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Odonates, Birds and Butterfly Survey AT Puthige , PADDYFIELDS KASARAGOD BIRDERS & FORESTRY CLUB, HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL , KUMBLA 13/09/2018 Thursday Participants 1. Muhammed Haneef - Research 2. Pranav Karle – 7th 3. Prajan – 7th 4. Frenita Dsouza- (+1) 5. Johnson Crasta - Diploma 6. Jeevith K – 6th 7. Alwyn Dsouza – 4th 8. Ashish Prinston – 7th 9. Glen Kidoor – 10th 10. Murali Perla – completed BSc 11. Raju Kidoor - Teacher 12. Maxim Rodrigues – MSc

From the Diary 13/09/2018 Maxim Rodrigues I was too happy to go with kids for exploring the fascinating beauty of Mother Earth . A survey was suddenly planned by Kasaragod Birders. The aim was to focus more on the other fauna rather than the birds. We have not yet tried studying the Odonates around us. So, we decided to go with young kids to do a survey in Puthige paddyfields that had marshy type habitat because of the presence of paddy fields, small stream and river flowing near that area. It was sunny when we had reached the site. We had started by around 8:45 am with a small introductory session on Odonates by Maxim Rodrigues and also on Butterflies by Murali Perla. We all were so excited to see some of the beautiful fauna around that location.

We had continued observing Odonates, Birds and Butterflies. We had seen many Odonates like Pantala flavescens, Neurothemis tullia, Fulvous forest skimmer etc. Sitting on plants and in flight. Beautiful butterflies like Common Leopard, Southern Birdwing etc. were also observed. We were really lucky enough to witness Orthetrum sabina preying upon Neurothemis tullia. Later, we had seen many damselflies too.

Muhammed Haneef had joined us on this survey and it had been a very successful and informative field survey. We had observed many birds, butterflies and odonates too. Later, a session was conducted by Muhammed Haneef where he had shared some interesting facts and his great knowledge on Odonates. It was really helpful for all the students who had joined in this survey, to build an interest in knowing much more about these faunal species. They were willing listeners and good learners. They were even familiar with many of the common species of birds and butterflies. When they had seen the birds, they could identify

it accurately and comment their names like Lesser whistling ducks, Common sandpipers etc.

It was too sunny when we had walked around the muddy paddy fields and finally we had reached a small stream. We were so happy to sight few more Odonate species like River helidor, Stream Ruby etc.. We had noticed some pollutants from poultry farms that were dumped near the stream, closer to the road.

From this survey, we had identified about 24 species of Odonates which includes 14 species of dragonfly and 10 species of damselflies. Few species were kept as unidentified or were pending to be confirmed at species level. We had observed 35 species of birds from this location. 3 types of Kingfishers, 2 species of Accipitidea, 3 species of munias, Malabar starlings and other common resident birds were also observed. Our concentration was more on Odonates today. In near future planning to conduct several studies in other areas of Kasaragod.

List of Odonates reported 1. Anax guttatus 2. Aciagrion occidentale 3. Ceriagrion cerinorubellum 4. Ceriagrion Coromandelianum 5. Ceriagrion rubiae 6. Copera marginipes 7. Crocothemis servilia 8. Diplacodes trivialis 9. Hydrobasileus croceus 10. Libellago lineata 11. Neurothemis fulvia 12. Neurothemis tullia 13. Orthetrum chrysis 14. Orthetrum pruinosum 15. Orthetrum sabina 16. Pantala flavescens 17. Prodasineura verticalis 18. Pseudagrion indicum 19. Rhinocypha bisignata 20. Rhodothemis rufa 21. Rhyothemis variegate 22. Tholymis tillarga 23. Tramea limbata 24. Vestalis apicalis

Bird Diversity List of Birds reported are in this link A total of 35 species of birds were identified.

List of Butterflies reported 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

Angled Pierrot Blue Bottle Blue Mormon Chocolate Pansy Common Castor Common Dartlet Common Emigrant Common Grass Dart Common Grass Yellow Common Leopard Common Rose Common Snow-flat Crimson Rose Danaid Eggfly Great Eggfly Great Orange-Tip Grey Count Grey Pansy Common Lascar Malabar Banded Peacock Malabar Banded Swallowtail Medus Bushbrown Mottled Emigrant Pale Palm Dart Peacock Pansy Psyche Rice Swift

28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34.

Rustic Southern Birdwing Striped Tiger Tailed Jay Tailed Palmfly Tamil Yeoman Three Spot Grass Yellow

During the field visit, it was perfect day for butterflies with suitable climate. Habitat was also encouraging the diversity of the location. We got about 34 species which is believed to be a good number. But some of the common species were not found during the survey. Grey pansy were observed in greater numbers than other butterflies.

Introduction to Survey‌.

Along the stream side…….

Using of Field guide………

Š Raju Kidoor Observation of Orthetrum sabina preying on Neurothemis tullia

Kids with Master, Raju Kidoor (Teacher, Holy Family School Kumbla)

Muhammed Haneef interacting with youngsters

Field notes…..

Watching damselfies …….

Š Kasaragod Birders

Š Kasaragod Birders

Trial along the streams‌..saw beautiful damselfies like stream ruby, River helidor.

The whole team ……….

Puthige Survey 13 sep 2018  
Puthige Survey 13 sep 2018