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For  too  long  the  massive  beast  of  great  deals  was  frozen  in  time;  hidden  in  secret,   forcing  the  world  to  believe  it  didn't  truly  exist.    But  finally,  thanks  to  a  couple  of   really  smart  dudes,  the  Social  Mammoth  has  been  defrosted  and  unleashed.    Thawed   out  in  early  August  of  2011,  Social  Mammoth  began  offering  opportunities  to  receive   only  the  finest  deals  this  side  of  the  Ice  Age.    And  with  the  option  to  build  your  own   Herd,  you  can  earn  a  paycheck  in  the  process.     WHO  WE  ARE:    We  just  told  you.     WHAT  WE  BELIEVE:    Community  is  key.    What's  the  point  in  having  so  much  great   stuff  if  you  have  no  one  to  share  it  with?     WHAT  MAKES  US  DIFFERENT?:    Not  only  do  we  offer  the  best  deals,  but  we  pay  you   for  what  you  already  do.    By  referring  friends,  you  earn  cash  from  the  purchases   your  Herd  makes,  whenever,  however  and  forever.     ARE  WE  LEGIT?:    Yup.    Feel  free  to  ask  our  moms.     SO  WHAT  NOW?:  Build  your  Herd.                                  

FAQ HOW DO I GET THE DEAL? -- When you click "BUY NOW" on a deal before time runs out, guess what? You just got yourself a deal. DO I HAVE TO USE MY VOUCHER THE DAY I BUY IT? -- Negatory. Vouchers will be received via email moments after purchasing. However, there are times when that specific deal will specify with specifications the specifics of when the deal can be used. Was that too specific? I BOUGHT MY FINE SELF A DEAL. HOW DO I USE IT? -- When you buy a deal, you'll receive an email with all the instructions necessary. I'M A GIVING PERSON. CAN I GIVE GIFTS THROUGH SOCIAL MAMMOTH? -- First off, big hug. Second, there could be those rare moments where the fine print says otherwise, but if you’re thinking, "I don't want this deal, but I got a close compadre that will," then let the gifting begin. IF I DON'T USE THE FULL VALUE OF MY DEAL IN ONE VISIT, CAN I USE THE REST OF IT LATER? -- Depends on what the deal says. Be sure to check the fine print for any and all details. WHAT IF I WANT TO COMBINE MY DEAL WITH OTHER OFFERS OR SPECIALS? -- What if I want to wear spandex 24/7? I probably could, but that doesn't mean it's okay. So to clarify, unless your deal specifically says otherwise, no. CAN I REFUND A DEAL? -- Have a look. Refund Policy. WHAT IF THE BUSINESS FOR MY DEAL CLOSES DOWN? -- When a business goes bust, Social Mammoth won’t. If anything makes it impossible to redeem your Mammoth Deal, let us know and we'll get you your money back. WHAT HAPPENS IF MY DEAL EXPIRES? -- Well, if your deal expires, it loses its promotional value. But, you can still redeem it at the price you paid.

WHAT IS A HERD ANYWAY? -- When you refer people you know to Social Mammoth and they accept by signing up through your link, they join your Herd. Refer a Friend WHY SHOULD I HAVE A HERD? -- That’s like asking, “Why should I want free money?” Refer a Friend CAN I REALLY GET PAID? -- Yes you can. That’s what makes us different from anyone else. You earn 10% of all your Herd’s purchases. Not store credit, not another discount, actual cash. See Referral Compensation Agreement WHAT IS A PAYCHECK? -- Your paycheck is based on 10% of the accumulated purchases your Herd makes. Whatever they buy, whenever they buy, you will always receive a cut of the action. See Referral Compensation Agreement WHY HAVEN’T I GOTTEN PAID YET? -- First, in order to earn money, your Herd must be purchasing deals. Second, your paycheck will only be processed if it exceeds $5. Anything below $5 will rollover into the next pay period. Third, your mailing address may be wrong; be sure to make sure your account information is up to date. See Referral Compensation Agreement HOW DO YOU SPELL TRIANGLE? -- I honestly don’t know how questions like this make the FAQ sheet. HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE? -- Depends on how big and active your Herd is. You got friends, acquaintances and colleagues, let them know. Example: If your Herd consists of 20, 200, or 2000 people, and only half of them purchase a deal, you’ve got yourself a nice chunk of money. See Referral Compensation Agreement I FORGOT. WHAT IS SOCIAL MAMMOTH AGAIN? -- Every day we send out awesome deals on things to do, eat, see, and buy in your city and elsewhere. The more purchases your Herd makes, the more money you make. IS SOCIAL MAMMOTH SAFE? -- Who wouldn't trust a hairy elephant from the Ice Age? Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. At no point in time is your card information stored on our servers.

HOW CAN I GET MY BUSINESS ON SOCIAL MAMMOTH? -- Clickety-click on this: Merchant FAQ. JUST SENT MY FRIEND A REFERRAL. WHAT HAPPENS NOW? -- Any accepted referral + anything that they buy, ever = your paychecks. CAN I REFER AS MANY PEOPLE AS I WANT? -- Does the letter "R" have an "R" in it? I RECEIVED REFERRAL LINKS FROM THREE PEOPLE? CAN I JOIN ALL OF THEIR HERDS? -- You can only join the Herd of the first person you accept. WHERE DID YOU GET THE NAME "SOCIAL MAMMOTH?" -- From an incredibly approachable hairy elephant we met at an office mixer. WHEN WILL SOCIAL MAMMOTH BE IN MY CITY? -- Give it time. Build your Herd and we will come. An elephant never forgets. WHO ARE YOU AGAIN? -- Look to the right… About Us Link. WHERE ARE YOU BASED? -- Irvine, California.                      

How Social  Mammoth  Works      

OUR DEALS  +  YOUR  HERD  =  YOUR  PAYCHECK     OUR  DEALS  are  offered  daily.   (Example:    Discounted  prices  on  local  restaurants,  entertainment,  travel  and  more.)   YOUR  HERD  consists  of  anyone  you  refer.   (Example:    With  every  accepted  referral,  your  Herd  grows.)   YOUR  PAYCHECK  is  10%  of  all  your  Herd’s  purchases.    For  life.   (Example:  Your  friend  buys  a  deal  for  $50.    You  earn  $5.    Actual  cash.)    

Build Your  Herd  Today!     Every  day  we  deliver  great  deals.   You  can  build  your  Herd  by  referring  friends.   You’ll  receive  10%  of  all  your  Herd’s  purchases.    For  life!     Example:  Your  friend  purchases  a  deal  between  $50  and  $200.       You  earn  between  $5  and  $20.    Actual  Cash.       Imagine  if  you  had  more  than  one  friend.     Example:   Bob  and  Karen  just  joined  my  Herd.    Bob  purchases  a  deal  for  $50,  Karen  purchases   a  deal  for  $100.    Bob  just  earned  me  $5,  Karen  just  earned  me  $10.    Actual  Cash.     Tomorrow  they  do  it  again.    I’ve  done  nothing,  yet  I’ve  earned  $30.   Imagine  if  I  had  more  friends.  

MERCHANT FAQ     WHO  IS  BEHIND  SOCIAL  MAMMOTH  AND  WHAT  ARE  THEY  ABOUT?   -­‐-­‐  Opened  in  August  of  2011,  Social  Mammoth  sought  to  take  what  other  Group   Buying  sites  offered  and  make  it  better.    Backed  by  several  private  investors  and  run   by  a  lot  of  witty  entrepreneurs,  Social  Mammoth  seeks  a  pure  and  honest  approach   to  rewarding  all  those  involved  while  understanding  that  community  is  the  key   ingredient  to  a  successful  Herd.   HOW  MUCH  DOES  IT  COST  TO  RUN  A  DEAL  ON  SOCIAL  MAMMOTH?   -­‐-­‐  No  cost  at  all.    We  understand  that  businesses  big  or  small  need  customers  to   survive.    And  we’d  like  to  help.   THEN  HOW  DOES  SOCIAL  MAMMOTH  MAKE  MONEY?   -­‐-­‐  We’re  in  this  together.    If  you  make  money,  we  make  money.    By  joining  with   Social  Mammoth,  you  invest  in  the  customers  we  bring  in.    We  take  a  portion  of  the   revenue  from  each  Mammoth  Deal  purchased  and  send  you  the  rest.   HOW  DO  I  GET  PAID?   -­‐-­‐  Social  Mammoth  will  collect  the  customer  payments  for  you  as  well  as  distribute   the  vouchers  to  them.    After  the  deal  closes,  you’ll  receive  an  email  breakdown  sheet   with  everything  you  need  to  know.    Then,  you’ll  receive  a  check  in  the  mail.   WHEN  WILL  MY  DEAL  GET  FEATURED?   -­‐-­‐  As  soon  as  possible.    We  will  let  you  know.   WHO  IS  WRITING  THE  DEAL  FOR  MY  BUSINESS/PRODUCT?    CAN  I  SUGGEST   POINTS?   -­‐-­‐  I  am.    I’ll  think  about  it.                

The Social Mammoth Member Pact (Your Amendments) rights/solemnly

Sensational Deals As high as 90% off.

Superb Merchants Top quality businesses only.

Simple Terms Clear and uncomplicated.

Supreme Customer Service Talk to us and we’ll fix it.    

REFER A FRIEND Refer a friend. Get a Paycheck! By building your Herd you'll receive 10% on all purchases they make. (Example: If the friend you referred purchases a deal for $50. You earn $5. Actual cash.) --------> How many friends do you have? No matter how many purchases they make, you receive 10%, every single time.



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