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In the struggle for supremacy on the internet, Google has a clear advantage Facebook: advertising its status and power of its network. In order to develop even further and make it more relevant, Google will soon allow users to vote for the ads. Sesame Google to sit a little more dominance on the World Wide Web is still young and he has a name: a button +1. Already present on millions of sites, and generating (according to Google) over 4 billion clicks per day, the button will be extended to an ad network to Google, the Google Display Network. According to Google, the establishment of a button on the pubs of its network will help users share best ads, distinguishing those they consider most relevant or interesting. Thus, an advertising "becomes stronger when people can see which of their friends and contacts are chosen to promote." The button appears in October 2011 on the Google advertisements placed in the desktop version websites but also on mobile. It is shown on the left at the foot of publicity set disappear gradually fade after posting. It is show the avatar of

your contacts who clicked on one, and it is possible to close it. It is be seen superimposed on the ads to animated GIF, Flash, and image. Google plans to use the recommendations from a vote, seen as strong signals of relevance to push ads Most voted in the auction system of the pages visited by your friends. It’s A "Like" (like Facebook!) Made in Google in addition to improving your traffic will influence the ranking of the website, in a word over the button on your page is clicked, the higher your page will acquire the reputation in the eyes of Google and thus get into the results! Your best interest to make it as visible as possible and write quality content so that the user clicks ... The + 1 is an easy way to recommend content that are worth visiting on the Web. If, in addition, you want to share on Google +, just add a comment and send it to the circles of your choice. So the next time your friends and contacts will be a Google search, they may have the chance to see your + 1. This way you help them discover the best of the Web, and who knows, maybe it will be the beginning of a new conversation.    

The question is whether users will join the famous "1" and then ignore it completely the opposite because you have to know that a Google Profile is required for use.


The Google Tool +1