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Types of Motorcycle Accidents in the United States If you ride a motorcycle, there are many different types of accidents in which you can be involved. Each situation will make a difference in the injuries incurred for the participants, and liabilities will vary according to crash. Here are some of the different types of accidents for motorcyclists: Limited Visibility Accidents- Due to the smallness of space taken up by a motorcycle, many accidents arise due to a driver not paying close enough attention to those around them in traffic, or their inability to spot the motorcyclist. This can lead to failing to yield to them when it is the cyclist's right of way, or on an interstate not noticing them while changing lanes and crashing into them. Rear-End Crashes- The rear-end accidents most often occur when the driver of the car either misjudges the distance between them and their stop, or they don't notice the motorcyclist and thus don't take them into account. Tailgating is also a big cause of accidents, and is always something to watch out for and be careful of. Even if the accident is a minor one, the damage and injury can be severe, even fatal, when a motorcyclist is crushed into the car in front of it. Single Bike Accidents: These types of accidents are a one party scenario, which can happen when the rider hits something in the road and careens out of control. The other way for them to crash is if the motorcycle has faulty equipment, whether that be brake failure, tire failure, defective pedals, shock absorber failure, or improper derailer. Lane Splitting: This is the kind of accident most common in traffic jams. When a motorcycle is driving in between 2 lanes of either slowed or stopped traffic, the close proximity and reduced space in which to move for the cyclist creates the bigger potential for a crash or mishap, not to mention that most cars will not be anticipating that a motorcycle will be passing them. Motorcyclist Speeding or Alcohol Use: Just like in any vehicle, many of the accidents come from the fault of the driver, either from speeding or driving under the influence. Both are very dangerous. Though when cars are involved in these accidents the driver occasionally is ok, the fatality rate is much higher for the intoxicated or speeding motorcycle rider due to their lack of protection. It is important to always get legal counsel about any kind of motorcycle accident, no matter what type of accident it may be, whether it is to protect yourself or to get compensation if the fault lies with another party. If you’re injured in Chicago, check out this video by Chicago personal injury lawyer Jonathan Rosenfeld: This article shouldn’t be considered legal advice. It was written by a 3rd party – NON attorney.

Types of motorcycle accidents in the united states  
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