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GTA 5 News With the initial official teases about Grand Theft Auto 5 appearing online while in the closing months of last year, the excitement all around the next Telecharger GTA V instalment is certainly building with monthly. Rockstar Games has deliberately kept information on the game to your bare minimum, determining to dispatch bundles of screenshots plus a couple of trailers intermittently all over the year. “As we've got said before, we've got often had long gaps between asset releases on previous games and can continue doing so later on,” said Rockstar Games. “We are sorry if you find this frustrating, but please understand, we don’t accomplish this because ‘we don’t treasure our fans’. ‘We don’t respect our fans,’ ‘hate GTA fans etc’.” “We take action because you should make sure we merely release 100 per cent correct information, also, since you should keep plenty back for any actual release so there are numerous surprises if you be.” Eagerly one of the more long awaited games of 2013, fans will have to choose September 17 to acquire their mitts a copy of GTA 5. For now, we’ll prevent you updated with the modern content instalments. Rockstar launches interactive Los Santos guide on official site Providing you with a chance to preview the sights and smells of Los Santos and Blaine County prior to the Telecharger GTA 5 release date, it's got launched an interactive travelogue to the official website. "Visit Los Santos and Blaine County - where surgical treatment, bad movies and big sharks rule the roost - discover for yourself..." reads the official site. You can click on around twenty specific descriptions for any various activities made available from the large GTA 5 map, including car customisation, outdoor sporting activies, shopping, traveling by plane and healthcare. Rockstar even outlines precisely what the locals are exactly like, inviting one to "stop and chat with affiliated with the Epsilon Program for many enlightenment, or look at Blaine County, the place that the always extend outside assistance to outsiders."

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