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Below left: The new premises is over 52,000 sq ft of newly-built office and warehouse space.

Beam Group: The Next Level Moving an entire business to a brand new location is no easy task in the middle of a global pandemic, but that's just what premium houseware brand distributor Beam Group has done. After making the move in mid-October, Beam Group's general manager, Matt Innes, commercial manager Will Hindle and head of marketing and e-commerce Will Robbs were keen to speak to Progressive Housewares to explain why the new premises will be taking the business to the next level. It's no secret that the UK and Irish retail landscapes have seen a massive shake-up in 2020, with new challenges for businesses to overcome sitting alongside a number of exciting opportunities to service customers in new and innovative ways. Since it was established in 1985, Beam Group – market-leading brand management and distribution business which focuses on premium brands within the small domestic appliance, air treatment and floorcare categories – has been providing a premium service to the UK and Irish retail industries. During those three decades, Beam Group has excelled by always thinking ahead to how it will satisfy its customers' demands for new ideas, constantly challenging its brand partners to support the evolving needs of retailers and consumers and bringing their products to life in new and inspiring ways. THE NEXT STEP Despite the much-reported difficulties faced by the retail trade in 2020, Beam Group has continued this proactive approach to brand management and distribution by taking the next step in the evolution of the business. “Our new premises are taking the business to the next level,” said head of marketing and e-commerce Will Robbs. “We are now operating from a brand new home in the heart of Cambridgeshire, with a newly-built 52,000 square foot office space, showroom and warehouse, all perfectly placed to support us as we continue to deliver a range of premium services to our customers.”

Staying in the same business park in North Cambridge, the move highlights the ambitious mind-set of the team as it acts as the central point for the sales, marketing and e-commerce teams which boast years of industry knowledge and experience to support the growing demands of Beam Group's brand and trade partners. “Quadrupling our warehouse and office space to accommodate our growing team and logistics operations represents a real investment in the exceptional range of services that we can offer our brand partners and customers,” explained general manager, Matt Innes. “The new building will support our ongoing growth aspirations and allow us to Offer an unparalleled service as we continue to redefine what a ‘distributor’ can mean to a brand and the UK and Irish retail industries. While our past and present has been focused solely on housewares categories, we see big Below: A quiet area inside the new building allows the team to have somewhere away from their desks. Right: The warehouse and showroom are also part of the new premises, ensuring a fully streamlined service.




Below: The new Beam Group logo

A Brand Evolution To bring all of these changes to life, Beam Group has also unveiled a whole new look; a branding which represents the multiservice approach of the business as it continues to support its brands and customers in line with the changing face of UK retail. “The re-design was built to capture the spirit of Beam Group – our ability to take premium brands on their journey and deliver results beyond that of any UK distribution business,” revealed Will Robbs, head of marketing, as he discussed the new look. “As we’ve grown, we’ve added more and more services for brands entering the UK retail landscape, and the logo represents this perfectly with the beams of light emerging from the centre.” “Alongside our brands and customers, we’ve grown a lot over the last few years,” he continued, “and we needed a bold new logo to represent our brand values, reflecting our passion, ambition and vision for the future.”

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Progressive Housewares October November 2020  

Progressive Housewares October November 2020