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‘Round the world’ survey competition Dominique Wavre starts his eighth round the world race on the 10 November in the Sables d’Olonne. On finishing, he will become the only sailor in the world to have completed eight round the world races.

- Whitbread 85-86 on UBS Switzerland (1st) - Whitbread 89-90 on Merit (3rd) - Whitbread 93-94 on Intrum Justicia (4th) - Vendee Globe 2000-2001 on UBP (5th) - Vendee Globe 2004-2005 on Temenos (4th) - Barcelona World Race 2007-2008 on Temenos (3rd)

To find out we created a competition in the form of a survey to assess which sailors had completed the highest number of round the world races and promoted it on Facebook. To gain a global perspective on the statistic, we also included round the world record attempts.

Roger Nilson (Sweden) has completed seven round the world races

We then contacted each sailor involved in order to make sure that the results that we had gathered were correct. Over 50 people replied in writing and we reached out to several thousand online users via social networks. The answer was eagerly awaited and not just by us, people from around the world were interested in this as yet unknown statistic.

- Whitbread 81-82 on Alaska Eagle (9th) - Whitbread 85-86 on Drum (8th) - Whitbread 89-90 on The Card (5th) - Whitbread 97-98 on Swedish Match (3rd) - Volvo Ocean Race 01-02 on Amer Sport 1 (3rd) - Volvo Ocean Race 08-09 on Telefonica Black (6th) - The Race 2001 on Innovation Explorer (64 days)

Roger Nilson completed an eighth round the world, outside of competition, during the 2005 Jules Verne trophy on Orange I (50 days), which means he holds the record for ‘round the world races + round the world record attempts’ jointly with Jacques Vincent. Grant Dalton (New Zealand) has completed seven round the world races

None of our online competitors got the correct answer, but Frenchman Pierrick Laine from Caissargues, won first prize for his extensive research, so congratulations to him!

- Whitbread 81-82 on Flyer (1st) - Whitbread 85-86 on Lion New Zealand (7th) - Whitbread 89-90 on Fisher & Paykel (2nd) - Whitbread 93-94 on New Zealand Endeavour (1st) - Whitbread 97-98 on Merit Cup (2nd) - Volvo Ocean Race 2001-2002 on Amer Sport 1 (3rd) - The Race 2000 on Club Med (62 days)

The other prizes were awarded to online users from Poland, Australia and Switzerland.

Next up are:

Record holders of round the world races under sail: Seven round the world races: Dominique Wavre (Switzerland) has completed seven round the world races out of nine attempts

Jacques Vincent (France) has completed five round the world races and three round the world record attempts which makes him the joint record holder with Roger Nilson in the ‘race + record attempt’ category of this statistic. Damian Foxall (Ireland) has completed five round the world races and two round the world record attempts.

- Whitbread 81-82 on Disque d’Or (4th) 3

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