Mill Hill United Synagogue Magazine, Rosh Hashanah 2016 / 5777

Page 95


Sand Trays The sand tray opposite represents a fictitious child who is struggling. As you can see the aeroplane is grounded covered by sand and heavy stone. The rescue vehicles have crashed so there is no hope for recovery. The soldiers are also partly buried in the sand and have fallen down so they cannot come to the rescue either. There are some farm and domestic animals in the same enclosure as a dinosaur with no way of escape. The sand tray on the left represents a fictitious child who seems to have a good sense of self. There are animals roaming around freely, some feeling safe enough to sleep. There is a family home with the word love next to it. There is a box with a trophy inside, which could be indicative of something that the child is proud of. There are fictional characters and a footballer, which could represent the child’s interests. There are balloons representing celebration, greenery that could represent life and growth, plus a pond with fish and a duck that do not represent a threat to each other.


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Mill Hill Synagogue Magazine | Rosh Hashanah 5777, October 2016