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Internet marketing newbies usually end up spending thousands of dollars on courses and programs trying to understand how internet marketing is done. They get easily carried away by all the heavy sales pitches that they come across. Sadly, all this money is wasted as the majority of the programs out there will only result in information overload, leading to confusion, frustration and usually taking the newbie to the verge of abandoning his dreams of making money on the net. This is the main reason why many newbies fail even before they start. This could be avoided if the newbie gets a general idea of what is to be done in the initial stages of his attempts to make money online. I am not saying that those programs and courses are useless, only that a newbie will not be able to understand or use them at that point in time when his knowledge of internet marketing is slightly more than zero. A newbie can consider buying these programs later, after he acquires at least, an intermediate level of internet marketing knowledge. So a newbie first needs to have a general idea about internet marketing and also know how to start his venture into it. Assuming the newbie has a computer with a high speed internet connection and that he can use it confidently to browse, handle emails, and other windows functions including downloading, copying and pasting, he should go on to acquire more knowledge about the other basic requirements for an aspiring internet marketer. He should ensure that he has a popular file decompression program and Adobe Reader installed on his computer as he may need to use them a lot. He should also be in possession of a credit card as he may need to buy the required basic training to grasp the intricacies of internet marketing. The basic concept of internet marketing is either selling your own product, where you get to keep usually all of the money or selling affiliate products in which case you get a commission, sometimes as high as 75%. A large number of internet marketers make money by selling digital products. People are looking for various types of information all the time and you have to give it to them if you want to make money.

So to start, a newbie should decide on a hot topic, something that a lot of people are interested in. Next, he should either create his own e-Book or look for a suitable affiliate product on the chosen topic, to promote. After that, he should decide on what keywords to use and pick a domain name which contains the keyword(s). The domain should then be registered through a Registrar and hosted with a web host. After all this is done, he should put up a simple website giving as much relevant information as possible. It will be advisable to have high quality content, videos and other useful information on his website for the visitor. On this website, he should feature his own product(s) for direct sales through a payment processor or place affiliate links in various forms, such as text links, banners, etc promoting products on the hot topic of his choice. This is how a newbie should start his venture into internet marketing.

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==== ==== Interested in Internet Marketing? This is a great starting point to generate a second income! Checkout Newbie Knockout! ==== ====

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