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I am adaptable to working in different environments. I have professional experience using software’s such as AutoCad and Revit and also have good knowledge and experience using software from Adobe Creative Suite including Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. I also excel at using traditional methods which I believe I use to a high standard. I also have professional experience with machinery such as CNC and laser cutters along with other and industry equipment like band saws, pillar drills and sanders. I am currently researching and developing 3D printer technology within my work, which is essential for any model making. I also have experience and know how to use machinery safely and to test and develop my work.

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Project Greenworld

Space Invader

Volcano Museum

The main outline I wanted from this concept was to be as eco friendly as possible when considering the design of both the interior and exterior of the building.

For this project the brief was to redesign three office spaces to fit in with the new growing Manchester area. In the end two offices were single company buildings but the third biggest complex was kepy open plan but split into smaller rented spaces.

The next few pages are all competition entrys for the Design company ‘Bee Breeders’. For this competition I had to design a new structure which could be used as a temporary exhibition space. The location was set in Iceland.

Docomo Flagship Store This was one of my most recent group projects. Designing a kiosk stand, retail store and flagship store for our clients, Docomo. All other participants work has been noted on these pages.

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Visitor Centre

Thermal Springs Guest House

Also a competition from Bee Breeders, this brief was to design a new visitor centre located in the north of Iceland. The structure had to include a cafe, reception desk, toilets and a shop, plus the building was only allowed to be one story high.

The final competition for Bee Breeders was this concept. This building was an extention building to house guests with more luxury aesthetics than the existing hotel rooms offered. There are 8 rooms with a shared kitchen, lounge and hot tub.

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Chopbox -

Chopbox -

This was a live brief in which we had to design a sensory pod for children with ASD, this design endded up being a spiral pod which could be seperated if needed and could also act as a bookcase or small library.

This was my first ever group competition in we had to design a cooking utensile for one handed use of which we had 24 hours to submit our chosen design. All other participants work has been noted on these pages.

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This was another competition specifically aimed at interior designers. The brief was to redesign the herman miller office into a new radio station and lounge. All other participants work has been noted on these pages.

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Aston Martin Show Room Pages | 25-26

This was one of my first ever projects, designing a new showroom for luxury car company Aston Martin.

01 Project Greenworld

One of the biggest issues in the UK today is the amount of air pollution in most major towns and cities. One way in which we can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is by introducing more vegetation and greenery into buildings. Few buildings exist with this type of design in mind and even fewer are located in the UK. One of the worst affect spots for air pollution within the UK is in Leeds city centre, therefore this was an ideal location to install a scheme such as this into the already existing buildings. The Candle House tower in Leeds was chosen as the base building for this project due to its interesting and unique shape but also because of its strategic position located near to Leeds central train station. The rooms had been redesigned to institute living walls made of real plants which would be fed using filtered wasted water from the kitchen sink and bathroom utilities. The apartments had also been refitted with eco-friendly furniture and finishes such as woven tiger-bamboo flooring panels. The building should be seen not only as a solution to the current air pollution levels but also serve as an example of what the future of building architecture could look like by encouraging neighbouring buildings to introduce similar installations onto there facades.



Master Bedroom

Living Room


Outdoor Balcony

03 The Candle house building had also received upgrades to their ground floor restaurant and to their top floor terrace. The restaurant has been redesigned to match the style of the rest of the building, with living walls and even a green moss ceiling to hide the exposed concrete and metal support beams. Low hanging lights and dark wood furniture has been installed to give the place a very warm and rustic vibe, and the bar now stretches almost the entire length of the eatery. The small patch of grass located just outside of the building has also been used as an outdoor seating area for customers, providing them with wooden seating benches and a welcoming view of the canal. The roof top has also been altered and shaped to fit the rest of the building. All the brick walls have now been covered in living walls and the area has been split into two sections, a rooftop bar with seating areas to overlook the city and an allotment located on the other side to allow residents to grow their own food if they should please. When the bar is closed the space can be opened up to provide room for leisure activities such as yoga or be used as a play area for young children.

Restaurant Restaurant Front


Roof Top Cafe

Roof Top Allotment

Restaurant Bar

05 Space Invader Offices Room 1

For room 1, the area was intended for a small business, potentially specalising in one specific area of work such as consulting. For this design I wanted the interior to be very eligant with designer furniture and a unique colour scheme throughout. The main colour scheme for this room is mustard yellow, teal, grey and dark oak wood, however dark blue carpets along with white porcelain and grey flooring for the private toilets are also present. Although this room was the smallest of the three rooms, the space still holds a small kitchen and living space, 2 unisex toilets, a shower, several large desks and working spaces, a social seating area and a meeting room with projector.

Waiting Area


Conference Desk

07 Space Invader Offices Room 2

This was the largest room and was designed with the intention of being rented out spaces rather than having the large space opperate as one stand alone business. Because of this, the area can be spaced out, still meeting the design brief for the amount of desks and other specific requirements. This floor plan gives people a choice, it alllows everyone to collaberate and be social if they wish, but still offers private areas for single workers or small groups if necessary. The central break area has a kitchen island for washing and storing food and crockary, whilst the surrounding sofas and custom interior swings offer workers a place to sit on their rest break. Along with the communal area, the space also holds three hotdesks designed for twelve people each, five private booths, two conference rooms, a private office, a small IT room, several smaller social work spaces, a storage room, four toilets (two male and two female) and a shower room. Most of the walls are brick or glass with vinyl printing on it, with the exception of one interior wall showing a mural of a world map.

Private Office



Private Office Spaces

Social Area


Private Office Spaces

09 Space Invader Offices Room 3

For this room I was aiming for a much younger demographic to be working in this space, and so the interior designed For thiswas room, the mainaround aim wasthe for idea a much younger to be in this of ‘retrodemographic modernism’, or working retro aesspace, so the The interior wasisdesigned thetic and in mind. room around of ‘retro modernism’, fitted the withidea a custom pool table,or retro aesthetic in mind. The room is small cafe and bar, a ten person fitted with a custom pool table, small cafe hotdesk is used to encourage and bar, awhich ten person hot-desk which is teamwork and communication used to encourage teamwork and and art communication andwalls art murals on from the walls murrels on the inspired inspired from a Manchester based artist from a Manchester based artist called Nomad style matched the funky NomadClan Clanwhich which style matched the 80s and 90s furniture. funky 80s and 90s furniture.

Social Area


Social Area

Conference Table

Private Office

Conference Table

11 Volcano Museum Iceland

This was the first Competition of three which was presented to me by the design architects Bee Breeders.

I wanted this design to be mainly constructed with glass and metal. The windows were also designed to be tinted so that the interior remains hidden to those on the outside. The shape of the building has been inspired by the already existing structures seen in Icelantic architecture. The structure contains a reception area with seating, a ticket office, toilets a small office and a cafe. The rest of the space is designed to be an exhibition space, which can be altered or completely emptied if necessary. The flooring of this exhibition is also constructed using the very lava rock that the museum is promoting. The roof is made completely of stainless steal, the entrance is located to the left hand side of the structure. Although not recommended, the roof can be accessable for maintenace or if altered to be safe enough for people to stand on the roof to get a better view of the surrounding area. The cafe can also be extended outside in hotter climates, allowing more space for people to sit outside and potentially open the opportunities to outdoor activities which could be set up and organised by the museum, promoting the museum and the local area oin the process.


Front Ticket Desk

Main Exhibition Space


13 Visitor centre Iceland

This was the second competition from Bee Breeders. This brief was to design a new visitor centre to replace the older existing one. The requirements stated it couldn’t be more than 7 meters tall and had to have a cafe and reception area. To allow people to access the top level there are two levels of stairs, one on either side. These stairs are integrated into the buildings design and face inwards on the building. The top platform allows people to get an amazing view of the surrounding area as the location it is set in is mainly flat ground. There is only entrance to the centre, just behind the stairs. Once inside the centre there is access to the toilets, small shop, reception and help desk, tourist information booths and a large cafe. The cafe takes up half of the interior space, allowing 52 people to sit inside. Additional seating could be added to the top floor in warmer months if required.



Reception Desk


15 Thermal Springs Iceland

This was the last project that I took part in for Bee Breeders. For this project I had to design a luxury guest house which would act as an attachment to the company’s already existing hotel. There were specific requirements that had to be met such as the height and size regulations, and the building had to contain a communal kitchen, living room, storage, at least 8 rooms and a Jacuzzi. The spot chosen for this building was also on flat ground and was a prime location for seeing the aurora borealis. With this in mind I wanted the roof of the building to be transparent in order for visitors to be able to see the lights above them from their bedrooms. Most of the side panels are also made of either smart glass which can be dimmed or Perspex which can be shaped and constructed quickly. The brief also wanted the building to contain materials found in the local area, but as the outer walls were completely glass or internal walls are constructed with stone found in the region. The Jacuzzi is in the centre of the complex with a private outdoor space surrounding it just for the visitors to enjoy. All bedrooms and communal areas surround this area giving the building this circular shape.

16 Exterior


Exterior Hot Tub

Living Area


17 Flagship Store

For this project 6 of us were put into a group and told to design several different ventures which included a kiosk stand, a retail store and a flagship store, all of which needed to be redesign to suit the needs of our clients Docomo. All three proposals had to have the same colour schemes and overall design. This is the result of the overall best proposal out of the three pitches, the flagship store located in the centre of Birmingham.

The store featured two floors and a mezzanine, with a circular glass lift and multiple staircases throughout the structure. The building also featured a Japanese style sushi bar, a VR station and a giant screen and seating area. Promotional items were also placed throughout along with three consultation booths.


Group Memebers

Maximilian Holder Scott Cooper Emily Rawlings Amy White Cat Dimmock Blessin Iwatt Aaliyah Hudson


Mezzanine Floor

Basement Cafe

18 Stairs Docomo Storage

Screen Room

Mezzanine level Glass Railing

VR Station

Screen Room

Consultation Pods


Lift Screen Stage


Mezzanine Level

Ground Level

Basement Level

20 For this project we also had to design a kiosk and and a retail store for Docomo.

We started with the kiosk design, using specific colour tones and materials to construct the design. The design was inspired by the idea of traffic flow. The main part of the stand was a VR station, allowing one person at a time to enter and use the VR. This section of the stand also had access to storage for products and staff equipment. The other benches acted as a charging station for one and a one to one consulting area for the other.

The retail store then adapted the same style of curves and motion, along with the same colour schemes and designs intergrated into it. The retail store contained a VR station with curved seating on both sides, along with a red living wall, curved storage cases, consulting areas, testing tables and a drone wall. The shaping of these walls are designed with the intention of keeping the staff areas out of the way of the public yet still open enough to be able to interact when needed. One of the main ideas for this store was that you could select an item that you desired using a QR code placed underneith the product on display. Then a drone personally sends you your desired product.

Retail Store Interior

Kiosk Storage


21 Incube Sensory Pod Live Project

This project was very useful as it allowed me to expand on my knowledge of certain requirements needed for certain designs. Although the pod was meant to be designed for children who have autism or ASD, I wanted this product to be inclusive for all children. To include everyone, I designed the outside of the pod to be bookshelves, turning the design into both a sensory pod and a library. The hidden area on the inside are covered in sensory materials such as two-toned sequins and Velcro walls, with acoustic panelling and whiteboard walls also present in the pod. There is also enough room for either four small seats or a custom seat that I designed to go along with the pod. As this design is also a den and library it will appeal to a lot more schools as it offers multiple uses for them to use it for, and as its modular sections can be added or removed if space or money is an issue. The pod comes in three sizes and is flat pack in design.

22 This design was shortlisted by the manager of Incube along with 5 other designs.

As I had never designed anything like this before I had to do a lot of research to insure that what I design would be appropriate for children, both for those who have ASD and just in general safety. First of all I looked at shaping, and I discovered that children with ASD prefer spiral shapes over more jagged edges, however do enjoy the touch of jagged shapes more than smooth surfaces. Many children with ASD also do better in spaces free of busy, repetitive patterns, ideal patterns are minimal, organic, or subtle abstracts. However, some children prefer warm and fuzzy textiles while others prefer cool, smooth surfaces. To get round these issues I designed the pod in a spiral shape and insured that the inside had several types of sensory materials to appeal to everyone. Once I had the shape I wanted, I then had to decide on a colour scheme, it was found that colours like red, white and yellow can be overwhelming whilst colours like blues, greens and purples are heavily advised and preferred by children. My design offered two colours, green and purple. This could be easily done due to the modular structure of the pod. With lighting it was proven that natural lighting works best but if the space does require extra light, of which mine does then LED lighting should be used over any other types of lighting.

23 Chopbox

In this challenge I worked alongside 5 other product and interior designers. The brief was to produce a kitchen utensil which could help aid one handed people whilst cooking. What made this task more challenging was that we only had 24 hours to come up with the idea, develop sketches, renders, technical drawings and even make a basic model of the final product. All work would then be compiled into a video clip lasting no longer than 5 minutes, which was then submitted to the clients. The design included a cheese grater and peeler on one side and a mixing bowl on the other side. The suction pads underneath the product would keep it immobile whilst in use. Drawers were located on the side of the product to allow users to retrieve the shredded cheese or left over peals. All components could be removed from the main product and the mixing bowl could also be removed by twisting it anti-clockwise by one full rotation, which made all parts easy to clean. We tried to make the product as light as possible and also keeping the centre of gravity in the middle to allow the product to be carried one handed. Renders credited to Emily Rawlings

12 24 BIID Competition

The challenge took place on Saturday 10th November at the central London showroom of Herman Miller furniture manufacturer. Our brief was to design a new headquarters for an upcoming youth radio station, which had to be dynamic, accessible and acoustically sound. We were given six hours to create a design proposal and present it to the judges. The competition was completely CAD free, meaning only hand-drawn sketches, drawings and models were allowed. Our team was assigned a BIID mentor May Fawzy, a practising interior designer with professional knowledge gained from working in the industry. It was valuable and hugely rewarding experience, as we got to work alongside Industry professionals and present to a design panel simulating the professional environment. Having a CAD free brief and very limited time also encouraged us to think differently about presenting our work, which will be useful for future Design careers. Group members

Maximilian Holder Sadie MillerMaggs Amando Rodriguez Jade Diggory Polly Bayliss keelie Brooke

25 Aston Martin Showroom

This was one of my first projects, designing an entire building from scratch to host a car showroom of your choice, which in this case was Aston Martin. When researching their brand, all there show rooms appeared to be very minimalist, with simple two toned shades covering most of the interior space. Large windows and white marble flooring also present in many of their show rooms. I wanted to give my building a more interesting shape rather than the standard rectangular design. In the end I decided to go for a shape which would be undeniably an Aston Martin dealership, using the Aston emblem to make the outline of the roof. I had to insure that the interior would be just as interesting to look at as the exterior, so the showroom is fitted with several plasma screens on the walls promoting the brand, next to each of the cars in the showroom is a tablet which allows users to customise that car to their liking and show you what it would look like before you purchase it, and a rotating Aston Martin DB5 promotional piece. The rear of the store also has two glass garage doors to allow staff to get the cars in and out of the showroom.



Exterior Front

Consultation Area

Exterior Back

Interior Show Area


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Maximilian Holder Portfolio  

This is my portfolio of my work during my time at university

Maximilian Holder Portfolio  

This is my portfolio of my work during my time at university