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"Car Troubles" by Max Page

Southwest Airlines 30TVC

949 230-7950 COPYRIGHT 2012

EXT. PARKING LOT - DAY A YOUNG WOMAN carries more groceries than she can hold to her CAR. She’s flustered. She places the groceries on the hood. Tries to unlock the car with her key. No go. She tries harder. The key breaks. Frustration builds. She braces her foot against the door and pulls on the handle. The handle pops off.

She’s pissed.

She takes off her heel and bangs the window, slaps the car and pitches a total bitch fit. BOOP BEEP.

The car unlocks.

She looks up to see an OLD MAN holding out his key clicker. He gives her a frightened look. She looks at him confused, then notices her CAR parked a few slots away. (V.O.) Wanna get away? Cut to black slate of Southwest Airlines logo and website. Airline seat belt BING SFX. (V.O.) You are now free to move about the country.

Car Troubles  

Not the right car.

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