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Many of the health challenges we face today are caused by inadequate nutrition and exposure to environmental toxins. The skin, the body’s largest organ, is like a sponge, soaking up whatever we put on it. For this reason, we need to pay as much attention to what we put on our bodies as to what we put in them. Neways has done the research – again and again, and we have concluded that there is a huge number of controversial ingredients that can be used in manufacturing personal care products. We have chosen to avoid them – without sacrificing quality or performance. Take a look at the ingredients listed on many brands and see if you can spot the following:



Commonly found in


Oral care agent, cavity prevention for teeth.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Surfactant and foaming enhancer.

Shampoos, bubble bath and shower gel.


Preservatives used to inhibit microbial growth in cosmetic products.

Bath and shower products, haircare and skin creams.

Diethanolamine (D.E.A.)

Foaming agent used to add a creamy texture.

Bath and shower products, haircare.

Aluminium salts

To prevent perspiration by sweat glands.


The list of ingredients we deem controversial also includes aluminium, butylated hydroxytoluene (B.H.T.), formaldehyde, lanolin, mineral oil, propylene glycol, pthalates, sodium laureth sulphate, tallow and triethanolamine – to name but a few.

Neways Healthy Homes Campaign is our commitment to bring safe and effective products to as many households as possible. Through our Healthy Homes initiative, we’re working to improve the planet one person at a time, one household at a time, and one family at a time. In addition, Healthy Homes means enjoying healthier finances, which we make possible through the Neways Business Opportunity. For more information about Neways Convert Your Bathroom Pack and the full product range please contact:

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Convert Your Bathroom with NEWAYS

In fact we avoid using over 3000 ingredients in the manufacture of our products, and have opted to use, in our opinion, safer and more effective alternatives.

Safer, effective consumer products. It’s where Neways began.

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1. Eliminator Mouthwash A safe and gentle, yet powerful mouthwash. This alcohol-free mouth rinse oxidises and helps dissolve food film. Reliable, fresh-breath confidence for all the family.

Convert Your Bathroom to our safety-conscious formulas

6. Refresh Body Bar A moisturising combination of gentle vegetable-based soaps, to help your skin look fresh and vibrant.



2. Ultrashine Radiance

7. Indulge Bubble Bath Relax in luxury and let the bubbles gently cleanse and soften your skin with aromatic extracts of spirea, hops, matrica and laurel.

UltraShine Radiance combines safe and effective ingredients with gentle cleaning power for great oral hygiene. Contains no harsh abrasives.



3. Subdue Deodorant

8. Silken Shampoo Mild family shampoo. Ideal for normal to dry hair, it is especially recommended for bleached, permed or colour treated hair.

For effective, long-lasting freshness. Subdue contains naturally deodorising herbs that keep you fresh throughout the day without inhibiting the skin’s respiration.



9. Ultimate Shampoo

4. Close Shaving Gel For your closest shave ever. With penetrating wetting agents for a close and smooth shave. Suitable for both men and women.


5. Refresh Bath & Shower Gel Aromatic shower gel to turn your shower into a treat. A delightful formula full of added herbal extracts to leave you totally revived. Great for all skin types including sensitive.


The Convert Your Bathroom Pack is a simple and convenient way to sample ten of our best-selling personal care products. They deliver not just performance but also peace of mind with their safety-conscious formulas.

To order please use Item Code 102471GB “Neways products are formulated to maximize health and beauty while minimizing exposure to scientifically controversial ingredients.”

You’ll find the Neways Safety-Conscious Formula icon on every bottle of our safe and effective products. For more than 10 years, this icon has represented Neways’ on-going commitment to provide our consumers with only the safest possible ingredients and products.

Jamie Anderson Director of Personal Care Product Research , Neways Inc.

Shampoo for sensitive scalps. Improve the look of your hair and soothe a sensitive scalp with a superior formula full of herbal extracts and antioxidants. Suitable for all hair types.


10. Exuberance Conditioner For that just-washed feeling. Featuring keratin amino acids and panthenol to support and maintain the condition of your hair, without leaving it feeling coated, heavy and lifeless. Suitable for all hair types.


With products made from safety-conscious ingredients, you can be confident that the formulas you are getting are mild and gentle, without the need for animal testing.

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Many of the health challenges we face today are caused by inadequate nutrition and exposure to environmental toxins. The skin, the body’s la...