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119days); the 2000 west about round the world race (as Uunet), and the 08/09 détours autour du monde with Alexia Barrier. Jean-Luc Van Den Heede’s Sofap-Helvim, aka le cigare rouge: the 92/93 Vendee Globe (116days, 2nd); the 94/95 Boc Challenge (as Vendee Entreprises, 129days), the 96/97 Vendee Globe (as whirlpool, 140days); the 2000/01 Vendee Globe (as Chocolats du monde - Nord Pas de Calais, 115days); the 04/05 Vendee Globe (as Benefic, 126days) and a west about record attempt in 2000 (as Algimouss).

Ferran Martinez: “I admire what Dominique is doing” Ferran Martinez, a retired professional basketball player and Olympic veteran (Seoul, 1988), recently joined Mirabaud as General Manager of Mirabaud Sports, Arts & Culture in Spain. Being a former athlete himself, he has a steely, yet passionate, take on Dominique’s preparations for the Vendee Globe. What does your new role at Mirabaud involve? Ferran Martinez: My role involves advising professional athletes, actors and musicians on their asset management. These are unique people, who are often well known, whose careers are sometimes short and who potentially earn a lot of money. Quite often, they don’t have the time or the expertise to manage their affairs. We offer them a structure that they can rely on, with all the confidentiality and quality of service that they expect.

Do you specialise in specific sports? Ferran Martinez: No, not at all. Our approach is global. Some of our clients are golfers, some are tennis players, and some are football players. Others are singers, musicians or actors. They come from all over the world. As I am a former professional athlete myself, I understand their expectations and needs. I also have a lot of contacts in the environment, which is definitely an advantage. What do you make of Dominique Wavre? Ferran Martinez: I enjoy sailing and follow the sport with interest and I know that the Vendee Globe is a truly spectacular race. Unfortunately I haven’t met Dominique personally yet, but I hope to put this right at the Bol d’Or Mirabaud in June. What he does is very impressive and I have a lot of admiration for these single-handed sailors. 5

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