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Meghal aya S h ill o n g

Learn music at Shillong

It is said that music is the hidden language of the soul. It has the power to heal and relax. If strumming the guitar or beating the drum has been your secret desire, head to Shillong, India’s hub of rock music and culture. If you’re lucky enough, you might just get an opportunity to be part of a live rock concert there! Surrounded by rolling hills and located at an altitude of 1,496 m above sea level, Shillong is forever engulfed in clouds. The beauty of this capital of the Northeastern state of Meghalaya is conducive to creativity, so the outcome is sure to be magical. Music forms a major part of every conversation that takes place at the 'Rock Capital of India'. Cafés sprawled all over the city act as live venues for rock shows reflecting the residents' deep love for music. These cafés promote new talent as well as host local, national and international bands from around the world. The world’s best music events, competitions and workshops keep happening in Shillong. So, landing an opportunity to train under world-class artistes who keep frequenting the place is a huge possibility. Just keep a tab on upcoming events.


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Airports India August 2018