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Are you looking to increase the traffic to your product or website. I chose traffic for my niche only because it's the one thing I have the most trouble with. A niche is a product or service you wish to promote. A good niche would be something that you can break down into smaller niches called sub niches. A good example would be cell phones, because you can use phone accessories as sub niches. Traffic is the most important part of any business no matter how good your product is you won't make a dime if no one sees it. There are tons of ways to get traffic but you don't want just any traffic you want targeted traffic. Targeted traffic are people who are looking for your product not just browsing sites. There are many ways to get these people to your product. Here are some examples: Forums Bulk Emails Solo Emails lens Social Networks Traffic Exchanges Articles are very good for long term traffic Classified Ads News Release Press Release Audio and Video Have a website with good search engine optimization which means have good content with targeted keywords. A keyword is a word people type in there browser to look for a product or information. An example would be some one is looking for a way to fix there car so they type in how to fix a 92 Oldsmobile. What you type in is called keywords or keyword phases. Another way to get targeted traffic to your product is to find a directory for your product. There are directories for almost everything. Blogging is a good way to, but you need to make sure you add fresh content everyday so your blog don't get boring and it will help a lot with the search engines. There are several paid and free traffic sources. If your going to use free traffic sources it will take more time than paid traffic sources. Paid sources are faster but not necessarily better. Do some research on writing ads and articles and try various ways of the same ads to find out what works better. The most important thing you can do when it comes to traffic sources that require you to write something is make sure what you write is unique and in your own words. If you copy someone else search engine will see it as duplicated material and it won't rank very well Unique content that speaks directly to your targeted audience will go a long way. What I like to do is to use a mixture of free and paid traffic sources. The free sources will take a lot of time so while I'm working on those the paid services are working for me 24/7. No matter what source of traffic you use or product you

decide to promote always read all the information that way you can get the most out of what you chose. I can go on and on but instead of having one Hugh article I will write several more articles to try and help as many people as I can. I hope this and my other articles help in your goal for financial freedom.

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==== ==== FastAttackTraffic - The Free Traffic Methods I Use To Create $35,000+ Per Month Income On Autopilot! ==== ====

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