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N U R S ERY FU RN I T U RE chests of drawers – as this gives them a longer lifespan in the home,” adds Victoria. Panama is East Coast’s brand new midcentury style range. Due into stock in late May, it’s already tipped to be a strong seller. “We’ve got some really lovely photography for this collection, so it’ll be sure to catch people’s eye on websites and in-store graphics,” said Victoria, who also noted the importance of fashion and trends in this market. “The 2019 trend report released by John Lewis suggests that parents are opting for neutral tones – white, grey and tan are the most popular choices for nursery products. We would definitely agree that white furniture sells best, followed by grey.” Holly John, marketing manager at Chicco, believes that safety is the most important factor for parents, as they look to ensure that their nursery offers a safe and comfortable environment. She also points out that: “Parents are also looking for furniture that is both practical, durable and long-lasting, so anything that can be adapted as the little one grows will always be popular.” Chicco has also found that parents are looking for space-saving solutions and so it is always looking for innovative new products to bring to market, as well as ways to further enhance its existing products. “The new updated Next2Me Magic is a good example of this,” says Holly. “It is our most innovative side sleeping crib  yet and features a range of exciting and

GOING GREY Popular high street department store John Lewis published a ‘Nursery Trends 2019’ report earlier this year, revealing the top products on parents’ wishlists and key nursery trends to watch out for. The report covers everything from the bestselling items in the retailer’s product portfolio to which colour has become the most popular for nurseries, revealing that grey is now the best-selling option across nursery furniture and decor, with white also remaining popular. According to the retailers’ sales figures, the neutral colour options are now six times more popular than previous bestsellers pink and blue.

Inset: Chicco’s Next2Me Magic has a one-handed drop-down side panel,

unique new features, such as a sliding side panel which makes it even easier for parents to reach their little one during the night. It also includes a new rocking mechanism that can be operated in freestanding mode by the touch of a button.” While Chicco’s gender-specific colours remain a popular choice for parents, the company has also seen a large increase in demand for neutral colours, such as grey and beige. Products such as the new Next2Me Magic and Baby Hug 4-in-1 are available in a variety of neutral colours so that they fit in with any nursery design. As the business development and operations assistant for BabyHub, Gemma Aubert has found that – in addition to safety – price has been an important consideration for many parents. “It is essential to be competitive in a crowded market when developing premium baby products,” she explains. BabyHub’s NeoSpace bedside crib uses a patented fold-down padded side to ensure there is no gap between the crib and the bed; something the company has have found to be of great concern to many parents in recent times. Designed with safety as the priority, it can also be reused as a child’s bench once the baby has outgrown the crib. “We have incorporated a spacesaving streamline finish,” says Gemma, “but also took the decision to include a secondary use as a child’s bench for later on. We thought that being able to include a child-sized bench would be a welcome element in the market!”

Above: The NeoSpace bedside crib from BabyHub come with a patented fold-down padded side.

Of course, it would also match the existing décor as well, making it even easier to incorporate into the style of the nursery. “Aesthetically, we have found that parents are still choosing neutral colours and opting for whites and greys for a crisp clean feel in the nursery or bedroom,” Gemma continues. “We have opted for a white finish on the wood and grey fabric coverings for the padded fold-down side and fastenings so the crib will compliment the decor in parent’s bedrooms.” With parents turning to Instagram and Pintrest to seek out the most creative and stylish nursery looks, furniture companies have got their work cut out in balancing new trends with safety and affordability concerns. But regardless of style or budget, one thing is certainly clear – parents looking to create the perfect ambience for their baby’s room have plenty to choose from. PROGRES SIVE PRESCHOOL

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