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Minneapolis Warehouse Space Landlord JGM Presents Insights Into Warehouse Space Trends Minneapolis warehouse space landlord and Twin Cities commercial property owner JGM Properties presents their insights in to the Minneapolis warehouse space trends and overall global trends in 2013. (prREACH) Minneapolis, MN - JGM Properties, Inc. Offers their insights in to the overall global and local Minneapolis warehouse space news trends in 2013; depending on industrial expansion in the and it’s GDP growth that should stumble, then recover. 2013 is definitely the third consecutive year of 2% to 2.5% GDP rise in the usa. Nearly all growth will happens to the 2nd half 4 seasons, when the fiscal cliff threat and ILA East Coast port strike come in the rear-view mirrors With additional new deliveries when compared to recent times, the commercial sector that typically gets the shortest development and construction periods starts to flourish. Is the first sector in order to complete new projects when the market improves, it'll enhance the requirement for warehouse space. Of course this trend are going to do little for owners of one or two properties who must compete in a very market with growing supply, the raised volume of rented space can help the large landlords increase their efficiency. While using expansion of the Panama Canal as well as the emergence of latest Post-Panamax routes towards East Coast, U.S industrial has to be top investor target as requirement for modern industrial property will rise surrounding port cities. JGM Properties, Inc. Expect strong investor curiosity about your entire U.S. Warehouse space sector, as a result of several ongoing trends like industrial construction remains low, despite growing demand and industrial yields remain above for other commercial property types. A representative in this Minneapolis warehouse space news provider, and commercial property company says, “vacancy rates will not likely fall much, nor will rents rise too quickly. Industrial properties experienced less distress than other commercial property types, and also as U.S. Invest global emerging markets grows, so too will the requirement for warehouse for rent to save traded goods.” JGM Properties, Inc. A smaller, family owned, commercial management company currently based in Bloomington, MN has released this report presenting their insights into emerging trends in Minneapolis warehouse space for rent for 2013. JGM’s primary focus continues to be on office space for rent Minneapolis suburbs.

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