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Max Page – Published Samples for Social Mammoth Deals Body Glove - National For centuries hands have gotten all the warm hugging attention. What's a body gotta do to feel a little glove? Luckily, thanks to the combined inspiration of Jacques Cousteau and Jane Fonda's spandex - the Body Glove was born. Try today's Social Mammoth on for size with $20 off the price of any spring, long or body glove top in store. And if it doesn't fit like a glove, knit yourself a body mitten. Since 1953, Body Glove has thrown all its effort into putting people in the water without putting them into hypothermic shock. By providing the world with innovative, high quality products, the opportunity to become a real life Aquaman has never been closer. With more surf and dive goods than King Neptune's water closet, this family owned company is built upon deep-sea rooted values and great respect for the watersports world. And with over 75% of the world being covered in water, Body Glove takes high dives into providing aqua enthusiasts with safe materials and a safer environment. Anyone who enjoys oceans, lakes, rivers and suspiciously yellow pools will love to be held by the body glove. Body Glove, it's like a glove, but for your body. Level 20 Bar & Restaurant - Pittsburgh “Alcohol and sports only mix well when they involve sports and alcohol.” – Abraham Lincoln. Take it from the dude that never lied, score today’s Mammoth deal: $10 for $20 worth of upscale deliciousness at the newly opened Level 20 sophisticated Sports Bar and Restaurant in Bethel Park. Round up a few paper and copper Abe’s and have yourself a good time. You know what they say about restaurants with big appetizers – they’re served on big plates. Level 20 is packed with more savory sauced Wings, Signature Sandwiches and your choice of any succulent Soup, Salad or Sides you could ever want. With more TV screens than a geeked out man cave, Level 20 provides an eyeful of sports, entertainment and man-sized meals at leveled out prices. Everything from the illustrious 14 oz. New York Strip Steak to the Fish of the Day creates the perfect relief from the routine malnourishment you ail from. So the next time you’ve got Sicilian Hoagie, Sweet and Smokey Burger or Chicken Pasta Agioli on the mind, make sure to TiVo “Dancing With The Stars,” ‘cause it’s Man vs. Food time. Level 20; a lot like Cheers, except everybody’s watching the game.

United Studios of Self-Defense – Orange County There’s nothing worse than the neighborhood bully, especially when she wears combat boots, a rattlesnake belt, and goes by the name of Mom. Make your bed and lunge for Today’s Deal: $29 for $185 at United Studios of Self Defense – offering One Private Lesson a week and Unlimited Classes for the month; uniform included. At USSD, men with multi-colored belts are much more dangerous than they are stylish. Unlike most karate dojos that teach higher degrees in belts means deeper burns in your opponent’s face, USSD employs effort, etiquette, sincerity, self-control and character. With several fighting styles to choose from, you’ll be well on your way to learning the art of, “I’m a gentleman, but I will kill you if provoked.” No matter what age you are, even the smallest of grandmas can learn to take down the baddest of brutes. Wax on wax off!

ChiroMassage Centers – Long Beach Little known false fact: The invention of massages were first inspired by Baker’s watching their wives knead dough. No wonder they have the best buns. You knead today’s Mammoth Deal: $35 for $70 One Hour Deep Tissue Massage. If a deep tissue massage were likened to a diver, the Davy Jones’ locker of your body would awaken once more. The fingers of the deep await to Kraken your body at ChiroMassage Centers in Long Beach. Injured workers, competitive athletes and weekend warriors can all revitalize their once youthful physique. ChiroMassage delivers more than a candle-lit room and Enya music, they focus on rehabilitation, healing and complete wellness. Unlike high-priced and luxurious spas, ChiroMassage offers an outcome based massage that’s supervised by your doctor to get you better faster. Each massage therapy session soothes your pain, relieving tension and every other soft spot this side of L5. Whether you’re looking to be pleased with ease, or return mobility to that golf swing, check out ChiroMassage to get your body properly balanced, mobile and pain-free.

Aliso Smiles – Aliso Viejo In the days of old, smiling was like giving a flirtatious text message. And the more teeth you had, the more homing pigeons you’d receive from your secret admirer. Expect a lot more homing pigeons with today’s Mammoth Deal: $29 for $383 Dental exam, x-rays and cleaning. :) For those of you active in sports, grinning, or just plain looking good, it’s time to shine up that pearly grill of yours. Whether you’ve got 2 or 32, Aliso Smiles does everything they can to make them match. Dr. Patel is a positively sparkling dentist with a great smile and healthy breath. Every appointment is treated with comfort and care to ensure every molar, bicuspid and incisor is polished to shine. If smiling were a crime, this place would have been shut down years ago.

Rosedale Photo - Bakersfield Facebook might contain every perfectly angled picture of you with your buddies, but what about those Christmas sweater family keepsakes with everyone snuggling around your dog Mittens? Now those memories can’t be beat. Say cheese with today’s Mammoth deal: $25 for $50 at Rosedale Photo Studio. Social Mammoth Likes this! The season is upon us, and soon you’ll be receiving family portrait Christmas cards from relatives, neighbors and your 50-year-old single cousin in a leotard. At Rosedale Photo, it’s all about helping you one-up every other family. Whether you’re interested in High School, Wedding or Family portraitures, you can be sure you’ll receive top quality prints from professional photographers. For 19 years this family owned business has specialized in family and pets pictures and offered fast turnaround on portrait orders at affordable prices. Previews of your photo shoot are available via large TV screen to view and pick your favorites. Rosedale Photo provides the finest sessions in both indoor and outdoor studios and ensures smiles with every cheese.

WildCat Golf Club - Houston Sailors originally invented sea-golf in attempt to land a blowhole in one. PETA wasn’t too pleased. Next time, aim for the birdie with today’s Mammoth deal: $179 for 5 Rounds of Golf and 10 Lesson Clinics at Wildcat Golf Club, normally $1015. Play it safe, shoot for the bogie bell buoys. The Wildcat Golf Club makes other courses look like mediocre playgrounds outside a Denny’s. Located in Southeast Texas, Wildcat provides spectacular views of Houston’s downtown skyline, the Galleria and the Reliant Stadium complex. Choose from two courses, Lake or Highland; both offer incredible elevation changes up to 100 feet with unbeatable panoramic scenery. And for those not yet ready to take on 36 championship holes, train your woods, irons and putters at the driving range, short game area, and practice putting greens. With so much more than your average locker, pro shop and grill, Wildcat introduces their “Field Office,” the perfect environment to do business with all the clients and write-offs you like. Go wild over the cat, the Wildcat that is.  

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