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THE ULTIMATE TRUNK SHOW Since its inception in 2009, The Ultimate Trunk Show (UTS) has fostered an unforgettable, bi-annual shopping experience in the heart of New York City. The UTS features the most talented emerging designers and boutiques from all over the country and serves as a platform to showcase their exclusive styles to over 1,000 guests. What started as an intimate shopping party hosted in the Brooklyn apartment of Latoya Gordon, founder and creative director, gained instant popularity. In less than three years the UTS evolved from apartment size affair, to a full-scale exhibitor showcase, occupying the space

of New York’s premiere venues. This highly anticipated shopping event for exhibitors and guests alike has become a national breeding ground for emerging talent and a social platform fusing culture, industry and innovation. The UTS prides itself in delivering top-notch VIP service, matchless exhibitor profiles and a shopping experience unique to any other in an atmosphere of influencers. With red carpet treatment and pampering, all while viewing collections from emerging designers and boutiques, guests of the UTS are guaranteed to have the ULTIMATE memorable experience. | @clb_uts | @clb_uts | #theultimatetrunkshow | #soultimate







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So Ultimate Spotlight:

Matthew Burnett Co-founder of Maker’s Row


hey say necessity is the mother of invention. This comes to life in the inception of Maker’s Row, (www. an innovative NYC based technology company cataloging American factories in a convenient database, born out of the need for quality domestic production accommodating to smaller brands. A few years back, HBO aired a series called, How To Make It in America. The series followed the makers around NYC as they tried to see their dreams of breaking into the fashion scene come to fruition. Though fictional and embellished the storyline resonated with many emerg-



ing designers who could relate to the struggles, yet it was missing the key element suggested in the title so many of us wanted to know, exactly how do you make it in America, literally? Matthew Burnett co-founder of Maker’s Row fills in the blanks for makers of all stages of the production process and So Ultimate Magazine was there to take notes. Why did you start Maker's Row? The inspiration for Maker’s Row arose from our own experience trying to find a manufacturer within the United States. It usually would take us up to two months to find the T H EU LT I MAT ET R U NKS H OW.CO M

right manufacturer that will work with our order quantities, maintain quality, and meet our deadlines with consistency. Over time, we discovered that this was the dilemma that faced an overwhelming majority of companies from small businesses to large corporations. What are the main questions that Maker’s Row answers for emerging designers? We are trying to make the manufacturing process simple to understand and easy to access for designers. We came up with a “six step process” (ideation, pattern making, materials, sample making, tooling and production) which allows you to search and easily find factories that can help you along any (and in some cases all) step of the process. We are providing unparalleled access to industry-specific factories and suppliers across the United States. For American designers and small businesses we are the vehicle for discovery, understanding and innovation.

drances to foreign manufacturing is shipping. Bringing products from overseas can take several weeks and thousands of dollars once import taxes and freight expenses are applied. There are usually lower minimums in dealing with certain American manufacturers, which reduces production risk. Reducing risk for small businesses allows them to move quickly, save money, and expand their product base with much less difficulty. There are/have been other web tools or publications aimed to providing similar services of matching designers with manufactures, what’s unique about Maker’s Row? One thing that separates us from our competition is that we educate our small businesses in order to empower them to refine and expand their product base. Our step by step

What are the benefits of domestic vs. overseas manufacturing? It is an invaluable advantage for entrepreneurs and businesses to be able to find domestic manufacturing partners. On the other hand, with outsourcing, miscommunication due to language barriers can lead to critical mistakes, resulting in loss of enormous lots of already limited time and capital. This dilemma faces businesses both large and small. One of the less publicized hin-

tutorials illustrate sourcing techniques of experienced product designers. Secondly, we provide an inside look to American manufacturers with Maker’s Row media. This saves time and money for designers to find the appropriate partner to produce SO ULTIMATE SPRING 2014


their goods. able. Maker’s Row Factory profiles What differentiates us from our are accessible by factory owners so competitors is that we are focusing that you are able to access the most on the United States and we have accurate, and up to date informaa provisional patent on our search tion. We also have request features process which incorporates the stag- for people to request more informaes of the process tion from factories. “If you need a as a filter, which We have created makes searching clean and easy-topattern-maker you much easier for use interface that the buyers. Many can check off that box allows designers of our competitors and it will show you all to quickly find provide contact inthe best factories formation of fac- of the pattern-makers for their specific tories, but Maker’s production needs. available” Row provides a There are three behind the scenes look. Maker’s Row different views you can use when serves as a catalyst for sustainable searching: grid, list and map view. change in the way we consume, and This saves designers and manufacmore importantly, the way we create. turers time and money. How do you select factories for your database? There are numerous networks and organizations we have partnered with. Many were referred by factories we have dealt with in the past with Brooklyn Bakery. We were incredibly fortunate that quite a few factories were so into the concept of Maker’s Row that they offered us access to their contacts. How do members use your services the most? We provide a database for designers where they can review, rate and receive granular data on American manufacturers such as, minimum order quantities, machinery and specialties. You can use our “six step making process” as a learning tool, as well as a search filter. You can click which stages you need; for instance, if you need a pattern-maker you can check off that box and it will show you all of the pattern-makers avail-



Besides fashion, what other industries do the factories listed in your database serve? We support a broad range of businesses. From entrepreneurs that are up and coming and still in their first stages to established enterprises that are looking to solidify a manufacturing partner. Right now we are in the apparel, accessories, and furniture industries. Do you have any future plans to expand the services offered by Maker's Row? We have recognized that Maker’s Row as a platform has great potential in a number of other industries and are definitely planning on expanding. Since we began, it has been essential to our team to move with a focused momentum in order to maintain our impact and credibility with each community we engage.


Offers a Toast To The Ultimate Shopping Experience.

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n bright and sunny Phoenix, Arizona, we meet Tiffany M. Battle, a young fashionista making her mark in the realm of fashion blogging and showing us how to werk. With style icons such as Solange, Rihanna, and Tracee Ellis Ross, this “mix master” defines her personal style as “high end meets low end and a little in between.” Futuristic patterns, mixed media and an awesome shoe are just a few of the staples she werks into her wardrobe. The inspiration for Tiffany’s blog, The Werk Place, came from a friend she met while in Rome for a birthday trip. She put the spark into Tiffany’s head to start a fashion blog based on what the young fashionista was wearing during her getaway. Five



months later The Werk Place was born. The Werk Place, as she describes it, is where she goes to werk. It derives from the term werk that is often used in fashion to express when something is executed extremely well. As the popularity of The Werk Place continues to grow and is introduced to more readers and budding trendsetters, there is no doubt we will be seeing Tiffany’s werk for years to come. “The Werk Place is basically where I go to werk! Oddly enough, it’s not about office attire at all. It’s more about the location, the blog space, used as an avenue to express myself through my looks.” On the web: T H EU LT I MAT ET R U NKS H OW.CO M





hat does a girl with tons of style and a fashion background do when in between jobs, why create a budding handbag empire of course. In Columbia, Maryland we meet Cortnie Elizabeth, the owner of Love, Cortnie, a line of fabulous handmade over-sized clutches. While she may call Maryland home, she draws her city girl chic style from just about everywhere. In addition to honing her craft of handbag making, Cortnie also maintains a popular blog, Style Lust Pages. What began as a desire to “document [her]…escapades” as a stylist and personal shopper, grew into a personal blog and the perfect

platform to display her Love, Cortnie designs and the creative and inspired outfits to go along with them. Three years after the inception of both of these chic ventures, Cortnie’s designs can be found on the arms of numerous bloggers and some of America’s most fashionable, most likely due to Cortnie’s motto: “I never want to put anything out that I’m not crazy about. If I’m in love with it odds are others will be too.” With over 100 handbag styles and an ever-expanding clientele and blog subscribers, it’s clear that many “Love Cortnie.” On the web: &



WYNN OPTICS w w w. w y n n o p t i c s . n e t


The new Harlem Renaissance‌ Reflecting on the past with a clear vision of the future. 167 Lenox Avenue | New York, NY 10026 (212) 222-6100 | WynnOptics | WynnOptics

Style Showroom launching Summer 2014 Services: • Designer’s hub in the fashion district of NYC to showcase lines to buyers, clients and stylists • Retail placement • Photo shoots • Look book set-up • Fashion show coordination • Apparel production • Coordinate meetings • Media exposure • Product placement • Pop-up shop opportunities • Sponsorships • Grants • And more…

Email: Phone: (347) 385 6562

Dapper Capital | Kick the Habit By Andrew Fleury


hat are some of men’s favorite things? Women usually top the list and after that food, television, sex, and sports (not necessarily in that order). But, an increasingly number of men have another favorite thing that starts with a “s” and it’s not Sudoku, it’s shoes. Long gone are the days where guys would have only one pair of Chuck Taylor’s or Addidas that would last all year. Now, having a wide selection of shoes has become a part of a guy’s necessity, kind of like having to buy the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Mark Ramble, editor of the online lifestyle magazine Man Up Chicago, says, “Over the past two decades, there has been an increased amount of media devoted to men’s fashion, which in turn has exposed plenty of men to style trends they might not



see otherwise. And, I feel the catalyst behind the increased emphasis on men’s style has been all the different forms of media where fashion is the central theme. I think there are a couple things going on; there are men that love sneakers, and love collecting them as much as they like wearing them while sneaker companies respond by making many limited edition shoes and satiating sneaker collectors need for exclusive kicks.” On the dress shoe side of things, Rumble believes that the increasing number of fashion forward men who want to distinguish themselves from the crowd has helped them realize that they can have a smorgasbord of options when it comes to dress shoes.  All thanks to shoemakers offering shoes with extremely unique details and the Internet being very influential in showing TH EU LT I MAT ET R U NKS H OW.CO M

men that there are more than just a twice.”  couple styles of dress shoes. “Men Bianca Fields, 22, has a thing for don’t just have to settle for what- shoes like most women do and finds ever their local department store is it refreshing if a guy is into shoes as offering, they can go online and buy much as she is. “I would enjoy the a limited pair of electric blue suede fact that some guy is like me and has oxfords that they would have nev- to have a nice collection of shoes. I er discovered without the Internet.” feel that only he would be able to Rumble says. understand and see the reasoning for David Berry, 26, a sports writer my shoe madness.” Fields said. and reporter in Beaumont, TX has As of now, Rumble has eight pairs no problem admitting he has a thing of shoes, while Berry has between for shoes.   He states, “I feel that guys 20 and 25. “I have one pair of runhave been into shoes for a long time, ning shoes, one pair of sneakers, one it’s just that now I think more of us pair of boots, and five pairs of dress are diversifying the type of shoes shoes. I don’t really have the budget we get. For a while, it used to just or the space for many more pairs be sneakers and boots. Now loafers, than that. I’d probably own more dress shoes, and more casual shoes in if circumstances were different, general are becoming more popular. I but not too many more.” Rumble also think growing up has something says. Although, Berry has twenty to do with it because it’s hard to be to twenty-five shoes now, he always a grown man going donates shoes evto grown parties “I feel that guys have ery six months and always wearing re-shelves his colbeen into shoes for a lection with new Jordan’s.” Unfortunately, long time, it’s just that kicks. not everyone can Rumble continnow I think more of agree with Berues, “I don’t think ry’s and Rumble’s us are diversifying the a man needs an progressive vision infinite amount of for men and shoes. type of shoes we get” shoes. I believe a Madeline Green, man’s wardrobe 26, a former employee of DSW shoes should mostly be filled with the has issues with male shoe fanat- staples of men’s fashion, and then ics.  She says, “I worked at a shoe have a few unique items to keep outstore for several years before I de- fits from looking too commonplace. cided to leave and while I don’t see While there are many great and difanything wrong with a man having ferent looking new shoes available for a couple pairs of shoes, I find it just men right now, a man doesn’t need odd if he has more pairs and spends to own every pair, but he can have a more money on them than me. I nice choice of options without going mean it’s one thing to have a lot of overboard.” flip flops, house shoes, or basketball Well, as long as you don’t end up shoes, but to have twenty different on an episode of Hoarders, there’s pairs of casual shoes, is a bit exces- nothing wrong with a little bit of sive. The only logical reason I could variety. think of, is if you’re a celebrity and can’t be seen in the same thing SO ULTIMATE SPRING 2014


10 Thrift Shopping Tips for the Ultimate Vintage Shopper By Natalie Jameson


hink about the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s or even the 70’s… what’s one thing we remember most about these timeless eras; many would say the fashion. Although we are now in a different millennium, one which embraces new cultures and trends, these fashions of yesteryear always seem to find its way in current styles. You may not be able to find a 1920’s polka dot flapper gown or 1940’s floral pin-up dresses in an H&M or Zara, but a local vintage or consignment shop may be where your search begins. Vintage shopping has become one of the newest fashion crazes of today. Follow these ten thrifty tips to shopping vintage and become the ultimate vintage shopper!




Bargain Hunting. Find local thrift shops and consignment stores in your area. Once you select a location, but before beginning your shopping expedition, decide on a budget. If you are seeking higher end vintage clothing, consignment shops may be more suitable. If your budget is lower, thrift stores selling older clothing tend to have lower prices.


Know Your Fashion Decade. Understanding what era of fashion really suits your style can help narrow your vintage thrift shopping search. Are you more 1920’s flapper with a flair or 1960’s to 1970’s boho chic? Knowing these references will make your shopping experience go a little more smoothly. T H EU LT I MAT ET R U NKS H OW.CO M


Discover What Era Works For You. Fashions from different eras are constructed to fit different body types. The 1920’s era is usually made to fit those who are more petite, whereas the 1940’s-1950’s are best suited for those who are a bit more curvaceous. Nevertheless, there are articles of clothing from every era made to fit any body type.


Know How to Wash Your Garments. Not every vintage item can be dry cleaned. It is very important you learn how to wash and care for your clothing for proper maintenance.


Try-On Clothing Prior to Purchasing. Make sure the garments you choose fit properly prior to buying them, as most thrift store purchases are non-refundable. For those who dislike trying on used apparel, wear underclothing such as a tank top and leggings that can easily fit underneath your vintage goods. This will allow you to preview your fashionable finds before paying for items you cannot return.


Incorporate Old Styles with New. Combining vintage items with contemporary designs tend to create a unique, bold, and brilliant fashion statement. Style your gorgeous evening gown with a 1940’s clutch purse or wear your skinny jeans with a pair of platform sandals!


Tailor Vintage Garments. If you find that perfect dress but it happens to be too large or too small, don’t panic! Alter your thrift clothes by having them tailored. Tailoring vintage clothing can change their overall look, creating an original appeal.

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Feel the Fabric. Look over your garment making sure it is not damaged or soiled beyond repair. This tactile test should also check the quality of the material. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment. Be a trendsetter. If you see an item that is peculiar, yet original give it a try. Style up a unique garment with accessories to bring out the item’s true flair.


Be Open to Trying New Thrift Shops. Don’t get stuck on one store just because you found the perfect floral one piece. Be open and flexible to trying various thrift locations. The best time to head to new thrift shops are on early weekdays when there is less traffic and people. You might be surprised what you find at one store that you couldn’t find at the other! SO ULTIMATE SPRING 2014


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