arms tucked at a 45-degree angle. Alternatives: Flat Bench Press and Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly’s

push-ups look easy, but like any other exercise technique is key. they are a great starter as you are literally pushing your own body weight. cHESt puSH-upS

3–4 sets x 15–25 reps Push-ups look easy, but like any other exercise technique is key. They are a great starter as you are literally pushing your own body weight. Bad push-up technique is common, and unfortunately it can cause shoulder and/or lower back injuries. Here’s how to perform push-ups correctly. Hand position: Don’t take your hands out too wide. Put your hands slightly wider than shoulderwidth. Hands should be turned out 45 degrees. Tuck your elbows: This is easier on your shoulders. Keep your elbows at a 45 degree angle to your body during push-ups. 50 // MMN //

Push your abs out: There should be a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Push your abs out as if someone was going to punch you in the stomach. Squeeze your glutes: Push your abs out while squeezing your glutes hard. Both will avoid any hyperextension of your lower back. Tuck your chin: Lead with your chest, not with your head. Your neck must stay in-line with the rest of your spine. Don’t look forward.





40% 48% 1.8% Premium Technology Weight Gainer So you’re a serious trainer and want to get scary big and massively strong. This new generation weight and mass gain formula is designed to get you there. The secret is the advanced lipid system, a special combination of essential fatty acids that protect muscles from catabolic breakdown after intense workouts. Combined with fast acting WPI and carbohydrate blend and you get a formula that gives unparalleled size, strength and weight gains. Mass Gainer Pro Xtreme is ideal for competition bodybuilders for off season mass building and other elite power and strength athletes (weight lifters, power lifters) where size, strength and power are a major focus. It is also ideal for athletes who require size, strength and power for their sports such as Rugby and AFL players.



52 // MMN //

On a mission to inspire Police officer Peter Venz got a taste of the MAX’S Challenge in 2011 and came back for more in 2012. Little did he know how much it would change his life. photography charlie suriano


originally entered the first MAX’S Muscle-Up Challenge in 2011 at 119kg, three weeks after my work colleague Connor McCormick (who went on to be a top ten finisher) achieved some great results. By the end of the 12 weeks in that first Challenge,



I was down to 102kg and to say the competition changed my life is an understatement. A light just switched on! On the Challenge I found 12 weeks of diet, nutrition and supplementation was exactly what I needed to kick-start a healthier me and change my habits for good. I maintained my weight throughout the year and entered the 2012 Challenge at a starting weight of 102kg. I came back in 2012 because I saw it as the perfect opportunity to do what the eventual 2011 winner John Delinac did – inspire thousands of people around Australia. Having turned 39 two days before the start of the competition, I set myself a goal to look better at 40 than I did at 30. Simple as that. The Challenge was just the motivation I needed to help me achieve this goal and I entered with my own five step program to success: planning; food preparation; training; nutrition and supplementation. // MMN // 53

Peter’s breakfast recIPes recIPe




Cup of oats Half a cup of frozen berries 2 eggs 2 scoops of chocolate whey protein

Soak all ingredients for an hour then make into pancakes. Put low fat yoghurt or low fat cottage cheese on top and some diet strawberry jam.


60 grams oats 40 grams frozen berries One scoop of chocolate protein

Add water to oats, put into microwave for two minutes, mix berries into the hot porridge, then shake up one inch of water with one scoop of chocolate protein, then pour over porridge. Tastes like a big Cherry Ripe!

hOt chOcOlate

Chocolate SuperShred

Hot boiled water with one scoop of Chocolate SuperShred. Yum!

“My three girls are so proud of me and my achievements. they often tell me how their friends talk about ‘how fit and how good your dad looks’.” As a police officer on shift work my job posed several obstacles, or as I prefer to call them, CHALLENGES! My training and diet routine was constantly thrown into disarray. One of the greatest challenges I faced was food preparation and planning, i.e. not being left hungry if I was on the run. I also needed to adjust my diet and supplementation to allow the protein shakes before and after training. So, while there had been a diet and nutrition plan written up that may have suited most trainers, I needed to adapt and overcome the challenge of my shifts. I am also a single dad with three teenage girls who live with me. My girls are 15, 16 and 18, so to shop and prepare food for them created a further challenge. I started with MAX’S SuperShred for the first four weeks, which led to a dramatic loss in weight. I then used MAX’S SuperWhey from weeks five to eight and returned to MAX’S SuperShred for the final four weeks. I always drink the chocolate. I just love the taste. 54 // MMN //

I was extremely happy with the end result. I found my six pack, which I hadn’t seen for about 15 years, by following the excellent ‘Get Ripped’ training program. This gave me focus and it was great to mix up my program and break the routine I was in. It completely shocked and transformed my body. I had to throw out every item of clothing I owned and buy new ones! It totally changed the way I see myself, my approach to training and diet and it has changed the way other people now see me, too. I now see myself as a role model after so many people came to me saying I had inspired them. I have continued with the diet, nutrition, and training principles I learnt throughout the Challenge and many people continue to ask me for my training and diet plans. Going forward I don’t want to let myself, or the people around me, down by ever falling back into old habits. My three girls are so proud of me and my achievements. They often tell me how their friends talk about “how fit and

MAX’S ‘Get Ripped’ training program gave Peter the focus he needed to really achieve results in the gym.

how good your dad looks”. They have also told me how proud they are to have me as their dad, and I cannot put into words how proud I am of that fact. It means the world to me. They now seek my advice and always ask me if certain foods are good to eat. They see me as a role model and we are all eating much healthier, so it really has changed the whole family. If you are about to enter the Challenge, commit to it 100 per cent. This is a marathon not a sprint. It is run over 12 weeks. Be patient, the results will come if you follow the online training and diet plans. Update your profile and log what you eat, every day. This keeps you focused and on track. Eat smaller portions with good quantity protein in each meal, every two and a half hours. Get your carbs from salads and fibrous vegetables, not starchy carbs. Cut out sugar in all forms. Don’t give in to temptation. And remember, “nothing tastes as good as being ripped”. If you are thinking of doing the next Challenge I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Just do it!

tilmeease re protein Slow Release Protein for Lean Muscle Gain If you’re a hard gainer, building lean muscle can be really tough. Your body needs proteins that will digest and absorb slow enough to give your muscles maximum time for recovering and growing. MAX’S Muscle Growth GTE is formulated for slower release and is ideal for trainers with a fast metabolism. It will add lean ripped muscle to your frame to help you build a body you will be proud of. It is ideal for any trainer with a fast metabolism who wants to pack on lean muscle without fat. PROTEIN



80% 7.8% 3%

• Slow release Micellar Casein • Medium absorbing Whey Protein Concentrate • BCAA’s and L-Glutamine for fast muscle recovery • Enzymes to maximise digestion and absorbtion • Taurine to stimulate protein uptake into muscle cells



56 // MMN //

An amazing change for the better Signing up with his partner Kim gave Jake Lowe double the reason to commit to the Max’S Challenge. and what a result… photography charlie suriano


started the MAX’S Challenge because I needed to change my attitude towards my fitness and training. Even though I was still reasonably active, I had plateaued due to a lack of direction and routine; and had begun to get out of shape as a result. Luckily my partner, Kim, was watching an episode of MAX’S Muscle TV, where it showed the previous transformations and winners of the MAX’S Challenge in 2011. Kim was really keen to do it and for me to do it too so we joined the Challenge together and signed up at the last minute! My main objective prior to entering the Challenge was to see what kind of change I could make to my body in a 12 week period, and kick-start a new healthier lifestyle and training program.


The training program throughout the Challenge was a great guide. I followed it to the letter for the first four weeks, because I really needed to get my body back into training mode. After that I followed the training program a little more loosely, incorporating different exercises into my routine, though still within the same muscle groups that were in the MAX’S program. I also made Sunday a dedicated leg training day. During the Challenge I used SuperShred, Nitetime, Cre8Carnage and CutCarbs bars. I used SuperShred in the mornings, mixed in with my oats, and also mid-morning and mid-afternoon, or after training. I always used Nitetime about half an hour before bed,


“I never imagined I could get myself to look the way I did at the end of the Challenge. I really thought I was just a guy who could never have his abs showing, let alone a six pack.” // MMN // 57

“My main objective prior to entering the Challenge was to see what kind of change I could make to my body in a 12 week period, and kick-start a new healthier lifestyle and training program.” to keep fuelling my body as I slept. I used Cre8Carnage quite a bit, every morning, and both pre- and post-workout. I’d use CutCarbs bars when I was working and when having a shake or meal for my protein intake just wasn’t possible. The bars are great when you need to get some protein into your system and you’ve only a little bit of time. I loved making Nitetime Protein ice cream. Basically, I’d use one scoop of Nitetime protein, 2 tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese, and just a little water. Sometimes as an extra treat, a teaspoon of desiccated coconut. I’d blend it up, put it in a bowl and freeze it for 45-to-60 minutes, stirring occasionally to make sure it didn’t get too hard. (If you don’t have time to freeze it, it makes a great chocolate mousse anyway!) I found the hardest part of the Challenge was the last two weeks. By that stage I was really carb-depleted and found it quite hard to concentrate, especially with work. My body wasn’t used to operating like 58 // MMN //

that, but it was during those last two weeks that I really got my best results! What can I say? Hard work and persisting during the tough times really paid off. Overall I was ecstatic about my transformation. I achieved what I thought previously was impossible. I never imagined I could get myself to look the way I did at the end of the Challenge. I really thought I was just a guy who could never have his abs showing, let alone a six pack. I guess that was what made me happiest. Even though it’s not all about the abs, it’s still awesome to have them! The MAX’S Challenge has completely changed my life. My mind and body are now more in tune than they have ever been. I gained so much knowledge about how my body works, what fuel it needs to take and how it needs to be trained to look and feel its best. I don’t ever want to go back to ‘the old me’ and I know I won’t. I feel and look the best I ever have in my life, it’s not something I’m going to give away easily!

Jake followed the MAX’S training program for the first four weeks, then incorporated different exercises into his workouts.

Everyone I know was amazed with what I achieved, especially when I told them it was all done within 12 weeks. I inspired a lot of friends to go to the gym, or get back into the gym. I also get asked for advice about diet and training quite a bit and I’m always more than happy to help out with what I’ve learned since doing the Challenge. I even had one friend in Norway download the MAX’S Challenge Training and Nutrition guides from the website, and do the Challenge back home with his sister and a friend! A lot of mates are now looking forward to the 2013 MAX’S Muscle Up Challenge so they can do it themselves. My advice to everyone when they ask me about the Challenge is to be strict on yourself and follow the program, especially the nutrition side. If you just do what those MAX’S guides say, to the letter, you will get amazing results. Don’t make excuses and don’t skip your morning cardio! It’s only 12 weeks, and it’s over before you know it.



60 // MMN //

A new start Wendy Jenner saw the 2012 MAX’S Challenge as the perfect way to shift her post-baby weight. She achieved that goal and much more. photography charlie suriano


gave birth to my son about three months prior to MAX’S Challenge and put on around 25 kilograms during the pregnancy. So when my husband received an email about it, we saw the Challenge as an opportunity to get healthier and do something together. My main objectives were to lose weight, to be a good role model for my children, and to be the fittest I had ever been in my life. We live 30 kilometres from town and my husband was working long hours on a


roster, so I had to modify the training program as scheduling was hard. I had to do a lot of training at home with limited equipment and vary the times I weight trained. The last four weeks were definitely the hardest. Looking back, I probably deprived my body too much, but I learnt so much and it was all worth it. I was extremely happy with the results, not just the transformation to my body, but particularly the transformation on my motivation, stress levels and overall confidence.


“My main objectives were to lose weight, to be a good role model for my children, and to be the fittest I had ever been in my life.” // MMN // 61

“I have a huge interest in and a much better understanding of nutrition and fitness. I love that my kids see this and also enjoy healthy foods and exercise.”

It’s really changed the way our whole family eats and how I see food. I have a huge interest in and a much better understanding of nutrition and fitness. I love that my kids see this and also enjoy healthy foods and exercise. It has given my husband and I another thing to be involved in together and we have also become closer and the relationship stronger. I have inspired so many of my mummy friends who are constantly asking me for advice and pointers. Whilst doing the Challenge I had other mums come with me on jogs with their prams and we still do this! Many of the mums who have seen my transformation are 62 // MMN //

amazed. They know how big I was with my last pregnancy and seeing me lose the weight afterwards, they now realise it’s not just celebrities who can lose the weight. The bonus is there is a healthy way to do it as well! I used Maxine’s Burn powder in the beginning and I preferred the Vanilla flavour, but then used SuperShred because I really liked the Chocolate! I also used the Maxine bars throughout with Chocolate Fudge my absolute favourite! There is no doubt the best thing about the Challenge is the guidance that you get. It’s just awesome. You can only learn more from doing it, so go for it, ask questions and get involved!

WENDY’S FAVOURITE RECIPES Protein ice cream Mix SuperShred, milk and water to a thick consistency and freeze for about 20 minutes. Take out, stir, and refreeze if necessary or just enjoy! A delicious after-dinner sweet treat that’s great for you, too! Oat and protein pancakes Mix your favourite MAX’S protein powder with oats that are soaked overnight in water. Add cinnamon, one whole egg and one egg white. Mix well, and fry in non-stick frypan in small amounts for yummy pancakes.





Muscle Building Protein Pancakes MAX’S High Protein Pancakes make a delicious muscle building meal in just a few minutes. Simply add water or milk, shake and cook – what could be easier! Each serve gives you over 40 grams of high quality muscle building protein and 40 grams of mass building carbs. The perfect breakfast or mass building snack at any time day or night.

Recommended for: • A high protein snack or meal • The perfect breakfast or mass building snack.



46g 47g

• 46 grams protein • 47 grams carbs • Glutamine Peptides • Awesome Taste



“ The Challenge

has changed my life in so many ways. I’m always thinking about what I’m eating and I’m still going to the gym five times a week. It has also made me much more confident.”

Building inner strength A long-term healthy lifestyle was more appealing to Angus Wardlaw than boozing it up at his mate’s 21st birthday parties. Now that’s commitment! photography charlie suriano


ndrew Clarke, who is a very good MAX’S ambassador and goes to my gym, was the inspiration for me to enter the Challenge. Prior to the MAX’S Challenge, I had become what I believed to be a very unhealthy person. I had stopped playing sport about four years before and was drinking up to four times a week, without exercise. But after seeing Andrew Clarke’s amazing transformation, I thought, “why can’t I do the same thing and change my lifestyle?” Since then I’ve never looked back. I started the Challenge to make a change to my lifestyle. My main objectives were to eat healthier and live healthier. I have always been on the small or skinny side, so at the same time, I also wanted to try and put on a bit of muscle.


Although I really liked the MAX’S program and thought it was great and used the basics, I also spent a lot of time making up my own program and I stuck with that throughout the Challenge. For the first eight weeks I used MAX’S MGPX, to try and put on as much muscle mass as possible. I really love the Banana flavour. I also had MAX’S Muscle Meal Cookies for snacks. Cookies and Cream was my favourite. For the last four weeks I used SuperShred and CutCarbs bars, the Tropical flavour was amazing. I used MAX’S Cre8 Carnage throughout the whole Challenge. The hardest part was at about week eight, where I really started to doubt myself and whether I could keep it up. Also, the Challenge was during the


Thanks to the Challenge, Angus now boasts a muscled, buff physique. // MMN // 65

“The Challenge was during the year where most of my friends were turning 21, so they were really begging me to drink with them every weekend. I had to use all of my willpower to say no. I’m so glad I did!” year where most of my friends were turning 21, so they were really begging me to drink with them every weekend. I had to use all of my willpower to say no. I’m so glad I did! The Challenge has changed my life in so many ways. I’m now a very healthy person. I’m always thinking about what I’m eating and I’m still going to the gym five times a week. It has also made me much more confident. I was really happy with my transformation, the amount of muscle I put on and how shredded I was at the finish of the Challenge, but I would have loved to put on a little bit more muscle. I suppose, once you start the sport, you think you can always do better! Everyone was amazed at my efforts throughout the Challenge. My family were 66 // MMN //

extremely proud of what I have achieved. I have also inspired many of my friends to start coming to the gym. They are always asking me about diet and training programs but it’s not limited to just my friends and family. Sometimes it seems my whole community is interested! I’ve been featured in my local paper a few times and after the Challenge many people hunted me down to ask questions about my transformation. Some of them cannot wait for this year’s MAX’S Challenge! For those guys and people like them who are considering entering the 2013 Challenge, my advice to is to never doubt yourself. You just have to keep focused and stick with the programs provided and once it’s all over you will be so happy with what you have achieved. I know I am!


• Micellar Casein • Calcium Caseinate • Whey Protein Concentrate • Relaxing Herbs • Low in Fat and Carbs PROTEIN



82% 7% 2.7% Protein that works all night Your body does most of it’s growing while you sleep. Make sure you give it the building blocks it needs for maximum growth. Normal protein formulas digest too quickly to keep you growing all night. MAX’S Nitetime Protein is a high protein, slow digesting formula that has been specifically developed for serious trainers to take before bed. It combines slow digesting Micellar Casein with medium digesting Whey Protein Concentrate and Calcium Caseinate plus relaxing herbs to provide up to 7 hours of nutrient release while you sleep peacefully for maximum recovery and muscle gains. Nitetime protein should be used with other MAX’S formulas for optimum results.



68 // MMN //

Bye-bye sweet tooth Laura McEwan surprised herself in every way when it came to committing to the Challenge. She even defied her sugar cravings to establish new healthy habits. photography charlie suriano


ohn Delinac is a very good friend of mine and I watched him succeed in 2011 when he won the Challenge. He was the one who urged me to start and I’m very thankful for that, as I have gained so much – even more than being in the best shape of my life, which was the promise I made to myself at the start of 2012. I was reluctant to sign up to the Challenge and take my ‘before’ photo but another good friend gave me the nudge I needed. I took the plunge, put the photo up and entered. I needed to be accountable to someone or something and the MAX’S Challenge did just that. This was to be no walk in the park though! The decision to commit and sign up, followed closely by the diet was probably the hardest part of the Challenge. But once I


was signed and committed, the amount of discipline I had was amazing. I surprised myself! Diet is one thing that has always been my downfall – I love my sweets. Had I not been attached to the Challenge and accountable to the world, I don’t know what would have kept my paws out of the Nutella jar! That said, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SuperShred and it has to be the Chocolate flavour by a mile. I used it throughout the whole Challenge but sometimes also used Maxine’s Burn in Chocolate. It’s fair to say that I have always been trying to drop body fat, but as mentioned, it’s been my diet that has let me down. I would generally eat well at meal times, but the snacks in between – and maybe my chocolate obsession – were always my downfall.

after // MMN // 69

“I love going to the gym and smashing out every rep! I’m so focused when I’m in the gym, I truly believe I’m in my element when I’m training.”

Top right: Laura shows off her fabulous new body, a reward for all of her hard training and for following a strict diet. Left: Laura smashes out some reps in the gym, where she feels right at home.

70 // MMN //

In terms of training, my main objective was really just to stay in shape. I always had a challenging program and went hard, but committing to it was easy. I love going to the gym and smashing out every rep! I’m so focused when I’m in the gym, I truly believe I’m in my element when I’m training. I am someone who gets bored easily however and adapts very quickly, so I was changing up my program often to include variety and reduce the boredom. I have created a great habit and change in my lifestyle when preparing my meals. Every second night I prepare about 10 meals to get me through the next couple of days. Preparation is everything. I have learnt so much that I am able to share with everyone. It’s the little things that I tweak in my day-to-day life that make all the difference! I am also still aiming to compete in the Fitness Model category, a goal I have had for a while now but seemed so far away, and that has been reignited by the Challenge. I know with time and dedication anything’s possible. I am very happy. I think I

achieved a lot and got the best results out of myself within the timeframe. I have no “what ifs” and was the most happiest with my six pack – I was actually gobsmacked when I saw it! The response following the Challenge has been absolutely incredible. The amount of people that contact me to say congratulations or you have inspired me – that’s what gets me every time – and it’s motivation enough for me to keep going. It feels amazing when someone tells you that you’ve inspired them and tell you their story. Since the Challenge I have been giving so much advice to friends and family on dieting and training – even writing programs (it’s ok, I am a qualified PT!). They are motivated by my results, and I’m motivated by them (not to mention that they are now friends with a celebrity!) Ha ha! Finally, if you are thinking about doing the Challenge, or are about to enter it – fantastic. Even if you do have some doubts, like I did. As I found out, you have absolutely nothing to lose but so much to gain. My advice is to just do it!


10 Anything is possible Cory Celantano signed up the Challenge as a way of establishing a healthier lifestyle. Now on track to be a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, he got much more than that. photography charlie suriano

A Cory entered the Challenge thinking he had nothing lose - but body fat. His results are a reflection of his hard work in and out of the gym.


s a parent of two young children, I saw the MAX’S Muscle-Up Challenge as an opportunity to change my appearance, quit smoking and move towards a healthier lifestyle. I saw the Challenge advertised in MAX’S magazine and on the MAX’S website. I decided to give it a go, and my main objectives were to quit bad habits (like smoking) and work towards achieving some good physical results.


For the first six-to-eight weeks I was taking MAX’S WPI in Chocolate (in the morning, post-workout) MAX’S Nitetime (before bed – also Chocolate flavour) and Maxine Cookies ‘n’ Cream burn bars (as a mid-morning snack). For the final four weeks of training, I switched the WPI to MAX’S SuperShred. I would also use MAX’S protein for protein pancakes and muffins which really helped. Not being able to smoke, drink or enjoy takeaway food for 12 weeks was the hardest part of the Challenge, but as the weeks went by it was easier adjusting to my new diet and the results started to show. The training program offered throughout the Challenge was great. I gained new personal best’s and felt the strongest I ever have. Overall I was pleased with my transformation. My body fat percentage was the lowest it has ever been and I was finally able to see some muscle definition. I was surprised by how much definition I could see on my back. Now that the Challenge is over, my lifestyle has changed for the better. I’m a much

Not being able to smoke, drink or enjoy takeaway food for 12 weeks was the hardest part of the Challenge, but as the weeks went by it was easier adjusting to my new diet and the results started to show.” // MMN // 73

“With the help of the MAX’s forum and programs, you will come out not only a changed person, but a winner.” healthier person. I love going to the gym and soon I will be a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I have also set myself the future goal to compete on stage. These are things that although always in my mind, were just a dream before I did the Challenge. It really taught me that with time, dedication, the right advice and hard work, almost anything is possible. My family, friends and workmates supported me 100 per cent and were all very surprised at how much I transformed in such a short period of time. I now get a lot 74 // MMN //

of friends, family, workmates, Cory is now looking to even friends of friends, asking compete on stage me advice on weight training, - a life-long dream nutrition, exercise and how to that may come maintain strong willpower. It’s true. a great feeling knowing you are helping or motivating people to achieve their own goals. To anyone considering doing the Challenge, I have this to say: with the help of the MAX’S forum and programs, you will come out not only a changed person, but a winner. It is a wonderful experience and you will make new friends and enjoy the rewards that come with your changes, so definitely go for it!

! r e f f O Special $16.95

At just each, including postage + handling, these Muscle TV Box Sets are a must-have for your bodybuilding DVD Library. See the very best Australian Bodybuilders and athletes training and competing. Learn what to eat and how to train for massive gains. Just complete the coupon below and mail or fax it back to us. Or give us a call on 1800 071 320.

Series 3: 4 DVD Box Set 10 x 30 minute shows $24.95RRP

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Series 5: 4 DVD Box Set 12 x 30 minute shows $24.95RRP

$16.95 each

$16.95 each

$16.95 each

Total $



Total $


Total $

Mail: PO Box 295, Vermont Vic. 3133 Phone: Credit card orders, call 1800 071 320 Fax: Fax completed order form to 03 9873 3422 Make money orders payable to: Aminoactive Australia PTY LTD Name Address Suburb




Visa Total $


Card Number Signature





10 Running down a dream

From runner to future bodybuilder, Carlos Brito’s Challenge experience involved a transformation of both body and mind. Here’s his inspirational story… photography charlie suriano


started the MAX’S MuscleUp Challenge because I was at a crossroad with my training and desperately needed a change. I had always wanted to be a good role model for my boys and keeping fit was a high priority. I had been a runner for many years and used it to compensate for poor diet choices. I used to eat whatever I wanted and if I ran enough kilometres in the week, my weight would remain stable. As I reached my 40s this started to change and the weight slowly crept on. I just couldn’t shift it, no matter how much I was running. I also started to get a few niggly injuries with


76 // MMN //

my calves, Achilles and feet. That’s when the words of my physio started to ring true, “You are not built for running, you should be swimming, cycling or bodybuilding!” Swimming is the hardest of all exercises for me – I just sink and would much rather run 10 kilometres than swim one kilometre. I’m also not very confident on the bike so I thought maybe I should give bodybuilding a go. It was about this time while channel surfing on TV, I happened to catch a glimpse of a bodybuilder churning out a few serious sets of dumbbell curls. A segment on clean eating followed, along with


“I had been a runner for many years and used it to compensate for poor diet choices. I used to eat whatever I wanted and if I ran enough kilometres in the week, my weight would remain stable.” some supplementation advice and finally, some more training. “What show is this?” I thought. I must make a note of the name, time and follow it up. MAX’S Muscle TV, on TV4ME, was the show. Wow! Bodybuilding and nutritional advice on TV! This was the first time I had seen anything like it and boy, did I need it, because I knew nothing about weight training or healthy eating. A few episodes later there was a special feature on the inaugural MAX’S Challenge, with the entire top 10 and the overall winner, John Delinac. I was transfixed on the Challenger’s results and Andrew Clarke left a huge impression on me. His honest responses and amazing results left me thinking, “I could do that, why not give it a go?” What kept me motivated was that I started to realise the whole family was going to benefit from this Challenge. My wife was doing it too and my kids were definitely going to benefit from eating properly. A few years ago we had a major health scare, with my young son William. It came out of nowhere and shook us all to the core. I thought I was able to cope with whatever life had to throw at me, but watching my eight-year-old son suffering and in pain, with an uncertain future, literally brought me to my knees. I had never felt so helpless and fearful in my life, but thankfully, he has recovered and was cleared and he came back better than ever. This was my main motivation – my family and in particular, William, because he is my hero. // MMN // 77

“I was absolutely thrilled with my transformation. I had never felt happier with my appearance, hairless, tanned and shredded. I felt 10 feet tall and bulletproof.”

78 // MMN //

I loved all of the training. Completing a marathon in 2004 gave me the ability to plan a training program I could stick to and finally achieve a life-long dream. Food was another story. All of the years of eating the wrong things, at the wrong time, without even knowing it was bad for you had taken its toll. When I joined the Challenge and became a member of MAX’S, they sent me a ‘Body Transformation Guide’. I read it from front to back and then again. I was addicted to sugar and didn’t even know it. I ate pasta too frequently and those low fat yoghurts were not helping. The guide suggested a week of no sugar and low carbs, with mainly shakes and one meal during the day for a week, to detox the body and then slowly reintroduce them. I lost about 2.5kg in that first long week, but my body had re-adjusted and I felt healthier, slept better and was ready to tackle the Challenge head on. Taking the pre-Challenge photo and posting regular updates on the forum and blogs were the hardest things for me. I still struggle with social media. I regularly type things in Facebook and after reading them, do a re-write. There were often times when my attempted humour was probably only making me laugh and offending others. I mainly used SuperShred during the Challenge. I slowly

introduced the Creatine, Nitetime, Shock Shotz, pancakes and of course, the MAX’S cookies and bars. I have since tried the WPI Choc Banana and loved it. My favourite supplement has to be Nitetime, not only for its wonderful flavour, but it was a godsend in the evenings when I craved ice cream, chocolate or sweets. Not only could you have it as a chocolate milkshake, or frozen as ice cream, but it also helped me sleep and even helped my muscles grow whilst I was asleep. I was absolutely thrilled with my transformation. I had never felt happier with my appearance, hairless, tanned and shredded. I felt 10 feet tall and bulletproof. I was happiest about my six-pack which popped out when I got to around 12 per cent body fat. Completing the Challenge and being selected in the top 10 was truly unbelievable. Looking through the transformations, I sincerely thought I would have been lucky to make the top 30 which I would have been extremely happy with. I am training harder than ever and the results have kept coming, albeit a little slower, since the Challenge. However, it is not a sprint and the journey I am on will be a long, challenging, enjoyable one, that hopefully will lead to more improvements and most importantly, greater self discovery and the satisfaction that comes as you progress with your training.

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Busting biceps workout Personal trainer and pro bodybuilder Logan Robson has a great set of arms, and continues to train them hard a couple of times each week. Intermediate to advanced trainers, listen up‌ with logan robson // photography rocco fasano + john hanna

84 // MMN //


StaNdiNg duMBBell, alterNate Bicep curl (8–12 repS)

1 x warm up set – 12.5kg 2 x working sets – 25kg

Curl dumbbells one arm at a time, isolating the bicep. Remember to turn the hands outward at the top of the movement and focus on contracting the biceps. // MMN // 85


Straight Bar Bicep curl (8–10 repS)

1 x warm up set – 25kg 2 x working sets – 60kg This is a great mass building exercise. Keep elbows close to the body as you curl the weight to the top position. Squeeze the biceps before performing another rep. Avoid swinging and using momentum.

86 // MMN //


piN-loaded Bicep preacher curl (8–10 repS)

2 x working sets – 65kg 2 x drop sets – 50kg, 35kg This exercise allows the bicep to be totally isolated, as the elbows are kept in a fixed position. Once again focus on the contraction at the top of the movement. // MMN // 87


caBle croSS Bicep curl (8–10 repS)

2 x working sets – 65kg 2 x drop sets – 50kg, 40kg Grip the cables and curl in the motion of a front double bicep pose. This exercise is great for detail as the biceps are kept under tension.

88 // MMN //

juSt iN

What’s New From Branched Chain Amino Acids to Glutamine, MAx’s newest products have got your training and recovery needs sorted. by paul kirkham, BSc // photography john hanna


AX’S BCAA’S 10:1:1

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) have been around the bodybuilding scene for nearly 30 years, and have proved to be one of the best supplements for muscle recovery. They are now also proving to be excellent for use during training to maintain energy. BCAA’s are the three amino acids: L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. All three are classed as essential amino acids because your body cannot naturally produce them, and you need a constant supply to maintain good health. One of the key benefits of BCAA’s is their ability to stimulate protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. The other amino acids simply don’t have this capability.

Of the three amino acids, L-Leucine is the amino acid that primarily stimulates protein synthesis, particularly when the body is subjected to the trauma of hard training. From a technical perspective Leucine is a critical regulator of protein synthesis in muscle tissue through a signalling pathway called Mammalian Target of Rapamycin or mTOR. As concentrations of Leucine increase in your system it signals mTOR that you have enough protein available for muscle synthesis which effectively turns your system anabolic to stimulate protein synthesis. When Leucine levels drop, which usually occurs during and after hard training, protein synthesis is inhibited. It’s far more technical than

One of the key benefits of BCAA’s is their ability to stimulate protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. // MMN // 89

Research is showing that a higher level of Leucine is the critical factor when considering any BCAA formula for muscle recovery during and after training.

this, but what the research is showing is that a higher level of Leucine is the critical factor when considering any BCAA formula for muscle recovery during and after training. MAX’S have trialled higher level Leucine formulas for some time, finding a 10:1:1 ratio of Leucine to Isoleucine and Valine the most effective. But that’s not the whole story. Standard free-form BCAA’s are relatively insoluble, meaning they are quite slow to absorb. To tackle this problem MAX’S upgraded this awesome new formula to include: 90 // MMN //

Pepform Leucine Peptide –

Specific short peptides with high Leucine content have been shown to be taken up through the small intestine wall much faster than free-form aminos, giving an immediate Leucine spike to switch on protein synthesis.

Micronized and Instantised BCAA’s – These BCAA’s have

very small particle sizes and are specially treated to enable faster wetting and absorption. Free Form BCAA’s – Traditional BCAA formulas contain medium absorbing aminos. They continue switching on

Whilst amino acids are essential in maintaining good health and putting on size, your body cannot naturally produce them which is where supplementation comes in.

protein synthesis after the faster BCAA’s effects begin to diminish. MAX’S BCAA 10:1:1 is pure BCAA’s. It contains no sugars, flavours, sweeteners or other additives, just pure BCAA’s to switch on protein synthesis. We recommend that you add it to your protein drinks to enhance their muscle-building effect. If you consider yourself hard-core you can also take it straight, simply place a dose on your tongue and wash down with a big glass of water. 100 per cent advanced BCAA’s for 100 per cent results.


Hard training really stresses your system, which in turn has a major affect on your Glutamine metabolism. Glutamine provides fuel for your immune system, digestive system, and most importantly it is an essential fuel for your brain. When under stress, these body systems work overtime, which can quickly deplete Glutamine stores. Simply put, the more stressed you are or the harder you train, the more Glutamine you need. Your body can cope with this because it has a large store of Glutamine sitting in your muscles. When you train hard and your circulating Glutamine levels drop, your body responds by starting to catabolise or break down muscle tissue to release Glutamine. It particularly catabolises the muscles you have trained to supply Glutamine to the rest of your body – which is definitely what you don’t want! But you can stop this catabolic process by supplementing with Glutamine. Doing this effectively tells your metabolism that you don’t need to keep breaking down muscle fibre to release Glutamine because you already have

plenty in your system. The most effective time to take Glutamine is before, during and especially after hard training. It all sounds pretty simple … but there’s a catch. While free-form Glutamine is quite stable in powdered form, as soon as it is exposed to moisture it begins to degrade, so taking a decent dose of pure free-form L-Glutamine is not overly effective as up to 40 per cent will have broken down and will not be usable. However, combining fast-acting free-form L-Glutamine with the more stable N-Acetyl L-Glutamine form of this important amino acid produces a much more effective and sustained acting Glutamine supplement. MAX’S NAGG is a 60:40 blend of free-form L-Glutamine and N-Acetyl L-Glutamine to give you the optimum Glutamine formula. It contains no sweeteners, fillers or flavours, just pure Glutamine hybrids. Take MAX’S NAGG immediately after training to stop catabolic breakdown of muscle fibre and increase tissue healing and growth. You can add it to your protein shakes or just take it straight, with a glass of water. MAX’S NAGG

Supplementing with Glutamine will help tell your body not to break down muscle fibre after a hard workout, as there’s already enough in your system.

will provide faster recovery and less muscle soreness and promote exceptional levels of new muscle growth. MAX’S NAGG can also be taken before workouts to protect training muscles from going catabolic and is a must for all serious trainers.

Glutamine provides fuel for your immune system, digestive system, and most importantly it is an essential fuel for your brain. // MMN // 91

Training legs Leg training is an awesome way to shape a good body. It not only shapes and tones thighs and butt, it also really fires up your metabolism to accelerate fat burning. In this workout, Bikini competitor Samantha Jane Heron shows you her great leg and glute training routine. IFBB BIkInI Champ, Samantha Jane heron // photography rocco faSano + John hanna


Sumo SquaTS wiTh a Dumbell (Db)

In this squat variation keep the movement nice and slow and controlled, squeezing tight through the glutes. Upper body stays upright, shoulders back, head up, holding your core “on”.

TIP: If you hold the DB horizontal, gripping either side (rather than holding vertically), you can get the extra depth to get nice and deep.


GluTe KicKbacKS on SmiTh machine: 2-3 SeTS x 10-15 repS

This is one of my fave buttlifting, tush-tightening exercises. Set up the bar so the safety stops are all the way to the bottom. Unhook the latches on the bar and place at the lowest point on the machine. Because you are kneeling on the floor you will need a mat or fold up your towel for cushioning. Start light with approximately 2.5kg either side to get a good burn, and build up from there. Place one foot under the bar, in the arch of your foot, hands are on the ground to help stabilise. Keep your hips square. Press the bar up and away, using the glute to squeeze tight, and slowly lower down, repeat for 10-15 reps, and swap legs. // mmn // 93


lyinG leG curl machine: 2-3 SeTS x 10-15 repS

Lift your upper body away from the machine by pushing up from the bench, keeping your hands in-line with your chest (you want to keep that arch in the lower back). Really squeeze and keep your hips down as you bring your legs in towards your butt. Don’t let your legs fully extend to keep the tension on your hamstring/glutes and lower back.


leG preSS 50’S (5 x DifferenT feeT poSiTionS, 10 repS on each)

This is a great all-over leg exercise. By simply changing the position of your feet on the platform you can put more emphasis on a particular area of your legs. Starting in a normal shoulder width position feet straight, we then take the feet to the edge of the platform, heels facing in, toes pointing out (make a V). From here we bring the feet together (touching) at the bottom of the platform, making sure you keep your knees together as you slowly bring them in towards your chest, and feet stay flat on the platform. We now place the feet at the top of the platform, keeping them together, and again knees stay together as we lower down nice and slow and controlled, pushing the weight up through your heels. Lastly we bring the feet slightly down towards the centre making a V with our feet (heels together, toes pointing out).

94 // mmn //

by simply changing the position of your feet on the platform you can put more emphasis on a particular area of your legs.


Db STiff leG DeaDlifTS ToeS up wiTh exTenSion: 2 SeTS x 10-15 repS

This version of the deadlift is really going to rip through those hamstrings and glutes. Begin by placing two small plates (I use the 2.5kg plates) on the ground at about shoulder width apart. Toes are placed on the plates to raise the front of your foot for added stretch. Choose a relatively light dumbbell for your first set and work up to heavier weights. Hinge first from the hips, keeping the dumbbells in close to your body, stretching all the way down towards your ankles. Remember to keep your toes flexed back and keep your back flat. Once you reach the point of lowering as far down as you can without hunching, pull the weights away from your body to roughly around the edge, or the other side of the plates that are on the ground, pull back in to your body and return to standing.


Db STiff leG DeaD lifTS – ToeS ouT: 2 SeTS x 10-15 repS

This version is going to strain more through the inner/outer parts of your hamstrings. Again the plates are used to place your toes on, adding the extra strain through the hamstrings. This time your heels are going to be together on the ground, making a V with your feet (toes up and pointing out). We lower down nice and slow, keeping the knees locked in, legs stay stiff, back flat. Lower down towards the plates on the ground, before coming back to standing. Concentrate on hinging through your hips, not your lower back.

This version of the deadlift is really going to rip through those hamstrings and glutes. // mmn // 95


walKinG Db lunGeS: 2-3 SeTS x 10 repS per leG

This exercise really hits the glutes and hamstrings and well as your quads. Take nice long strides and make sure you have your feet stable on the ground, before you bend your knees and lunge down. Squeeze tight through the glutes and stabilise through the core to keep your body balanced. Shoulders are back and down, head stays up.

TIP: Keep some distance between your stance. If you try to place one foot in front of the other, you will very easily loose your balance. Think shoulder width as you would when walking. Refer to name: walking lunges.


hip ThruST wiTh Db: 2-3 SeTS x 10-15 repS

This is another fave for a great butt and abs. Place a mat or your towel flat on the ground and lie on your back in a sit-up position. Bend your knees, place your feet shoulder width apart and have your toes slightly pointing out. Place a dumbbell across your hips for added tension. You are going to lift your hips up towards the ceiling, keeping your shoulders and top half of your back on the ground (until where your bra strap or crop top would go). Clench those cheeks tight, squeeze and hold for at least one second at the top, before lowering down (but not completely) onto the ground.

That’s it – plenty of hard work and this workout will really target your legs for shape and burn that fat! 96 // mmn //


Protein-packed winter warmers Boost your protein intake this winter with these quick and healthy recipe ideas.


inter is an important time to focus on our everyday nutrition. Cold winter days and nights, and rugging up in extra layers doesn’t give you an excuse to stack on weight. Planning meals is as important as planning your workouts so always take the time to prepare an eating plan for the week ahead. Some great meal ideas include high protein burgers, hearty winter soup and bolognaise sauce. The burgers and meat sauce can be made with your choice of lean protein including beef, chicken or kangaroo, which will add more variety to your meal choices. All of our recipes are easy to make and can be prepared in advance and chilled to eat at your convenience. Now there’s no excuse – you can eat wholesome, nutritional food more often

without being tempted to snack on poor choices when the hunger pains kick in. Our high protein burgers are enhanced with the new Rice Plus which has seven different grains and packs the burgers with excellent fibre and low GI carbohydrates. The egg whites in our recipe also help take the protein content to a higher level. Hearty vegetable soup is packed with nutritious and fibrous vegetables, and when enhanced with your choice of protein, makes for a great meal on a cold winter’s day. Bolognaise sauce is a great tasting meal or snack and can be eaten on its own, with pasta or rice, or for those who are lowcarbing, eat with coleslaw. We hope you enjoy our winter eating tips and stick to cooking – not snacking – through the cooler months.

lauren grande

by peter wright, xtreme chef









HigH PrOtEin LEan bEEF bUrgEr Makes 8 x 100g burgers or 4 serves

500g extra lean beef mince 60g egg white, raw 200g Rice Plus, cooked 50g breadcrumbs 55ml skim milk 5g salt 2g black pepper 15g Dijon mustard 3g dry Italian herb mix

1 Cook Rice Plus as per packet

2 3 4 5

instructions. Drain and cool under cold water, squeeze out excess water. Soak breadcrumbs with skim milk. Add all ingredients to mince and mix well. Weigh each pattie to required weight and form into a circular shape. Grill until fully cooked, internal temperature should be above 65 degrees Celsius. You can use a barbecue, sandwich toaster or George Foreman Grill.

lauren grande

Cook’s notes Rice Plus is a blend of brown, black and basmati rice and wholegrains, such as barley, quinoa and sesame seeds. It is available at most supermarkets. If not available, substitute with a brown medium grain rice.

tOP tiP serve with tomato relish, salad or vegetables. also great for a snack. // MMn // 99

spaghetti bolognaise PrOtEin








tOP tiP Use good quality pasta; spaghetti can be substituted with penne or other varieties. if you are on a low carb diet, substitute the pasta with coleslaw.

100 // MMn //









MinEstrOnE VEgEtabLE sOUP

Makes 3 litres or 6 serves

tOP tiP this is a vegetarian version however you can add chopped bacon or chopped cooked chicken (no bones or skin). Use a basil pesto as a garnish to enhance the flavour, add when serving.

500g brown onions, peeled 3 carrots, peeled 3 celery sticks 2 zucchini 5g garlic, crushed 10ml olive oil 100g green beans, tops and ends cut off ¼ cabbage, finely sliced 400g cannellini beans, canned 400g tomato, crushed, canned 1.5lt water or stock 300g pasta, cooked 5g salt 2g black pepper Small bunch Continental parsley 10g Parmesan cheese, shaved

1 Wash and chop carrots, onions, 2

sPagHEtti bOLOgnaisE

1 Heat oil in a large pan and add

Makes 5 serves

500g extra lean beef mince 5g garlic, crushed 400g tomato, crushed, canned 100g tomato paste 1 brown onion, finely diced 10ml olive oil 3 dried bay leaves 500ml water 5g salt 2g black pepper 10g fresh basil 5g dried Italian herb mix 500g dried spaghetti 40g Parmesan cheese, grated or shaved


3 4


onion and garlic and cook over medium heat for 3 minutes. Add the mince and cook for another 5 minutes. Add in the water, tomato paste and tomatoes, bay leaves and dried herbs. Season with salt and pepper and simmer for 45 minutes. Stir occasionally and don’t let the sauce dry out too much – add more water if this occurs. Blanch the pasta as per packet instructions and drain, cool under cold running water. To serve, heat the blanched pasta by pouring over boiling water, drain well, mix with sauce and place in serving bowls. Garnish with fresh basil leaves and Parmesan cheese.




6 7

zucchini and celery into small pieces, approximately 1.5cm. Blanch the pasta as per packet instructions and drain, cool under cold running water. Heat oil in a large pan, add onion and garlic and cook over medium heat for 3 minutes. Add the carrots and celery and cook for another 5 minutes. Add in the zucchini, stock (or water) and tomatoes. Bring the soup to the boil, reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 1 hour or until vegetables are soft and the soup has thickened. Now add beans, chopped parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Cook for a further 10 minutes until beans are tender through, add the pasta, bring back to the boil and serve. Ladle into serving bowls and top with grated Parmesan cheese. Serve with crusty bread. // MMn // 101

olD Skool boDybuilDing

Master the pain Injuries can and do happen when you’re hitting the gym hard, but here’s some tips for smart prevention and ways to train through the pain barrier. by Rocco oppedisano


ost injuries are caused by conscious training, bad repping and training against the joint during heavy lifting. The worst thing to do is take painkillers that could lead you to total joint destruction. Here are six steps to survive injury and most importantly, prevent future injuries.


SubconSciouS training involves

applying self-hypnosis, for example, plant the rep number and weight in your mind, and the depth of your hypnosis is determined by how fast you rep (non-lock). The deeper the self-hypnosis, the more power, strength and dimensional muscle gains you will get, with no injuries. This gives you the power to train very heavy without ripping your body shreds.


DuMbbell Flat bench Fly’S

Do not go lower than your chest as you will loosen your front shoulder joints leading to serious injury in all pressing movements.

102 // MMn //

the deeper the selfhypnosis, the more power, strength and dimensional muscle gains you will get, with no injuries.

about the author MAX’S are proud to have one of the true pioneers of Australian bodybuilding, Rocco Oppedisano, as a contributor to MAX’S Muscle News. A multi-title holder, including Mr Australia, Rocco shared his vision for bodybuilding and became one of the greatest promoters the sport has ever seen with the PBBI Federation. In later years Rocco became a very successful writer and publisher with a number of bestsellers. To us, Rocco will always be known as the ‘Man’.


barbell DeaDliFt

3 4

Parallel bar DiPS uSing WeightS

Do not go too far down where you feel strain on the front shoulder joint. The strain will loosen your front shoulder joint leading to serious injury in all pressing movements.

barbell SquatS

a. Do not go all the way down where you bounce to get back up, leading to wear and tear on the knee and hip joints. Squat down until your upper thighs are parallel with the floor. b. Do not go all the way to the top where you could click the knee joint, as you risk kneecap damage and wear and tear. Stay bent at the top (non-lock). c. Keep your chin up at all times during the squat to keep lower back discs from slipping out, and use a belt for heavy lifting. d. Place legs one foot apart and feet straight forward to prevent knee and hip wear and tear.

104 // MMn //

This is the most important exercise in bodybuilding as it develops central back muscles from neck to bottom if performed properly. Plus you need these muscles so you can go heavy in all other exercises and to prevent back injuries. The barbell deadlift must be performed within the joint and not against, as the deadlift is the heaviest in all bodybuilding exercises. a. Stand with feet one foot apart facing straightforward. b. Before you lift, bend your

legs and lift your chin. c. Wear a belt, it must be tight. d. Do not use lifting straps to prevent weak wrists. e. At the top of the lift it is very important to do a full shrug to the front and back to develop the top central back pillars up to the neck. f. Shoulder length bar grip, do not grip wider to prevent shoulder joint wear and tear. g. Do not use a wide foot stance; to prevent wear and tear on the hip joints. h. Do not lift with your chin down; to prevent lower back discs from slipping out.


barbell tricePS extenSion

While doing lying down or seated triceps extensions it’s very important you do the exercise within the joint range by keeping the elbows in. This will prevent elbow joint wear and tear.


It is very important not to take painkillers to hide injury pain. After the injury, the pain is the only alarm you have. If you kill the alarm, you risk destroying the joint completely. A skillful bodybuilder does not miss workouts due to injury pain, they train around the injury. The injury pain is their guide, and you can heal quickly by doing the exercise that caused the injury correctly and very lightly. This will stimulate healing. With every workout increase your weight, and in weeks you should be back (at the worst three weeks).

The trick is to study and understand your pain. If you don’t you will never be a great bodybuilder. Master injury pain to be your friend and not your enemy and you will be on your way to your dream body. In my 39 years of training I have suffered every known injury in bodybuilding and have never taken painkillers. I learnt very early on the great value of understanding pain. Today I still train very heavy in all body parts with no injuries. // MMn // 105


Stunning Maxine’s athlete Samantha with Josh

Kim and Carlos, brothers in ‘big’ arms

It’s been a busy few months in MAX’S land, with shows, expos and plenty of Muscle-Up Challenge action underway. 2011 MAX’S Challenge winner John Delinac with Laura McEwan at Fitx Stand

Muscle-Up coach Freddy prepping backstage at the NABBA Show Num facca borem quiasi ressum.

Logan Robson’s not shy of great conditioning

106 // MMN //

MAX’S sales reps show us their grins

Maxine’s ambassador Janet Kane getting prepped backstage

Jason Bednarz, always in top nick

Mr IFBB Luke Schembri with his beautiful wife

Adam and Lloyd strike a pose for MuscleTV

Some of our successful 2012 MAX’S Muscle-Up Challengers visit the MAX’S stand at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo

The serious Jeremy McLay and smiling Murat

The delightful Caryl, always smiling // MMN // 107

a WOMan’S PerSPecTIVe

Break the skinny fat curse There are people everywhere suffering from ‘skinny fatness’. I’ve been there too, and I’m here to help you break the curse by stopping you from making the same mistakes I did. by Kate alderman,


o, what do I mean by the term ‘skinny fat’ person? A skinny fat person is typically characterised by the following: • Very little or no muscle tone at all. • A body frame that is average in size but is covered in a layer of body fat (insulation) – even when body frame is small and tiny. • A tendency to do endless cardio in an attempt to lose body fat. Unfortunately this can actually result in the body producing more of the stress hormone Cortisol that promotes greater fat storage – very counter-productive! • Very little or no weight training at all as they are frightened this will add further bulk and size to their frame. • Does not lift heavy weights. • Is scared when it comes to eating and their nutrition plan. • Relentlessly reduces caloric intake to a dangerously low level in an attempt to lose body fat. • Eats only a few meals each day (this results in the body trying to hang on to most of what is eaten as body fat in response to a self-imposed famine). • Frequent binge eating. • Terrified of using protein supplements, as they are worried this will make them big and bulky. If this sounds like you then how can you break the curse?

108 // MMn //

fibrous carbohydrates fill you up as you can eat a greater volume of food for the same amount of calories. Meal frequency

The first thing you must do is eat at least five-to-six meals every day to regulate your metabolism. E.g. 7am Breakfast 10am Mid-morning snack 1pm Lunch 4pm Mid-afternoon snack 7pm Dinner 9pm Pre-bed snack Each meal should include a quality source of protein, low GI carbohydrates, and a source of good fats.

Snack MealS

Next, work a good quality protein powder into your plan. MAX’S proteins like SuperWhey or WPI, or Maxine’s Burn combined with some coconut oil makes a great mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. Both protein and good fats are slow digesting, keeping you feeling full and satisfied while tasting delicious.

Pre and POST WOrkOuT MealS

A pre- and post-workout meal/ snacks are a must. These should consist of high GI carbohydrates (white rice, potatoes, carrots or rice cakes) and a fast absorbing source of protein (quality whey protein or white fish) consumed about 20 minutes before training. Invest in a quality protein supplement like MAX’S or Maxine’s Burn, both are great for use before and after training. High GI carbohydrates spike our insulin levels fuelling our body with energy to train whilst assisting with the delivery of protein to top up our muscles with amino acids to prevent them from breaking down. Both high GI carbohydrates and protein are needed again immediately after training to replenish our muscles and start the very important recovery and development process. MAX’S have also got a great post workout formula called Cell Repair that I recommend to my clients.

MeaT IS gOOd

Don’t be afraid to eat meat. If the animal is grain fed then it’s best to choose lean cuts but if the animal is grass fed the fatty cuts are quite fine. Toxins are stored in the fat of animals we eat. What they eat and the quality of their meat gets passed onto us. Wild and organic fish is great too, but avoid the farmed varieties. Deep-sea fish shouldn’t be consumed regularly due to high levels of mercury. These include shark, king mackerel, swordfish and tuna.

gOOd carBS

Replace starchy carbohydrates (bread, pasta, potatoes) with fibrous carbohydrates (broccoli, kale, green beans, cauliflower, zucchini, cabbage, spinach). Fibrous carbohydrates fill you up as you can eat a greater volume of food for the same amount of calories. They increase your metabolism allowing you to burn more body fat as your body uses far more energy to process them.

dITch The Sugar

This stuff is very easily converted into body fat. Check the labels of everything you eat to make sure you aren’t consuming any hidden sugars. Marinades, sauces, health bars and yoghurt are just a few to look out for.

gOOd faTS

Don’t be afraid of fat, you just need to choose the right types. Unlike carbohydrates, good fats (flaxseed, coconut, MCT and olive oils, nuts and seeds, avocado) provide a consistent source of energy. Again, as toxins are stored in fat it is important to choose organic sources of good fats. Your body processes these far better and they have added health benefits like giving you a glowing complexion, shiny and healthy hair and lubricating your joints.

WeIghT TraInIng IS a MuST

Train with weights, but it has to be difficult. I heard someone say years ago “Train like a man, look like a goddess”. Adopt this belief and it’ll save you years of fluffing around. Three working sets of between six-to-eight reps for upper body and 10-to-15 reps for lower body is required to build and tone muscle.

MOre InTenSITy, leSS endurance

Reduce the amount of long duration cardiovascular sessions and replace with short interval sessions. This not only saves time but also is far more effective for body fat reduction as the intensity raises your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories in the hours afterwards. Interval cardio is best done on a bike, cross trainer, rower, stair-master, etc. 15 minutes of effort about threeto-four times per week is all that is required. And remember, be consistent and patient. Small improvements over a period of time will equal a big result!

“Train like a man, look like a goddess.”

interval training

Next time you’re at the gym, try the following on an exercise bike: Warm up 3 minutes at a steady pace 15 minutes of interval sprints • (30 seconds hard : 30 seconds easy) x 15 = 15 minutes • (20 seconds hard : 40 seconds easy) x 15 = 15 minutes • (8 seconds hard : 12 seconds easy) x 9 = 3 minutes + 2 minutes steady pace x 3 = 15 minutes Cool down 2 minutes at a steady pace // MMn // 109

shop online for 3 2


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r u o Y Growth WIth NAgG N-Acetyl L-Glutamine / L-Glutamine Complex

Glutamine stops muscle catabolism (tissue breakdown) and stimulates muscle anabolism (muscle synthesis) after intense workout. MAX’S NAGG is a superior Glutamine formula combining fast acting free form L-Glutamine with stabilised N-Acetyl L-Glutamine for a fast and sustained release Glutamine complex. N-Acetyl L-Glutamine is an acetylated analog of L-Glutamine which is more stable and slower to break down than free form L-Glutamine. MAX’S NAGG can be taken before workouts to provide that extra source of energy to push beyond your normal limits, and after workouts for faster recovery and maximum anabolic growth.

• Pure N-Acetyl L-Glutamine • Pure L-Glutamine • No fillers, sweeteners or flavours • Highest Potency • Fast and Sustained Release


Aminos mAx’s hybrid bcAa’s 10:1:1

MAX’S Hybrid BCAA’s 10:1:1 represents the cutting edge of Branched Chain Amino Acid formulas. Studies now show that much higher levels of Leucine are dramatically more effective at switching on the MTOR pathways, the mechanism that turn of muscle anabolism after hard training. MAX’S new BCAA Formula incorporates 3 hybrid forms of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine for better bioavailability in a 10:1:1 ratio for the most effective dosage of BCAA’s you can get. It contains no fillers, sweeteners or flavours, just pure and highly potent BCAA Hybrids:

• Instantised BCAA’s –

processed to allow almost immediate uptake. • Pepform High Leucine peptide – the highest bioavailable BCAA’S you can get • Free Form BCAA’s for sustained release

MAX'S Muscle News Issue #4  

A publication dedicated to helping you build the ultimate physique.

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