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3 Ways to Get Your Local Search Engine Optimization on Track You have heard of search engine optimization, but do you know how local search engine optimization can get your business on the right track? Search engine optimization can make it difficult for businesses to compete in the search rankings when their business is only able to serve a local area or region. It’s almost impossible to reach only the local customers that can benefit from your product or service, unless you learn the art of local search engine optimization. Claim Your Local Map Listing Online The four primary online map listing services are Google Places, Yahoo Local Listings, Bing Business Portal Listing and MapQuest Local Listing. The first step you can take is to claim your listing on each of these maps. It’s free, so there is no excuse not to do this. Linking your business name with its location is a great way to locally optimize your business online. If you have already claimed your listing, then check it. Make sure that all of the information listed there is correct. As long as you can prove the listing is your listing, then you can also revise it and edit it as necessary. List on Business Directories Another free way to search engine optimize your business locally is to list it in business directories. This is especially true for business directories that allow you to choose a specific location or region. Business directories assist in getting your business listed according to its industry as well. So, when people are searching for your type of business in a specific area, the local search engine optimization tactic of being listed in business directories pays off. Provide Keyword Rich Content You can also attract the right local clients by using the right keywords in the content you provide to them. Start by using a keyword tool to choose the set of keywords you want to focus on using in your content. Part of this strategy includes using keywords that talk about the city, state, area or region where your business is and the area it covers with its products and services. When you use the keywords to create content, be smart about it. Throwing together an article with a bunch of keywords stuffed into it is not the way to go. Write articles and

blog posts so that they make sense to the reader. Also, provide intriguing, helpful and useful content that paints you and your business in the best light. Now you have heard of search engine optimization and know how to use it. Additionally, you now know what local search engine optimization is and how you can use it to get your business on the right track. Local search engine optimization allows your business to compete locally for business in your area. Local search engine optimization makes it possible to reach the local customers that can benefit from your product or service. Ready to start searching for the right keywords for your local search engine optimization efforts? Visit

3 Ways to Get Your Local Search Engine Optimization on Track