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==== ==== Discover How To Easily Build An Attractive And Affordable Backyard Chicken Coop - No Special Tools Required! ==== ====

You don't need to be a carpenter to make a chicken coop for your backyard poultry-raising venture. If you have little experience in woodwork, building chicken coops is a fun way to hone your carpentry skill and save money at the same time. In building coops, you will need the following: lumber, wood, hinge and bracket, hammer, nails, mesh wires, power saw, and sandpaper. Take safety precautions by wearing a mask and leather gloves. Lastly, make sure you have your coop plan secure. Once you have everything set, you may now begin building your coop. Here are 7 easy steps to follow: 1. Determine the dimensions of your desired chicken coop. For every chicken, apportion a space measuring 2 square feet just enough for it to move inside. Allow 6 feet perching space as well for good measure. 2. If you're re-using old lumber, clean them first by removing old nails and dusting off. Smooth the surfaces using sandpaper especially if you are planning to apply paint afterwards. A smooth surface will make it easy for the wood to absorb the paint. 3. Decide how you want to build the main access. Is it through opening a door or lifting the roof? If you decide on the door, work on it last. If you choose the latter, put a hinge and bracket to secure the roof in place. To prevent rain from soaking the inside of your coop, make the roof waterproof either by covering it with tarpaulin or any other applicable material. 4. Work first on the frames. Start with the bottom frames moving to the side frames and supporting frames. Nail them together in place. Apply wood glue for extra protection. Let it dry. 5. Create stalls measuring 6 inches in height to give room for hens to lay their eggs. Then build a perching bar just a little above the floors of the chicken coop, about three to four inches. 6. When the frames and boxes are set, work on the sidings and roofing. Work on the windows and door/s last. Secure these vital entry and exit points with a lock system to protect your chickens from predators. 7. The last step is purely optional. You may choose to apply paint on your chicken coop or go for au natural. Do what suits your preference. As your chickens multiply in number, you will need to embark on building chicken coops to make

certain your hens do not crowd in an ill-fitting hub. Enjoy building.

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==== ==== Discover How To Easily Build An Attractive And Affordable Backyard Chicken Coop - No Special Tools Required! ==== ====

Building Chicken Coops in 7 Easy Steps