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Germinated Brown Rice an Answer to Hunger? Brown rice Brown rice is higher in nutrition than white rice. Brown rice has only the outer layer of the grain removed. White rice, no longer a viable seed, has been stripped resulting in the loss of vitamins, minerals, fiber and essential fatty acids. The process of milling brown rice to white rice results in a loss of about 10 per cent of the product. If the population started consuming brown rice instead of white, there could be 38.7 million acres removed from production or 43 million extra tons of food available. Globally, it is estimated that there are 850 million hungry people. Of this total, at least 550 million are in Asia. Asians consume on average about 300 pounds of rice a year. The extra rice available from the switch to brown rice could be an important step in solving hunger. Brown rice gained some popularity in the 70s with the macrobiotic diet, which advocated brown rice. The chief problems were that brown rice took much “The process of milling brown rice longer to cook and had a slightly to white rice results in a loss of disagreeable flavor. The popularity about 10 per cent of the product.� diminished and most rice sold worldwide was still white.




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