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Skyrim:The Finance Scrolls

Welcome Dragonborn You’ll need to save skyrim by the lessons we teach you. First thing we will teach you is credit cards and how to avoid credit card debt

Credit cards is a type of revolving credit which there is no limit on the money you spend.

Unlimited coins whoop whoop

Credit card Debt Watch out! You would wanna avoid this guy, or you could defeat him. This is credit card debt. We will give you a few ways to avoid this. -Pay off your bills on time -Don’t overspend -Or just use your dragonborn powers and shout

What should you wear to an interview?

You will need to dress nice and formal for an interview, A suit and tie.

However, you will not be fighting dragons or Forsworn so do not wear the following -Armor of any sort -Certainly do not dress like a farmer

What Three docs do you need to get a job? You’ll need a resume first, with all your information and previous work experience.

You will also need to fill out a job application

A cover letter is also much appreciated.

Payment methods in skyrim You can pay with: -Credit card -Debit Card -Cash/Coins -Checks -money orders

What forms do you need to file taxes? W-2 forms -An employer sends you a w-2 every year to show your annual wages and amount of taxes withheld from your paycheck

Form 1099 -this form covers rent, royalties, self employment, etc.

What do i need to insure? The different types of insurance are: -Vehicle insurance/Horse insurance -Home insurance -Life insurance -Liability insurance -Etc.

What are some different types of investments? Here in skyrim we have many opportunities to invest. A few include: -Savings accounts -CDS -Bonds -Mutual funds -Collectibles

How to create Goals for yourself Use SMART to set up your goals for the future -S: Specific (What, Why How) -M: Measureable -A: Attainable (Is it achievable?) -R: Relevant -T: Timely or time based Not this kind of smart

Check Number

Parts of a check On the back of a check is a spot for an endorsement, there are 4 types: -Blank endorsement: Anyone can cash or deposit -Restrictive endorsement: Can only be deposited -Mobile Endorsement: Only can be deposited using the bank app -Special endorsement: Allows check to be transferred to a second party

Person or organization you are writing check to

Amount of check in words Reason behind writing the check Signature

Amount of check


Budgeting will save you a lot of money and will help you spend your money efficiently. -First you must pay yourself, that is the most important. -Then you can save money into an emergency fund just in case you get whacked with a sword too many times or your house collapses. -Then you pay off your bills and pay for your food Bills include Family expenses, Horse insurance(Car insurance), and Live

Timeline You may set up your future in skyrim and plan it out as shown here. Things like: -Adopting kids -Fighting off deathlords and dragons -Getting a house in whiterun

You are ready dragonborn You are ready to live in skyrim. Although you don’t have to worry about bills and finances here in skyrim‌It would be good to know if you wanna settle down and be an ordinary citizen. Now go, Face the dangers of this world, you are ready.

The dangers of Skyrim

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