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Cloud Computing Companies Cloud computing is an archive and storage solution that is gaining popularity amongst a variety of different industries. Cloud computing technology is web based and all hardware and software applications are stored remotely "in a cloud" instead of bogging down the computer in use. Cloud computing is changing the way many vendors do business because it shifts application workload away from local computers to a network of remote computers that make up the cloud. Cloud computing reduces the need for costly hardware and software licensing fees and is typically very easy to understand and use. When compared to traditional computing, cloud computing environments save space, power, time and money. Cloud Computing Providers are popping up everywhere as the demand for Cloud Hosting Services grows. Trusted Cloud Hosting Providers like GNAX specialize in health care related cloud computing solutions while other cloud computing companies focus on other industries. Cloud computing has many benefits when compared to traditional archive and application solutions. With cloud computing, users are able to access their data from any computer that has access to the Internet. With cloud computing, applications and data are not limited to the hard drive on a single computer and the need for advanced hardware is reduced. In addition, the need for physical server and database space is reduced. Most companies that use cloud computing opt to store data on an off-site cloud computing provider's server instead. Security and privacy is often a big concern for companies that are looking into using cloud computing services. Corporate executives often worry about the sensitive and possibly proprietary nature of some of the information that will be hosted. For these reasons, it is advisable to choose an experienced cloud hosting provider with many layers of security in place. It is not uncommon for a cloud hosting provider to have 24x7 armed security, razor wire fencing, surveillance cameras and biometric hand scanners in place to help ensure the security of the client information they house. Cloud computing companies rely greatly on their reputations and most employ advanced security techniques to protect current clients and to attract new ones.

Cloud Computing Companies  

GNAX provides cloud hosting services, colocation data center and cloud computing services for enterprises and companies across the globe.

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