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Yannik Maximilian  Schneider   900101819   14.9.2011   Assignment  Rhet  201   First  draft     Strike  at  AUC  –  a  personal  statement     Sitting  in  the  library  in  a  country,  which  proudly  considers  itself  as  a  newborn   democracy,  I  write  this  paper,  while  hearing  protest  chants  going  on  for  the  last   hour.  Chants  sang  by  students  refusing  to  pay  the  increased  tuition  and  workers   demanding  for  an  increase  in  their  salary.  To  reduce  that  to  simple  economic  terms   from  the  American  University’s  point  of  view:  On  the  hand  they  are  demanded  to   decrease  the  major  part  of  the  approximated  income  and  on  the  other  hand  to   increase  the  costs  in  the  human  resources  sector.  To  analyze  the  appropriate   reaction  by  the  university’s  administration,  one  has  to  analyze  both  workers  and   student  demands  separately,  since  they  are  contradicting  each  other  from  the   general  economic  magnitude.     On  the  third  of  July  the  administration  sent  an  e-­‐mail  to  every  enrolled  student,   which  announced  that  for  the  next  semester  the  tuition  fee  will  be  increased  by  nine   percent.  The  official  reason  for  this  is  the  decreased  revenue  from  international   students,  based  on  their  high  drop  out  rate  in  the  course  of  the  Egyptian  revolution.  

This caused  a  negative  balance  in  the  universities  financial  planning,  now  to  be   compensated  through  an  increase  in  tuition  this  semester.    Concerning  this  part  of   the  strike  the  questions,  which  have  to  be  imposed,  should  be:   -­‐Do  there  exist  other  fields,  where  saving  cost  might  result  in  balanced  finances  and   what  would  be  the  impacts  on  university  life?   -­‐Since  the  loss  is  non-­‐recurring,  why  should  there  be  a  general  and  constant   increase  in  tuition,  whether  a  one-­‐time  payment  might  be  more  appropriated?   -­‐To  which  degree  does  the  university  support  students  and  their  families,  when  they   are  no  longer  able  to  pay  the  tuition?     The  other  major  demands  of  the  protesters  do  come  from  the  AUC  workers.   Contrary  to  the  students  they  don’t  want  to  pay  less  to  AUC  they  demand  higher   salaries.  The  issue  of  an  adequate  salary  for  the  workers  has  already  been  discussed   several  times  in  the  last  year  before  and  after  the  revolution.  Based  on  the   experiences  in  the  revolution,  the  mentality  of  expressing  and  accomplishing   demands  through  demonstrations  is  a  much  more  wide  spread  phenomena  in  the   Egyptian  society.  Questions  to  be  answered  about  the  worker’s  demands  are:   -­‐Are  they  paid  properly,  concerning  the  minimal  wage  of  1200  L.E.  and/or  the   average  wage  in  Egypt?   -­‐Would  an  increase  in  wages  result  in  a  decrease  in  staff?  

-­‐Is the  difference  in  salary  levels  between  the  different  levels  of  the  staff  justifiable?   -­‐Shouldn’t  the  American  University  be  in  a  role  model  position  for  employee   treatment?       Nevertheless  should  one  not  to  forget  that,  assuming  the  university  executes  a   decent  financial  policy,  two  independent  groups  demand  the  university  to  save  and   spent  an  immense  amount  of  money.     In  my  opinion  the  most  logical  way  to  solve  this  problem  is  to  establish  a  committee   composed  out  of  representatives  delegated  by  the  students,  workers,  administration   and  independent  ones.  This  committee  should  have  full  access  to  the  financial  data   of  the  AUC  and  figure  out  the  imposed  questions  as  well  as  a  plan  based  on  the   findings.          

AUC Strike reaction  

Assignment for Rhet 201

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