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In the modern retail trade, ‘brand new’ products from suppliers are launching all the time – but are they really as groundbreaking as they promise to be? After all, as Mark Twain famously said: ‘there’s no such thing as a new idea’. Or is there? PPS goes on the hunt for some truly innovative product which will be coming soon to a retail space near you...

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espite what we were led to believe at school, it turns out that inventing something new requires a little more than wearing a white lab coat, having messy hair and shouting ‘Eureka’. Creating a truly innovative product is a timeconsuming and costly process; one that many would shy away from, despite the wonderful creations we come up with after a few drinks. In the nursery industry it’s fair to say that most new products come from evolution rather than innovation – an extra feature here or a luxury fabric option there, offering consumers choice and allowing retailers to keep their offering fresh. Every now and then though, something special comes along and creates a whole new market for itself. In 2017 that product was the Rockit – the clever pramrocking gadget that helps little ones nap. More than 14,000 babies have been lulled to sleep by the award-winning product, which is now available at retailers including Argos, Amazon and John Lewis. With this heritage behind them, it’s no real surprise that the team behind Rockit has already invented

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its next new product; the Zed. According to director Matt Dyson, Zed is a sleep soother that mimics the feeling of being in a car. “The clever technology recreates the soothing low frequency vibrations that famously sends babies to sleep,” he explains. “We are expecting it to be a hit with worn out parents desperate for a good night’s sleep as finely tuned vibrations ripple through the mattress, comforting little ones and encouraging a deep sleep.” The Rockit team has spent the last 18 months developing Zed, Below: The ClevaBath fully transforms the kitchen sink into a happy baby bath.


ensuring that the gentle vibrations work on all types of mattresses. “A total of six different vibration modes are available to simulate the low frequency rumbles of the car suspension and the gentle revving of the engine,” adds Matt. “And of course we all know how well babies and young children sleep in the car!” As well as the clever vibration modes, Zed also includes a soothing night light and is small enough to be travel-friendly. Due to launch at retail this June, it’s another giant sleep for babykind. While many of the best inventions solve annoying everyday problems, others find creative ways to revolutionise an everyday practise – such as fully transforming the kitchen sink into a safe and secure baby bath. The ClevaBath from ClevaMama has been created to give peace of mind to parents by making bathing very young children easier, comfier and safer. The collapsible design fits over any standard sink, meaning no heavy lifting or bending over a bathtub to clean a slippery, crying baby. “Not everyone has a bath in their home, but everyone has a sink,” points out Cristina Ceobanu, marketing manager for ClevaMama. “Our in-depth

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Progressive Preschool March/April 2020