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Reputation Management Seminar Ø JOB DESCRIPTION : Luxury Hotel Chain, search for his new Five Stars Hotels in Paris, a Reputation Manager. He is is the person in charge of e-reputation. Paradoxically enough, in practice it is rarely called online reputation manager. The reputation manager operates in a business under the authority of the communication. Given the increasing popularity and development of search engines, these tactics have become more important than ever. Consumer generated media has amplified the public's voice, making points of view good or bad - easily expressed.

Ø JOB SKILLS : § A number of enterprise reputation management software solutions exist in the international market. These software services are typically designed to connect organizations to their stakeholders, track the orchestration of stakeholder engagement and analyse, measure and manage the results : eBay Everything2 Slashdot Meatball Wiki Wikipedia § Have some basics in Search Engine Reputation Management strategies include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Content Management. § A process monitoring and detection of views and opinion on the brand § A process of content analysis detected § A prevention and warning against the client brand / company


A process of influence pro-active defensive actions or responses to crises or critical ....

Ø JOB ANALYSIS : The e-reputation can be defined as the image conveyed and / or incurred by a company or brand on the Internet and other digital media. The ereputation can also be applied to a product or service. This is the result in terms of image content produced and distributed by the company, but especially that of content produced by users on blogs, social networks, video exchange platforms, forums and other community spaces. The contribution of e-reputation is increasingly important in the overall image and reputation of the company. For many industries, it becomes very essential element of the reputation and image. The rise of e-reputation is reflected in the practices and functions of online reputation management. The e-reputation is given a particularly difficult to measure and analyze. This should indeed take into account the nature of comments made but also the popularity of pages or content on which these opinions are present. What is needed is a use of social media and other tools related to digital marketing. Also SEO involves making technological and content changes to a website in order to make it more friendly for search engines. Online reputation management is about controlling what information users will see when they search for information about a company or person. Ø MEASURING RETURNS : For many companies, reputation studies are done by a variety of functional and business groups, such as marketing, sales, HR, corporate communications, government relations, and others. Here are some suggestions for companies to enhance their perspective on their reputations: 1. Adopt a common model of reputation that everyone can agree on. From this model, questionnaires can be developed to assess the perspectives of all stakeholders, and in a way that provides common rather than disparate data. 2. Seek a research instrument that provides linear data. Opinion research gives one a direction, but it does not provide information on the intensity of feelings and perceptions. Only linear data can give this. This allows a good researcher to find the drivers of reputation, how these drivers are linked and what moves behaviors, which is the ultimate goal

of reputation management (to buy, invest, join the company, support the company, etc). 3. Only conduct research if it is actionable. Companies have lots of information, much of which they have no idea how to use. Reputation research should not be done simply to see if people like or dislike the company, but rather to set in place, monitor or adapt of program on influence. With all this tool, the hotel can measure the implementing of this role by finally check on internet, OTA, customer website, their opinions, what they expect‌ Reputation Management is the new objectiver in the hotel industry for provide to the clients what they need.

Reputation Management Seminar  

Job Description

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