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New Year resolution It is the difference between a lunar year (354 days) and a solar year (365Âź days) that causes the Jewish year to begin on different dates in September or October. This year sees Rosh ha-Shanah fall almost at the end of September, which has a number of consequences. Firstly it means that Yom Kippur falls in October, so the fast, which technically ends at sunset, concludes earlier than it will next year, for example, when Yom Kippur will be earlier than Rosh ha-Shanah is this year! More significant, however, is the fact that this year we have virtually the whole of the month of September to get ready for the High Holydays. It is traditional to use the Hebrew month preceding the New Year to prepare for the rigours of Rosh haShanah and Yom Kippur. As Elul, the month before Tishri, begins on August 31st 2011, there is a whole four weeks to engage in this preparation. At The Liberal Synagogue Elstree, there are a number of ways


we are going to take advantage of this period of time. Our two adult education programmes: Basic Judaism and the Thursday Night sessions, will focus on the High Holydays. The Basic Judaism course (primarily intended for those converting to Judaism but open to all) will look at the history and origins of these powerful festivals. That class meets on Saturday 10th September at 12.45pm and Friday 23rd September at 8.30 pm. The Thursday night sessions will take place on September 8th, 15th, 22nd and October 6th at 7.45pm. These very practical sessions will look at the content of the prayers we shall read during the High Holydays and actually spend some time reminding ourselves of the tunes we shall be singing. So if you want to enter this year’s services with a greater sense of what we are reading and why, and be able to participate more, then why not take part in our special Elul programme? And why end your involvement there? When the sun sets on Saturday 8th October and you go home to break your fast, will that be your final involvement with your shul until September 17th 2012, when these High Holydays come

round again? There is a lot going on at The Liberal Synagogue Elstree, so why not resolve to be part of what’s happening in the coming year? As you will see on the enclosed High Holyday ticket(s), we have a range of things on offer for our growing community here at TLSE. Our weekly Religion School continues to attract more and more young people and there is a range of other activities for our youth: next month will see the launch of a new post bar-/batmitzvah group in addition to Our Space and Kabbalat Torah. There will be an exciting Thursday night adult education programme, building on the success of last year’s new scheme. Our monthly lunch club, on the last Tuesday of every month, continues to attract ever higher numbers as does our Friday night service and supper on the first Friday - proving that food is always an attraction when it comes to getting people to come to the shul! But there are other opportunities as well. We have a monthly tots’ service for our youngest members - and

of course we have a service every Saturday morning for everyone. And please don’t be put off by the fact that we have more than twenty bar- and bat-mitzvah ceremonies in the coming year: there will always be room for members of our congregation. The car park is reserved for members only and the number of invited guests is strictly limited to ensure that there is room for our regular members to take part in all our services. And we’ll be organizing a whole range of social events for our members this coming year. So as well as using the month of Elul to prepare for the Jewish New Year, how about making a promise during the forthcoming High Holydays that your next visit to an event organized by The Liberal Synagogue Elstree won’t be the Rosh ha-Shanah service in September 2012? A happy and healthy new year to all, and I look forward to seeing you during Elul, over yom tov and in the coming year.

Rabbi Pete Tobias

Is your child about to enter school year 7? Will they turn 13 between September ’12 and August ’13? Will they want a bar-/bat-mitzvah ceremony? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then you won’t want to miss the special meeting taking place at the synagogue on

Sunday 25 September 12.45 - 1.30 pm


Religion School Time for a new start! Religion School will be up and running after the Garden Party, and we’re looking forward to another exciting year! It all kicks off at 10.00am on Sunday 18th September when we’ll start preparing for our Rosh ha-Shanah and Yom Kippur services, which will be an important feature of this year’s High Holyday celebrations. And there will be the usual Hebrew groups, working with your dedicated teachers and a new Jewish Studies programme which will be looking at the way we pray and the things we say. Look forward to seeing you for our new term on these dates in September: Sunday 18th Sunday 25th

10.00am – 12.15pm 10.00am – 12.15pm

And parents: please join us at 12.15pm for the Religion School service to end the morning.

Bar-/Bat-Mitzvah Class And off we go again! Back to the beginning of ‘Never Mind the Bullocks’ for another year: the beginning of a whole flurry of bar- and bat-mitzvah ceremonies - nine between now and the end of 2011! So we’ll try and squeeze all of you into Our Space upstairs for your classes - and don’t forget you’re expected to stay for the service afterwards as well... The bar-/bat-mitzvah class meets on the following dates in September: Saturday 10th Saturday 17th

9.30am – 10.45am 9.30am – 10.45am

And as you’ll see elsewhere, there will be a special meeting for those thinking of celebrating their bar-/bat-mitzvah ceremonies in 2013 on Sunday 25th September at 12.45pm. Those families to whom this applies will be contacted directly with an invitation to this meeting.


Kabbalat Torah The KT 2011 group has returned from Berlin and is now getting ready for two important events - the KT weekend in December and the Additional Service on Yom Kippur. We’ll be preparing for the Yom Kippur service in our next few sessions; the dates for those are: Sunday 4th Sept Sunday 18th Sept Sunday 2nd Oct

midday - 1.30pm (incl lunch!) 4.30pm - 5.45pm 12.45pm - 2.30pm

Adult Education Basic Judaism discussions continue to take place regularly with one class on a Friday evening and one on a Saturday lunchtime. The basic text for these classes is Rabbi Pete’s ‘Liberal Judaism: A Judaism for the Twenty-First Century’ which is available at shul, priced £9.99. Although these classes are primarily intended for those converting to Judaism, other members are welcome to join the group, which meets after the service on the following dates: September 2011: Saturday 10th Friday 23rd

The Jewish Festivals 2: Biblical pilgrim festivals The Jewish Festivals 3: High Holydays

On the Friday evening, the service commences at 8.00pm and will be followed by the study session which normally concludes no later than 9.30pm. On Saturdays, the class will also follow the 11.00am service, starting at around 12.45pm and ending at 1.45pm. Refreshments will be available. Please note that those involved in the conversion programme are expected to attend the service as well as the class that follows it: attendance at services is an integral part of the conversion course.


Thursdays at TLSE The opening session of our Thursday night adult education programme for September 2011 will focus on preparing for the forthcoming High Holydays. The Thursday night sessions will look at the prayers we shall be reading and the songs we shall be singing; what they sound like and what they mean. The details are as follows: Track A: Mini course (4 sessions) The High Holydays: This course will look at the High Holyday liturgy: its history and development, its themes and how to read and sing it. This mini course will have a practical focus, enabling participants to prepare for Rosh ha-Shanah and Yom Kippur, encouraging a greater understanding of and participation in the services we shall soon be celebrating. A copy of the High Holyday Machzor is essential; copies can be purchased at the synagogue if you do not already have one. September 8th September 15th September 22nd October 6th

7.30-9.15 pm 7.30-9.15 pm 7.30-9.15 pm 7.30-9.15 pm

High Holyday preparation 1 High Holyday preparation 2 High Holyday preparation 3 High Holyday preparation 4

The programme for the remainder of 2011 will be discussed at the opening session on September 8th; if you have any suggestions for topics, guest speakers or films, please contact Rabbi Pete: Liberal Judaism and LJY-Netzer would like to introduce our new Student Worker, Adam Francies, and Student Chaplain, Rabbi Ariel Friedlander. They are here to help students and those of student age through University, Gap Years and simply be a listening ear. Please don’t hestitate to contact them for information about what is on offer this year or with any questions about the year ahead. You can contact Adam by emailing and Ariel can be reached at


KT Berlin 2011 They came, they saw - well, some of it anyway… The story of the almost legendary KT trip to Berlin 2011 version is one of things going missing. The following venues presented challenges to Rabbi Pete and the all-female crew of Maya de Mello, Nellie Kirsh, Abby Posner, HannahRose Posner, Miriam Quinn, Rachel Renak and Hollie Walton plus adult helpers Rebecca Davey and Alice Tibble: The Holocaust Memorial at Platform 17; The Amstel House youth hostel; The Pizza Restaurant on the corner of Oranienburger Strasse; The Sony Centre

(Rabbi Pete claims that items 1 and 3 were not his fault: the entrance to the Memorial was clearly sealed and there was no sign directing visitors to an alternative entrance, and the Pizza restaurant, which still owes Adam Renak a portion of chips from 5 years ago, had closed down (guess that does it for the chips, Adam!) Rabbi Pete apologises for the senior moment that led to him failing to read the map properly and turning a five minute walk from the station to the hostel into a twenty minute one, but insists that the Sony Centre near Potsdamer Platz has definitely moved since

last year (which of course it hasn’t). In between these setbacks, the group experienced the sights of Berlin, concentrating on the questions of restrictions on personal liberty and remembering the victims of the Holocaust that the city inspires. They also managed to avoid being injured by Miriam’s flying case, stopped Hannah-Rose buying something from every single shop and spent more time on Berlin’s train system than anywhere else. The KT group will now begin preparing for the Yom Kippur Additional service and its weekend of services in December.

The Berlin Belles:

Back row: (L to R) Rebecca Davey, Abby Posner, Rachel Renak, Hannah-Rose Posner, Nellie Kirsh, Alice Tibble. Front row: Maya de Mello, Hollie Walton, Miriam Quinn. Rabbi Pete is not in the picture; he’s probably looking for the Sony Centre...


Security Rota Sat 3 Sep10am

Sun 4 Sep 9.15am

A Dove


D Swarc D Alexander Sat 10 Sep 10am

M Saunders

Sun 11 Sep 9.15am NO RS (Garden Party not at shul)

J Liebeskind S Schusman Sat 17 Sep 10am

Sun 18 Sep 9.15am D Steinberg

L Collis J Collis

S Emmett

J Saunders

J Kaye

Sat 24 Sep 10.15am B Diston

Sun 25 Sep 9.15am M Blake

M Alabaster

N Marcus

L De La Cour

A Rabin

Mazel Tov!

Lauren Bennett for her Bat-mitzvah on Saturday 3rd September Alex Gutwin for his Bar-mitzvah on Saturday 10th September Sophie Posner for her Bat-mitzvah on Saturday 17th September

Happy Birthday to: Lauren Bennett Thomas Savage Stephan Miller Lily Grant Tali Jackson Zak Wolpe Maxi Riedl Grace Carmel Dilan Lieberman Alice Shotts

Abigail Daniels Jack Walton Hugo Rauch Harry Bernstein Talia Cohen Jack Skinner Asa Harris Luke Carmel Gabriella Collins Charlotte Collins

Next birthday service Saturday 24th September


Services for September 2011 Fri 2 Sept: 6.30pm Sat 3 Sept: 11.00am Theme: Hospitality;

Kabbalat Shabbat service & supper. Please bring some food to share as we sing, eat & pray together. Music led by Shul of Rock Shabbat morning service 3 & Bat-mitzvah of Lauren Bennett; Genesis 43, 26-44, 7; Ginzberg, Legends of the Jews, Joseph & Benjamin. Council Rep: Richard Elman

Fri 9 Sept: 6.30pm Sat 10 Sept: 11.00am Theme: Reconciliation;

Erev Shabbat service Shabbat morning service 4 & Bar-mitzvah of Alex Gutwin Genesis 44, 18-45,15; Ezekiel 37, 15-28 Council Rep: Jason Saunders

Fri 16 Sept: 8.00pm Sat 17 Sept: 11.00am Theme: The Human family;

Erev Shabbat service Shabbat morning service 5 & Bat-mitzvah of Sophie Posner; Genesis 45, 16-46, 7; Psalm 105, 1-6, 16-25; Council Rep: Nick Belkin

Fri 23 Sept: 8.00pm Sat 24 Sept: 10.00am 11.00am Theme: Life’s Journey;

Erev Shabbat service Tots service Shabbat morning service 1; Genesis 46, 28-47, 12; Extracts from the Midrash; Council Rep: Emma Roche

Wed 28 Sept: 8.00pm Erev Rosh Hashanah service at Clore Shalom Thurs 29 Sept:10.30am Rosh Hashanah morning service at Clore Shalom Fri 30 Sept: 6.30pm Erev Shabbat service Sat 1 Oct: 11.00am Shabbat morning service & Bar-mitzvah of Jack Walton

We are still looking for new members to join the choir. We have a number of dates organised over the coming month for some friendly and informal rehearsals. So if you have ever felt the urge to come and join us, now is the time. You don’t need any singing experience, just a willingness to join in and “have a go”. Saturday, 3rd Sept. 9.45am at the shul Thursday, 15th Sept. 8.00pm at the Berals Saturday, 24th Sept. 9.45am at the shul Looking forward to seeing you there. Feel free to e-mail me on for more details (like addresses, timings or anything else that pops into your head)


Abbeyfield Belmont Lodge

59 Belmont Road, Bushey, Herts A very sheltered home for the elderly En Suite:Kosher catering; Communal Sun lounge We offer friendly, homely, secure & loving care for our residents, along with many stimulating weekly activitiesBridge, discussion group, handicrafts, growing plants, visits to local places. VERY REASONABLE RATES Do you have a relative who might be interested? Admission Sec: Jane Kessler 0208 455 3652: Would you like to join our vibrant team of volunteers who organise, transport or escort our residents? If so, please contact: Gill Benson at Belmont Lodge House Manager, Margaret- 01923 213964 Registered charity– no. 268164

Outstanding Wedding & Barmitzvah Photography

web: email:

Tel: 0800 234 3290


Walks Time: 2:15 for 2:30 pm Date: Saturday 17 September

Welcome New Members! Kenneth & Jill Wright

Leader: Anthony Scott Norman Meet at : Hawksmoor Leisure Centre, Borehamwood for a walk to Ridge and back.

The deadline for copy for the next issue is Tuesday 20 september.


Additional High Holyday Tickets For security purposes admission to High Holyday Services will only be on production of a ticket. High Holyday tickets will not be sent to those members whose annual subscription remains unpaid at the time of issuing the tickets. Tickets are available for non-members at a price of ÂŁ44 per person. If you require tickets please complete the following and send a cheque payable to The Liberal Synagogue Elstree for the appropriate amount to: The Synagogue Office The Liberal Synagogue Elstree Elstree High Street Elstree Herts WD6 3EY (PLEASE PRINT):

Your name: Address:

Tel No: No. of tickets: Names of persons receiving the tickets (for security):

Amount Enclosed: ÂŁ 12

The Jewish Helpline (Miyad) was set up some 25 years ago after a young woman with a little boy, living in Hendon, committed suicide.Various people wondered whether she could have been helped if there had been someone for her to turn to. Out of this tragedy, The Jewish Helpline (Miyad) was born. We are immensely proud of the service we provide to people across the Jewish community who are in crises. We provide a lifeline to those who are need a “listening ear” for problems they are encountering or who are experiencing feeling lonely, anxious, depressed or suicidal. We are open from 12 noon to 12 midnight every day except Friday (shortened hours), Shabbat and Yom Tovim. We reach people across the entire spectrum of Judaism. People from every walk of life have problems and sometimes even in a close-knit family or community it is easier to talk to an anonymous but warm and caring voice. Some of our callers contact us because they are facing drug, family or mental health problems, others call to talk through their loneliness, depression and a myriad of different issues. The line is staffed by professionally trained volunteers from the community. They are all trained to listen. They do not judge or try to give advice but help callers talk through their fears, worries and difficulties. H ALT S HE LEM OB PR








E DIVORC Bereavement






l Financia s m le b ro P

PROBLEMS? If you need a non-judgemental, listening ear, call the Jewish Helpline on freephone:

0800 652 9249 Sunday to Thursday: noon – midnight Friday afternoon The line is confidential and manned by fully trained volunteers.

Registered Charity Number 1101612



Barbara Merton Leone Samson Carol Hurst Estelle Leigh Peter Merton Rita Golding Judy Westley Emma Roche Nicky Leigh

020 8953 1369 07702 349350 020 8950 1862 020 8954 9569 020 8953 1369 020 8953 4439 01582 468100 020 8954 1891 0778 875 1275

We are sorry to hear of the death of Sylvia Goldshaft and send our condolences to her family. We also send our condolences to William Hayford and his daughter Kirsty Emmett on the recent loss of his wife, Marlene, Kirsty’s mother.

High Holydays Important Announcement Don’t be shy to ask, as we are here to help. If anyone requires transport or home hospitality for the High Holydays, please contact the Care and Welfare Committee. Also if anyone is unable to attend shul for health reasons and would like prayers at home please contact Carol Hurst. The Care and Welfare Committee have a lightweight wheelchair that is available for anyone who would like to borrow it. Contact Carol Hurst for further information.

Yom Kippur Yizkor Service To inform the Rabbi of the name or names of loved ones you would like to be remembered on Yom Kippur during the Memorial Service, please write the names clearly in the space provided below and return it to the address below NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY 5th OCTOBER 2011. It will not be possible to include names received after that date   Please write the names of married couples following this example: “Jack & Jill Smith”.

Please return to: Rebecca Davey, TLSE, High Street, Elstree, WD6 3EY or e-mail


Do you drive a car or van?

Then help secure your vehicle and keep thieves at bay by following some simple crime prevention measures. Thieves are opportunistic and even if there is nothing obvious on display in a vehicle, they may take their chances and break in anyway. So hiding any valuable items under a seat or in the boot may not keep them safe. Simple measures can make a big difference in reducing the risk of theft: remove anything of value-your laptop, purse or wallet, mobile phone, tools or sporting equipment-and keep all other possessions (eg clothing, CDs etc) out of sight. The few moments it takes you to take your valuables with you could save you a lot of time and inconvenience in the future. Other tips include: • Never leave any valuables in your vehicle-not even in the glove box or boot, and keep all other possessions out of sight • Remove your sat nav and its holder, and wipe away any suction marks, as these could suggest to a potential thief that a sat nav is stored in your vehicle • Use an approved steering lock or gar clamp, and remember to set your immobiliser and alarm if you have them • Register your stereo, laptop, sat nav and any other property on a free online property database such as http;// it is quick and easy to do and could help police trace your property if it is lost or stolen. • At home, use a garage to park your car overnight if you have one and keep car and house keys out of sight. Do not leave them on display on window ledges, in porches, hallways or kitchens for example. • Look out for car parks with a Park Mark ™ Safer parking sign, which have recognised levels of security.

Young @ Heart

Join us for a concert at the Royal Festival Hall Thursday 10 November 2011 at 7.30pm A Night Under The Stars From Russia With Love Joanna MacGregor leads a programme featuring the best of Romantic Russia along with some 20th century favourites. Tickets: £34.50 including coach (from Radlett post office at 5.30 pm) to book or for more information contact Carol Woolf on 01923 635997


Volunteers Needed Thank you to everyone who has volunteered over the past few months. Emails are slowly coming in with offers of help which is wonderful. As autumn approaches The High Holidays are looming so the synagogue will need your help. This year we are reactivating a more stringent Stewarding Rota. Some people will receive a letter asking for your help but if you would like to volunteer to do a stewarding stint please contact We recognise that members with young children, on their own or already involved may not want to steward but there are a lot of other members who could do an hour’s stewarding over all the High Holidays.

Why Steward?

It can be very disruptive and disturbing to congregants when adults and children come into the Hall just at a quiet time or during a particular prayer. Decorum is so important to the services and helps give them meaning and spirituality. Please help us to ensure each and everyone of us is able to pray peacefully this year. Tuesday Lunch club meets the last Tuesday of every month. This is very sociable event with a 3 course lunch and a speaker, a chance to catch up with old friends. However the Car Park gets very congested and Lunch Club is looking for someone to help with supervising the Car Park on these days and then of course your chance to chat to others and have a lovely lunch. Do you have a couple of hours once a month to spare? Currently either Rabbi Pete, Harry Hurst or Rebecca Davey supervise the Car Park, it would be ideal if others can help out. Please remember that the Volunteer Data Base is for everyone’s benefit. If you identify something you’d like to help with in the synagogue please contact me Penny Beral at or 01923 855367

Can you help? Do you need help? Two enterprising young members of our community have just completed their GCSE exams and are looking for ways to make themselves useful in the coming weeks. JOEL LEVENE is offering to babysit (he has been CRB checked!) or walk your dog. Contact Joel on 07718 286258 MAX DAVIDOFF-GREY, a music school student, is offering beginners’ piano lessons in Radlett or in your home at £10 per session. Contact Max on 07791 590716


Enjoy a great lunch! Make new friends! Be entertained! Venue: The Synagogue Time: 1pm TLSE members: £3 Non-members: £4 Tuesday September 27 Professor Michael Alpert presents

‘Secret Jews and the Spanish Inquisition’

Tuesday October 25

The Work of an Hon. Consul in the Republic of Benin With Laurence Landau, its’ UK representative. If you are coming to our luncheons, please telephone Carol Hurst 020 8950 1862, so that we can plan catering and lifts.


Elstree High Street Elstree, Hertfordshire WD6 3EY Phone: 020 8953 8889 Email: The office staffed from 9.30am– 2.30pm; Mon, Wed, Fri; mobile if urgent 07925 558166

Officers Rabbi

Rabbi Pete Tobias

01923 839345

Not Mondays Please

Hon Life President

Geoffrey Davis

Hon Life Vice President Rabbi Alan Mann Hon Presidents

Penny & Mike Beral 01923 855367

Hon Vice Presidents

Val Dickson

0208 950 3268


Michael Walton

0208 950 0021

Vice Chairman

Richard Elman

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Hon Secretary

Sarah Pollock

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Hon Treasurer

Sue Woolf

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Council Members Jason Saunders

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Davina Bennett

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Sarah Pollock

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Debbie Ram

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Victor Amswych

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Michael Reibscheid

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Emma Roche

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Pete Merton

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Tina Shaw

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Committee Groups and Heads Board of Deputies

Stephen Leigh

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Building Lettings

Mike Beral Nick Belkin

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Burial and Funerals

Peter Merton Emma Roche

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Debbie Ram

07711 278 625

Care & Welfare

Carol Hurst

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Debbie Ram

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Hakol - Advertising

Tina Shaw

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Hakol – Editor

Tina Shaw

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Synagogue Manager Social activities

Rebecca Davey Sarah Pollock

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Judaica Shop

Rebecca Davey

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Kiddush Catering

Rebecca Davey

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Marriage Secretary

Val Dickson

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Membership Officer

Abi & Mike Walton 020 8950 0021

PR Coordinator

Jason Saunders

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Religion School

Rabbi Pete Tobias

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Rites and Practices

Victor Amswych

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Sarah Pollock

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Youth Activities

Davina Bennett

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Synagogue Office

Rebecca Davey

020 8953 8889

Would all those involved in arranging functions, services or meetings please contact the Office on 020 8953 8889 or so that they can be scheduled in the Synagogue diary. This ensures that any physical set-ups in the Synagogue are arranged and that meetings do not conflict. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that details printed in Hakol are correct no responsibility can be accepted for information misprinted or incorrectly given to the Editor. Please let the Editor know of any errors or corrections. The editor reserves the right to edit material submitted for publication.

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September Diary Fri 2 Sep Sat 3 Sep

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Kabbalat Shabbat service, chavurah supper & Shul of Rock Choir practice at TLSE Shabbat Va-yavo habeitah morning service & Bat-mitzvah of Lauren Wright Teacher’s meeting KT Meeting & lunch Pilates Adult Education Erev Shabbat service Bar/Bat-mitzvah class Shabbat Va-yiggash morning service & Bar-mitzvah of Alex Gutwin Garden Party Pilates Council meeting Adult Education Choir practice at the Berals Erev Shabbat service Bar/Bat-mitzvah class Shabbat V’ha-kolnishma morning service & Bat-mitzvah of Sophie Posner Shabbat walk led by Anthony Scott Norman Religion School KT meeting Our Space evening in Pilates Adult Education Erev Shabbat service & adult education Tots service & activities Shabbat Y’hudah shalach morning service & birthday blessings Religion School Bar/Bar-mitzvah 2013 parents’ meeting Pilates Lunch Club Erev Rosh Hashanah service at Clore Shalom Rosh Hashanah morning service at Clore Shalom Erev Shabbat service Bar/Bat-mitzvah class Shabbat morning service & Bar-mitzvah of Jack Walton

Hakol TLSE September  
Hakol TLSE September  

September edition of The Liberal Synagogue Elstree Hakol newsletter