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Are you missing something? You have a busy life … you try to eat the right things ... you look after yourself ...

but have you got the minerals? Minerals support essential metabolic processes. Required in different amounts every mineral has its important role. Unfortunately the human body is unable to manufacture the minerals it requires, and is entirely reliant on diet to provide them. Even with the best intentions you may not get all the minerals you need from your diet, and, as you can see in the table below, you would need a big appetite to cram in all of the essential minerals you get from just one daily serving of Maximol Solutions!

At-a-glance guide to key minerals - and Maximol Solutions



A 15ml serving of Maximol contains

Equivalent to


Immune health and enzyme production

2.3mg | 23% RDA

2 cups milk OR 2 small avocadoes


Immune health and is an antioxidant

40mcg | 73% RDA

3 eggs OR 10 slices white bread OR 17 cups Brussels sprouts


Blood health and smooth metabolism

2.1mg | 15% RDA

3 cups celery OR 2.5 cups spinach OR 2 medium avocadoes


Energy and blood health

0.2mg | 20% RDA

2 kiwi fruit OR 100g broad beans


Blood and circulatory health

25mcg | 63% RDA

25 bananas OR 12 cups orange juice OR 12 slices wholemeal bread


Thyroid & nervous system function.

0.3mg | 15% RDA

1 medium sized banana OR 1 cup cranberries OR 12 asparagus spears


Enzyme production and internal processes

90mcg | 180% RDA

219 grams of spaghetti OR 50g carrots


Thyroid and hormonal health

55mcg | 37% RDA

4 cups of strawberries OR 2 boiled eggs

All of these minerals and more, are included in the Maximol Mineral Matrix - a composition of 52 essential macro, micro and trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Combined with essential amino acids, antioxidant fruit extracts, vitamins and a prebiotic it’s a powerhouse nutritional formula designed for today’s busy lifestyles. Suitable for all ages and diets including vegans/vegetarians. Contains natural fruit sugars with no added sweeteners.

500ml | Item Code: 1835GB Distributor Wholesale Price (excl. VAT) : £18.90 / €24.95 (18.9PV) Preferred Customer Price (incl. VAT) : UK £24.95 / IE €27.45 / MT €27.45

g n i e s g s a e d r l d r d o A lw a e r

Hydracial Anti-Ageing System Item Code :


Distributor Wholesale Price (excl. VAT) : £110 / €145 (100PV) Preferred Customer Price (incl. VAT) : UK £145.20 / IE €193.00 / MT €188.21 We’re pleased to announce the arrival of the updated Hydracial Anti-Ageing • Advanced Microfactors™ – are born from the latest gene research enabling skin to support a younger-looking complexion Skincare System in Europe. Nothing even comes close to Hydracial when you and helping it to activate its own core level beauty. need some help holding back the years and combating the ravages of real world environmental exposure. • T riple Peptide Complex – the first part of Hydracial’s Tri-Ceutical You probably already know the signs: • Visual redness and irritation • Loss of firmness • Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Moisture loss • Uneven skin tone • Reduction in luminosity A simple, everyday skincare regimen is a great way to start caring for your skin and it helps to start young! Carefully selecting the right products for your skin type and adhering to a cleansing and moisturising routine may certainly help in everyday care for your skin. Neways TrueTouch Skincare range is the logical place to start, and as with all Neways products you have the additional reassurance that we avoid using controversial ingredients. The Hydracial range of products step in when you need a little more help. The science and ingredients contained in the Anti-Ageing System are firmly anchored in providing specific benefits.

technologies featuring a trio of the most cutting edge peptides to help smooth the appearance and depth of wrinkles.

• Precious Earth Oils – supplying essential fatty acids to nourish, stabilize and maintain a youthful glow.

• Environmental Defense Factors – A blend of botanical extracts to protect skin from the environment and support superior hydration. So if you are looking for something to help you tackle the signs of ageing then why do it any other way. Do it the Hydracial way and benefit from: • An intense 3 step complexion rejuvenation system. • A safer alternative to invasive, expensive procedures. • Tri-Ceutical Technology with Advanced Microfactors. • Science based on the latest Gene research. • Formulas free from controversial ingredients.


components now available individually We realise that a skincare regimen follows basic steps but can be unique to individuals. To help you integrate Hydracial into your lifestyle we’ve made each of the fabulous items in the Hydracial System available individually. Follow the three regimen steps to optimise results.

Step 1. UPDATED Skin Serum Concentrate We’ve kept the same proven ingredients and formulation, but have introduced a new pump component which now contains 6ml – that’s twice as much as contained in the previous Serum format. A cutting-edge formula with precision application to help target those troubled areas, refirming sagging skin, and reactivating collagen and elastin synthesis. After cleansing with your preferred TrueTouch Cleanser simply dispense 5 to 6 pumps onto your finger and apply to areas of concern.

6ml | Item Code : 1974 Distributor Wholesale Price (excl. VAT) : £24.95 / €32.95 (24.95PV) Preferred Customer Price (incl. VAT) : UK £32.94 / IE €43.86 / MT €42.78

Step 2. Hydracial SkinMoisture Masks Hydracial SkinMoisture Mask is a luxuriously soft facial mask infused with premier anti-ageing ingredients enveloped in a cooling hydro-gel. Comfortably fits your unique face shape rejuvenating surface cells and flooding wrinkles with vital moisture and ingredients. A refreshingly cool and invigorating experience leaving skin feeling silky-soft.

12 masks | Item Code : 1987JP Distributor Wholesale Price (excl. VAT) : £70.75 / €93.40 (70.75PV) Preferred Customer Price (incl. VAT) : UK £93.40 / IE €124.32 / MT €121.23

Step 3. Hydracial Skin Vigor Creme As the final step in the Hydracial Anti-Ageing Skin Care System, Skin Vigor Creme invigorates and restores the skin’s natural framework for long-term firmness, resilience, and luminosity. It also helps to protect skin from external pollutants whilst locking in the precious active ingredients from Steps 1 and 2.

46g | Item Code : 1984JP Distributor Wholesale Price (excl. VAT) : £37.50 / €49.50 (37.5PV) Preferred Customer Price (incl. VAT) : UK £49.50 / IE €65.88 / MT €64.25

Facing up to the environmental factors

that affect your skin

Air pollution Pollution can be problematic for your skin for several reasons. Dust can clog pores and increase bacteria on the face, both of which can lead to acne or spots. Invisible chemical pollutants in the air can interfere with your skin’s natural protection system, breaking down the natural oils that normally trap moisture into your skin and keep it supple.

Weather and seasonal changes The temperature of the air can also be a challenge for our skin. Hot air will make it dry because it’s sucking all the water from your body whilst dry air will also sap moisture from the skin, leaving it flaky, tight and rough.

With a hole growing in the ozone layer and pollution levels rising all over the world, there’s definitely an urgent need to protect our environment. Consequently we need to protect ourselves - including our skin - from the environmental threats we’re exposed to every day. Our skin is exposed to so many irritants that many of us have become numb to the fact that these are the factors causing us to age just a bit faster than we would like. Sunlight, heat and cold air, chemical pollutants, unsafe household cleaners, allergens, car emissions, second-hand smoke, or biological bothers like bacteria, fungi and pollens are just some examples. With all these irritants surrounding you, your skin has to work full-time to defend the body from all those potentially harmful effects.

The chief culprit: our sun The sun’s rays have more potential to change the look of your skin than any other environmental factor: it can cause up to 90 percent of skin damage and leads your skin to age prematurely. Even though your body needs sunlight to produce vitamin D for strong bones and teeth, it also exposes you to dangerous ultraviolet rays. These UVA and UVB rays dry out and burn the skin. They also break down the collagen and elastin in your skin and allow free radical cells to form, causing wrinkles, freckles, sagging and age spots.

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Other environmental factors In addition to UV impact, other damaging environmental factors include but are not limited to second-hand smoke, ozone exposure and electromagnetic frequencies generated by mobile phones and smartphones.

Vitamin C to the rescue! All of those irritants can energize the enzymes responsible for cutting apart your collagen, a protein that gives skin its firmness and strength, leaving it fragmented and disoriented. In the process of defending your skin organism against UV and other environmental assaults, ascorbic acid (aka Vitamin C) is depleted from our skin. Applying topical vitamin C will make sure you get enough of this antioxidant vitamin to protect your collagen and maintain its structure. TrueTouch Brightening C Complex is a year-round skin and complexion formula which will brighten your complexion, moisturize and strengthen the skin’s natural defences, improve texture and firmness, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Its unique anhydrous (water-free) formulation glides luxuriously across skin, encapsulating a powerful form of vitamin C and delivering incredible complexion-enhancing benefits as your skin is bombarded with free radicals. Brightening C’s antioxidants and vitamin C are your most powerful allies when it comes to protecting yourself from environmental factors day after day.

30ml | Item Code : 2054 Distributor Wholesale Price (excl. VAT) : £18.55 / €24.50 (18.55PV) Preferred Customer Price (incl. VAT) : UK £24.49 / IE €32.62 / MT €31.80 Between September 7th and October 4th you can save 20% on Brightening C when you spend 100PV. Please order using Item Code : 102231 Distributor Wholesale Offer Price (excl VAT) : £14.50 / €19.15 (13PV) Preferred Customer Offer Price (incl. VAT) : UK £19.14 / IE €25.49 / MT €24.86 Terms and Conditions apply - see for details.

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You have a busy life … you try to eat the right things ... you look after yourself ... but have you got the minerals? Minerals support essen...