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Our Development Business

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Reshaping the future

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Our construction business

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Why recommend VESTBUILD?

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upgrades & 6 star ENERGY RATING

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The VESTBUILD Guarantee

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VESTBUILD have built quality homes for hundreds of happy families across Victoria since 1997.

Our core focus is producing high yielding, quality homes that are in high capital growth areas across Victoria.

The VESTBUILD brand is based on four key principles: stylish design, unbeatable service, attention to detail and outstanding value.

VESTBUILD deal with investment groups and property groups not just across Australia, but in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. These investors see not only the benefits of investing their money in Australia but in VESTBUILD homes themselves.

These four key principals combined with a suite of modern homes have seen VESTBUILD become one of Australia’s fastest growing housing companies. We research and build homes to make our clients happy and provide them with a great investment. Our homes are more innovative than any other homes in the country. We build for the investor and specialize in homes that provide the best rental returns, the highest depreciation benefits and the greatest capital growth. Our inclusions list is unmatched by any other builder and our house and land packages are in Victoria’s best estates.

We pick the best estates. We work with companies such as STOCKLAND, PEET, SATTERLEY, VILLAWOOD, AUSTRALAND and VICURBAN which means that our land acquisition methods are non-biased and purely commercial. Our reputation as a builder allows us to secure unreleased land in these estates across Victoria.

We keep you informed Our property groups receive depreciation schedules, marketing packs, rental appraisals, area information, Estate Marketing Packs and the unlimited use of our state of the art Agent Portal.


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VESTBUILD has delivered 1000’s of residential properties through various projects Victoria-wide with a combined value in excess of $2.5 Billion History repeats

Our development Business

reshaping the future

VESTBUILD is an un-listed private company that has been developing in Melbourne Metro and Regional Victoria for over 15 years.

VESTBUILD specialise in developing homes with spaces that feel big, versatile and flexible - spaces that can be re-purposed for daily/seasonal needs. We believe in squeezing use out of every square inch of space.

To date VESTBUILD has delivered 1000’s of residential properties through various projects Victoria-wide with a combined value in excess of $2.5 Billion. Our main focus is Townhouse projects from 10 units to 55 units, and Land subdivisions from 30 lots to 200 lots in Melbourne Metro as well as Regional Victoria. Born of VESTBUILD’s extensive property industry experience, the property development division has evolved to address key areas of property development and management. Our in-house concept creation, design and planning teams ensure that VESTBUILD have direct control of all outcomes. This vertically integrated approach means that projects can be completed on time, on budget

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and, above all, maintaining long term quality and value for every project. By bringing together our VESTBUILD development business with our construction businesses we are able to masterplan the entire build process. This enables us to ensure that the quality and consistency of a whole housing community is tightly managed. VESTBUILD have been busy acquiring high quality development projects in key growth areas of Victoria, planning and designing a new level of housing that is lacking in the existing market place. VESTBUILD is committed to growth over the next few years and aims to become an integral part of the future Australian Property industry.

While smaller designs are becoming more popular, compact homes have been built in Melbourne since the late 1800s: for example, you will have seen the Victorian terrace housing and cottages in the north Melbourne suburbs and in Fitzroy and Albert Park. This small two-three bedroom home was introduced to the inner suburbs of large Australian cities by the UK in the 1850s when huge swathes were built to accommodate the Victorian Gold Rush population boom. Building was halted by an economic depression in the early 1890s and when it restarted again in the early 1900s, the demand was for larger houses to accommodate a much smaller population. It makes sense then that, facing another population boom coupled with the key issue of affordable housing,

VESTBUILD is committed to continuing the tradition of creating housing in Australia based on what the market requires. Another factor shaping our housing needs is the unprecedented aging of our population. VESTBUILD understands this. We understand that the Baby Boom Generation that’s driven change throughout their lives now want new housing models that meet their needs. We’ve learned is that Generation Y are looking for the same thing: accessory dwelling units in walkable, urban neighbourhoods. This need is reshaping the traditional concept of suburban single family living who are moving away from the traditional large lot/large houses that have dominated the Australian property market for the past 20 years. VESTBUILD has answered this with our intuitive designs that are efficient, appealing and financially viable.

Our construction business The growth in population in the Victorian residential property marketplace has resulted in an increased need for quality homes that offer value for money.

and our House & Land Division. The two divisions work in synergy with one another to produce the best outcome for our clients.

With roots in its construction businesses, VESTBUILD is a leader in investment building. Our construction business is divided into two divisions: Multi Unit Housing

The company derives its income from high volume / low margin construction with an investorled customer-base. VESTBUILD specialises

in building ‘Ready 2 Live’ House and Land packages which include garden landscaping and all internal fittings. VESTBUILD considers every home we build to be a display home - ensuring we build our homes to the highest standard every time. At any given time, we have hundreds of homes

Victoria wide at various stages of the purchase & construction process. Our construction time, high-level of service and overall quality is unmatched by our competitors. We will continue to lead the industry with our innovative designs and construction processes that make VESTBUILD: The best build.

Our construction time, high-level of service & overall quality is unmatched 0 0 8 0

VESTBUILD goes that extra step to make our clients’ experience enjoyable, educational and hassle free Invest with confidence VESTBUILD have entered a new era of service and support in the Owner-Occupier and investment property market in Victoria. VESTBUILD goes that extra step to make our clients experience as enjoyable, educational and hassle-free as possible.

iPads including regular photos of construction progress. Our processes are constantly updated and monitored to ensure we are ahead of the rest in terms of efficiency and quality in our delivery.

Quality Control VESTBUILD After Sales Service VESTBUILD employ full-time customer service staff to coordinate the day-to-day enquiries. Our customer service team are industry qualified and experienced. They are contactable seven days a week to ensure you have all the tools you need to build your investor home.

VESTBUILD Administration Service Administration is an integral part of our service to you. Turnaround timeframes for contract processing has a Three Day Policy for all HIA construction contracts (provided we have received all documentation in correct order). This short turnaround maximises the timeframe that financiers need to get home loans formally approved and construction commenced. We have a dedicated Contracts Coordinator who prepares contracts for signing, tracks and follows signed contracts and records them on our portal for our clients, agents or financiers to download.

Construction Delivery We have state of the art systems to ensure that the delivery of each home is as per the expectations of our clients. Our Build Tracker systems are in place for construction supervisors who maintain updates via their

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We employ a full-time Construction Coordinator who monitors the work of all of our Supervisors on site: this means we constantly ‘supervise the supervisor’. While most firms outsource this job to an external or ‘independent’ contractor who checks the quality once at the end of the job, we at VESTBUILD check monthly during construction to ensure all of our products are of the highest standard and at the level our clients expect.

Maintenance Service Our customer service line is well equipped to handle all maintenance requests from our clients or tenants of our homes. The client’s property manager will be contacted and a building industry licensed professional will carry out necessary work.

Support Service Client support during the construction period is maintained through of our state of the art portal Each client is given a username and login to access all documentation and updates, including site photographs, regarding their property with VESTBUILD. We also keep our clients up to date by email, telephone or post - whichever suits them best.

Why recommend VESTBUILD? The founder and director of VESTBUILD understands investment property. VESTBUILD has been supplying investment property groups, agents and financial institutions for the past 15 years. We currently supply companies Australia-wide with ‘Ready 2 Live’ Townhouse and House & Land packages. Our knowledge and experience of what makes a feasible investment means that you can trust us to get on with all the hard work so our clients have peace of mind.

n Self-funded company meaning our projects don’t

require presales and are not subject to financing risk ensuring all projects start timely and finish timely. n Over 50% of our properties are Single Contract,

or no construction loan properties (SMSF Friendly) n A great range of Metropolitan Melbourne Detached

housing as well as Regional Victoria properties available. n Build times are generally 4-5 months for House

& Land and 6-9 months for Townhouses. – Property Group Portal This state of the art portal gives you live stocklist, reservations, sales-data, all property information, live sales tracker, contract and finance monitoring and email updates on every step of the transaction for each property sold.

More reasons to recommend us: ‘Ready 2 Live’ H&L & Townhouse properties: we call it this because our homes have a greater inclusion list than our competitors. n Fixed Price Packages – what you sell at is all your

client ever pays n Great price points: VESTBUILD has a huge selection

of properties under $350,000 n Majority of our land is titled and the majority

of our projects are under construction

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n Your business will have a VESTBUILD dedicated

BDM for all enquiries, available 7 days a week. n – home buyer login: your clients

will receive an automated email as each step of the property changes. Contract execution, finance approvals, construction progress are all emailed to your client automatically. This feature can be turned on or off at your request. n We regularly order valuations on all of our projects.

We understand the market is constantly changing and we make sure our referrers have all of the up-to-date information to promote our properties. n Rental Appraisals and Depreciation Estimates

are all available on our portal.

VESTBUILD understands investment property

The portal

upgrades & 6 star ENERGY RATING

Property Group Login

feel secure pack

The portal allows our referrer’s 24 hours 7 days a week access to all of their VESTBUILD property documentation and information. Upon selling/signing your marketing agreement with us your business will be given a secure username and password to access your very own section of our website, which relates exclusively to your business and sales. You can access: n

Current VESTBUILD properties available


 ive reservation means no double selling as L our system is live and updated constantly

uploaded to our portal and automatically emailed to your clients.

Home Buyer Login Our state of the art portal allows our clients 24/7 access to all of their VESTBUILD property documentation and information at their request. Upon purchasing a VESTBUILD property you will be given a secure username and password to access your very own section of our website, which relates exclusively to your property. You can access: n Copies of your signed contracts


An up-to-date list of your current reserves and sales

n Documentation relating to your property


 roperty summaries and details including marketing packs, P investment facts, rental appraisals, depreciation estimates, full contracts of sale and deposit & sale information can be accessed at your fingertips.

n Working drawings and engineering drawings


 inance updates of when your financier updates us F on loan approvals for each property


 ales tracker – automated email alerts from the portal S for each sale per status change i.e. finance unconditional, slab poured, frame up, fixing stage etc etc. also your payments and invoicing will be reminded with automated emails – so we are proactive with you!


Drawdown invoices for your H&L bank loans


Builder receipts for your payments


Construction photos monthly take from onsite and

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of your property n All permits and permissions from authorities

We understand that your investment is precious and good security is not only for piece of mind but also a great depreciation product for your investment. That’s why we make sure all of our homes come with security precautions to ensure your investment is always looked after. VESTBUILD offers a complimentary upgrade for all our clients by installing: n High Quality Alarm System with Touchpad and

sensors throughout the property. n Aluminium Flyscreens fitted to all the windows

throughout the homes n Aluminium flyscreen security doors with locks installed

to the front door and rear/side sliding doors n Window locks fitted to all windows throughout the home n Feature Front door with deadlock

n Finance updates of when your financier updates

us on loan approvals n Drawdown invoices for your H&L bank loans n Builder receipts for your payments n Live construction updates at every stage of the

construction progress from site start to handover n Construction photos taken monthly from onsite

and uploaded to our portal With VESTBUILD you will always feel informed and will always be in control of your information at each step of the way.

Garden Maintenance Package VESTBUILD knows how important it is to have your home look its best at all times, none more so than before your potential tenant moves in. This is why we offer all of our clients a complimentary 3 months garden maintenance service after settlement or hand over. Our qualified gardeners will mow your new properties’ lawns (front yard as well as backyard) remove all weeds and keep all edges trimmed and maintained.

They will also air broom your driveway, paths and patio areas to ensure your property is cared for until your tenant moves in.

New sustainable housing laws To limit household energy use in heating and cooling, State Governments have introduced minimum construction requirements. A 6 star energy equivalence rating requirement for houses in Victoria was implemented from May 2010. VESTBUILD’s properties not only meet these requirements, but, as they are built to need less energy for both heating and cooling, they offer significant savings on energy bills. To gain this compliance, all of VESTBUILD’s new homes constructed will utilise some or all of the following to achieve a 6 Star energy Rating: n Walls R-Value of R1.5 (Sisalation) n Ceiling R-Value of R3.0 n Heat Pump Hot Water System (250Lt) n Window tinting n 80% energy efficient lighting n Light coloured roofing n Solar Hot Water Service n Energy Efficient Home Designs exclusive to VESTBUILD n Carefully selected land parcels with attention

to orientation

VESTBUILD have built quality homes for hundreds of happy families across Victoria 0 1 0 6 0

Timing & Location Timing and location are absolutely critical to your success as a property investor. It’s not just the market, it’s also the timing in the market. The trouble is, most people don’t know enough about the market to confidently invest beyond their local area. This is where you really benefit from working with

VESTBUILD. We combine our vast investment experience and research expertise with a unique economic forecast and selection model to identify the suburbs with the greatest growth and demand potential. Through VESTBUILD’s own developments, bulk purchasing, high-quality

service and professionalism, VESTBUILD has also built strong relationships with other leading developers including household names like Stockland, Delfin Lend Lease, Australand, Satterley.. These firms specialise in masterplanned community estates, featuring town centres, schools, playing fields, smart technology,

high speed internet (NBN), walkways, and water parks and features, along with strict design guidelines to protect your investment. VESTBUILD has the ability to access deals usually unavailable to individual property investors, including wholesale pricing, and first pick of the best land available at that estate.

The VESTBUILD Guarantee It’s frustrating and expensive when a builder introduces a whole host of hidden costs after your investment purchase. This never happens with VESTBUILD. When we design and build a VESTBUILD property all the costs are outlined in black and white on the HIA Fixed Price Building contract or agreement.

stage VESTBUILD provides our customers with the Hand-Over Pack which will include your set of keys and any relevant manuals and warranties for the electrical appliances in your property.

Hand over Inspection (final inspection)

All VESTBUILD homes have a large level of inclusions, as well as ‘Ready 2 Live’ investment pack upgrades, a ‘Feel Secure Pack’ and a Garden Maintenance Package, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting for your money. VESTBUILD covers extra costs if they should come up, so you can rest assured.

When you’re building an investment home, you’re building for tenants who will expect everything complete and ‘just right’ when they move in. Unlike some Owner-Occupiers, tenants aren’t prepared to wait while things are gradually improved.

Guaranteed Home completion date

We understand this: when you invest in a VESTBUILD home we make sure that it’s completely finished at handover so that your tenant can simply move in and enjoy their new rental property.

We guarantee all of our homes and builds at VESTBUILD. In fact we put it into all of our contracts. We believe in being completely upfront and setting achievable timeframes to deliver our promises to our clients and we stick strictly by them. We have a Liquidated Damages Clause in our build contracts which will reassure you: we finish on time or we pay for every day we are late.

Warranties All of the high quality inclusions come with guarantees and warranties as set out in your building contract. Once your property is ready to settle or at hand over

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To make sure everything runs smoothly and your VESTBUILD investment property is as per expectation, our very own construction coordinator will arrange a hand over inspection (PCI) or a final inspection before settlement. At this meeting our clients are encouraged to come and view the property. Alternatively, our clients can send a representative to inspect on their behalf and sign off. At this point all hard copies of documentation (soft copies will all be available online via the portal as well), including all warranties and manuals, will be handed over, including the keys to your brand new investment property with VESTBUILD.

Timing and location are absolutely critical to your success

PROJECTS 1 ShankLand, Meadow Heights 2 Gosford, BroadMeadows


3 The yati, various locations 4 The meki, DOREEN 1


















5 patience, doreen

At VESTBUILD we understand you’ll have plenty of questions in relation to your new property investment. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions we get and the answers: Q What does ‘Ready 2 Live’ property inclusions mean? A ‘Ready 2 Live’ is exclusive to VESTBUILD. While others have ‘turn-key’ inclusions we felt that, as our inclusions list is far superior and contains exactly what an investor would want and a tenant would require, we should give it our own name. ‘Ready 2 Live’ simply means that all inclusions are already installed into your VESTBUILD new property on hand-over: your tenant will have all items necessary for them to start living in it. This of course includes landscaping, oven, dishwasher, driveway plus much, much more. Q I would like to inspect the site a few times during my construction, is this allowed? A I’m afraid not. At VESTBUILD, we don’t like saying no but for workplace health and safety laws we cannot allow customers to visit a construction site. Your qualified VESTBUILD Construction Coordinator will make regular visits to your property during construction and keep you well informed on construction progress via our – home buyer login portal. Through this portal you will receive regular updates and photos of your investment. Once the certificate of occupancy is received you will be notified by the portal (as well as your VESTBUILD Construction Coordinator) and a site inspection can be booked for you to inspect. Q Can I make changes to the floorplan of my VESTBUILD property? A Unfortunately not. We have carefully devised a design and plan with qualified architects and planners to ensure that your VESTBUILD investment home meets the developer and council guidelines and permit conditions. Liveable space, sustainable living and careful design are all factors that VESTBUILD have considered when designing our homes to maximise your returns and increase the enjoyment for the occupier. Q Can I live in my VESTBUILD home? A It’s your home so you can do what you like. All of our homes are designed with the occupier in mind. Our ‘Ready 2 Live’ inclusions ensure everything is included in the homes we build (besides the furniture) so yes! Of course you can enjoy it too. Q Can a friend of mine do the plumbing for my new VESTBUILD property? A VESTBUILD have spent years accumulating our trade base to ensure we work with the most skilled and reputable suppliers and trades. We must stand behind our reputation at the end of the job and that includes the workmanship on the whole property therefore we will only allow our own tradesmen and materials in our home who have passed are rigorous quality assurance tests and hold the right qualifications for our insurance purposes. Therefore we would not be able to allow this.

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Q Why does VESTBUILD choose the façade of my home? A Developers of our land estates have strict design guidelines. We have to ensure the right mix of materials and colours are used in all of the homes that we build. We are also obliged to take care that any colours used are in line with the streetscape and side-by-side homes are not either too similar or too different so that one stands out more than the others. VESTBUILD employs professional colour and design consultants who do all the hard work for our clients and ensure that the properties have a tasteful colour mix throughout the homes we build. Q Does VESTBUILD have a display suite like all the major builders? A VESTBUILD has made a choice not to have a display suite like the other builders. We don’t believe in putting in extra flashy items which our clients don’t receive in their package price with VESTBUILD. At VESTBUILD what you see is what you get. Always. We like to think every home we build are display homes and we believe that this is why we have a huge list of homes in various stage of construction throughout Victoria. Q What’s the purchase process for a VESTBUILD House & Land Package?

6 riverstone, doreen 7 Windrock, Craigieburn 8 St Ali, St Albans 9 Clover kilmore, Kilmore 10 The Claredon, Craigieburn 11 FaIRview, Mernda 12 The Arc, Craigieburn 13 The ardsley, Craigieburn 14 The grand, Craigieburn 15 The etheridge, Craigieburn 16 Ryrie, Epping 17 Weerona, Epping 18 Summerhill, Craigieburn

A Step 1. Client Signs three copies of the land contracts and the HIA build contracts; Client pays a $1,000 land holding deposit upon signing. The referral agent forwards this to VESTBUILD Step 2. VESTBUILD countersigns the build contracts and the land developer countersigns the land contracts Step 3. VESTBUILD creates a username and password for the Client and emails the Client their details. VESTBUILD uploads a countersigned copy of the land and build contract to the – buyer login portal for the Client to view. Step 4. VESTBUILD forwards the agent with a photocopy of the land and build contract for them to distribute to the Client’s financiers. VESTBUILD also forwards an original signed land contract to the Client’s legal representative for perusal. Step 5. Once the Client’s finance is unconditional, the Client pays a 5% builders deposit and the land then is moved towards settlement. Step 6. VESTBUILD now applies and obtains the building permit and moves to taking the home to site. Step 7. VESTBUILD commences construction and at the end of each stage invoices the Client with a drawdown invoice and the Client makes the payments. Step 8. Once the occupancy permit is obtained, VESTBUILD organises a Hand-Over Inspection (PCI) with the Client to inspect the property. The Property Manager is also called in to take photos and prepare the property for lease to find prospective tenants. Step 9. The property is handed over and the Client receives all warranties, manuals and the key to their new property. Step 10. The property is tenanted.

1300 725 588

Vestbuild Corporate Profile  

Vestbuild Corporate Profile