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MATUSZEZAK Maxime 2 Rue du Grand Gonnet 42000 Saint-Étienne +33 6 84 95 00 49

Languages French English German

Software skills Autocad Photoshop Indesign Sketchup Revit

EDUCATION 2015-17 - National School of Architecture in Saint Étienne (ENSASE) currently in Third years 2014-15 - High School graduation with honours (Scientific) With basket-ball option Jérôme Lalande – Bourg en Bresse

WORK EXPERIENCE 2018 - (Soon) Internship in the Architecture agency Bernard QUIROT and associate partner (Silver Square in 2015) 2017 - Exhibitor and responsible of the general layout of the exhibition called «Archi-Meublé» for the International Design Biennial in Saint-Étienne - Exhibitor and in charge of the scenography for the union between National School of Architecture in Saint Étienne and University Jean MONNET of Saint Étienne. This show was the first student exhibition at the University’s Library. 2016 - Work placement in FLORIOT, discovery of structural work 2015-2017 - Seasonal work (July-August) in the Bird Park of Villars les Dombes, customer and administrative management 2014

- Internship in a veterinary facility

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS - 15 years of basket-ball playing. 13 years in «Saint Rémy Sport Basket» (4 years at regional level) and 2 years at «Étoile de Montaud» in Saint Étienne. - Daily physical activity, member of the association «Sportecture» in school - Plastic arts / Nature / Fishing (Reactionnal fishery, Bass, Pike, Perch, Zander ...) - Volunteerism : AAPPMA «La Rousse Du VieuxJonc-Corgenon» Departmental federation for fishing and the preservation of aquatic environments in France.


STUDENT WORKS - Shelter - Youth hostel - Mixed use building - Parking - Work about landscape : Saint Christoz en Jarez (Loire) - Ecumenical chapel - Individual dwelling

ANALYSIS AND CONTEST - Sayama Forest Chapel : Hiroshi Nakamura - Neubau Dopple (Felsberg) : Jungling Hagmann - Contest loose : ecological bivouac area

SCENOGRAPHY - Archi-Meublés : International Design Biennial in Saint-Étienne - Les Grands Atliers : union between National School of Architecture in Saint Étienne and University Jean MONNET of Saint Étienne.



This work tackles the issues of grid and how

volumes are dug into. We have chosen to focus on users’ primary needs, such as sheltering, eating, sleeping, sharing and the fireplace.

In this built space,

all the needs of the

traveler are to be addressed. The general layout, very geometrical, provides different private spaces and a perfectly- oriented views on the mersmerizing landscape.A mock instability is kept under control, the landscape and the monolith are one. Model / Plan


Youth hostel

This youth hostel project is located on the outskirts of the city of St Etienne next to an urban greenery

park called “Couriot�. Our aim is to repurpose the old entry of the park.

The accessible grassy roof is at the same level as that of the town, the park being at a lower level.

Lush green spaces were preserved and a particular attention was paid to the optimal orientation of the bedrooms and common spaces.

Plan & crosses

Mixes used building

In a compact district of Saint Étienne called

Crêt de Roch, this project split a huge islet to create an opening through the « Jardin des plantes », located near the project.

Here, the structure of this building ‘s main

feature is the common room, totally open on the new square just in front of it.

On the ground floor, the generous height gives

the opportunity of a close interconnection between the inner and outer space.


Cross section

Demolition plan

Ground plan

Axonometry ground floor

Axonometry upper level


This project separates the 3 main functions a

urban parking performs.

-The principal square is perforated by

an atrium which provides natural light for all the construction. This square is dedicated to the car storage.

-The car circulation is canalized to the North

and East sides of the main building, allowing easier use and noise reduction for the inhabitants of the rue JC TISSOT

-The sanitary facilities, Bike parking lots and

rent places are on the opposite side to circulation.

Ground plan

They are half buried to respect the surrounding environment.

Cross section North - South

Perspective drawing

Area sheltered from the North wind

Work about landscape

How is a landscape built ? How do humans settle down in a rural environment ? With this work, we

tried to understand how humans can live in the countryside.

Adapt the environment to their needs ; Adapt themselves to the environment ? We studied building

habits and technological innovations. There are a lot of issues which wrought the landscape and took part in the interrogations of tomorrow.

Landscape map

Ecumenical chapel


This project is the meeting point between a wire frame and a mineral plinth.

Outside, you are directly on the grainy natural stone, on real bedrock. Here you

can start reflexion on a kind of exteriority.

The second place is set in the wire structure. Here, spiritual thinking is supported

by the physical separation from the pedestal. It creates a differenciation between body and spirit.




Individual dwelling

This individual dwelling is built on a slope and opens on the rural landscape.

Night spaces are separated from the living spaces , which are built half a level higher.

Living spaces are designed around a patio which stretches into the house. This extention gives some shaded spaces to the South.

The design rejected overhead lamps, to encourage use of natural lighting, and called for water

heater on the roof. The whole house uses natural ventilation and by the way keeps cooling cost down. This house is a first draft for a net zero dwelling project in the countryside.

As far as the the materials are concerned, natural stone, local wood and a rational use of concrete

provide the possibility of being un environmentally-friendly unit.

Perspective cross section

Ground plan


intermediary dwelling


Sayama Forest Chapel / Hiroshi NAKAMURA

Detail model

IlĂ´t 4.2 - PARIS / Local Architecture Network

Neubau Dopple / JUNGLING & HAGMANN


Archi-MeublĂŠ / Bienal International Of Design

This workshop was organized in partnership

between L’ESADSE « école d’Art et Design de Saint Etienne » and ENSASE (L’École Nationale Supérieure D’Architecture de Saint Etienne).

The photo above was taken during the speech

I delivered for the mayor of Saint Etienne Mr Gaël PERDRIAU, for Mr Patrick CONDOURET, our art teacher and for Mr Jacques PORTE, director of ENSASE.

This Speech was given with Mr Quentin BAUDIN,

friend, colleague, and co-head for the scenography management.

Les grands ateliers & Mixed Used Building

This exibition celebrated the partnership between

« L’École Nationale Supérieure D’Architecture de Saint Etienne » and « Université Jean MONNET » of Saint Etienne. Curated by Frank LE BAIL, This exhibition was a way to show university students how we deal with architectural projects. For example drawings, plans, cross sections, models in different scales were displayed.

An analysis of a district in Saint Etienne called « Saint

Roch » and a project called « maissonnées » were shown.


- +33 6 84 95 00 49


PORTFOLIO Architecture - English - MATUSZEZAK Maxime  

PORTFOLIO Architecture - English - MATUSZEZAK Maxime selected works

PORTFOLIO Architecture - English - MATUSZEZAK Maxime  

PORTFOLIO Architecture - English - MATUSZEZAK Maxime selected works