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Project Showcase Green Hug

Project Details Project: Green Hug Green Hug is established in University of Malaya with collaboration with Environmental Secretariat of University of Malaya. Our vision is to transform the university into a sustainable campus.

Vision Green Hug as a long term project run by AIESEC committee members in collaboration with environmental organizations to positively impact the campus and Malaysia through environmental initiatives. Along the process, it will be a platform which offers the organizer and intern life-changing experiences.

Objective To contribute to the campus's vision of being a green campus and to provide a platform for volunteers to drive down initiatives towards a green campus.

Scale The project is planned to run for 1 more year and intend to run for as long as AIESEC UM exist and in collaboration with UMCARES. The team comprises around 20 individuals which made up of AIESEC committee members, UMCARES staffs and globally recruited interns. The cost of running this project is estimated at RM4500 per year.

Achievement 3 months into running the project, the 6 interns managed to come out with a business plan proposing to make University of Malaya as a ecotourism destination featuring Museum of Asian Art, Rimba Ilmu Botanical Garden, Universiti Malaya Symphony Orchestra and etc. Also, Nature’s Guide booklets, interactive maps of Rimba Ilmu and University of Malaya are being made.

Impact We estimated that the project has impacted roughly 200 individuals and with its outreach potential, we believe the project will expand into impacting the University’s community and general public of its vicinity.

Outcome 1. A green UM campus where environmental friendly lifestyle and practices are embraced. 2. A more established Rimba Ilmu with added value through introduction of nature's guide. 3. Students of University of Malaya is given opportunity to contribute to the ecotourism in the campus by being guided and prepared to be nature's guides of Rimba Ilmu. 4. Plants and trees in University of Malaya are identified, labeled and located with GPS. 5. University of Malaya could potentially be an eco-tourism destination with an established nature’s guide system.

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Director: Daniel Foong Pang Yen